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Wadazine Survival Sessions #12: Realm of Chaos

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Wadazine Survival Sessions #12: Realm of Chaos


During the 90s, the fever of the PC's was DOS, and then came Windows, but between those systems lay a giant that ironically spent many years asleep in the field of video games. Macintosh was one of the most popular personal systems before the 2000s, and as expected the super fame of Doom ended up jumping to that platform. Introducing Realm of Chaos, a classic megawad created by Mac users and made specifically as a test to prove their skill and quality. Did they achieve their goal? Possibly not! But let's try it anyway.


American Session:

  • April 24th, Saturday
  • 5:30 PM / UTC-6
  • PWAD: Realm of Chaos
  • Ultra-Violence
  • 3 Lives each


Server Info:


► ► Scoreboard ◄ ◄


Join the Wadazine community for more events! » https://discord.gg/Q2RKn4J


Previous sessions: 

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