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Resolution of TNT2 crash with newest zdoom beta

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Randy looked into this issue quickly. Here is what he wrote back about it.

"I'm not sure what's happening, but it is crashing
while loading the song. The standalone FMOD player
program handles it fine, so I know FMOD can play it.
As a workaround, I re-extracted it from newmca13.umx
from Unreal and used Impulse Tracker to convert it to
IT format. This seems to work. Plus, it gets to use IT
compression, so it's smaller. Replace the D_BLUFF lump
in the wad with this one."


As you see, he sent me the fixed song and I'll send it to anyone who wants it.

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boris said:

Why not simply upload it somewhere. That's easiest for everybody.

Agreed, but I have nowhere to upload it. I guess this service is something I should arrange to get with my email account?

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Tormentor667 said:


I don't understand this but but I would like to fix it if you tell me how ;) And what you did with the song!

Tormenter, just read what I pasted from Randy's email, I don't use those tools Randy talks about, but I was able to put his d_bluff replacement into your tnt2.wad with Wintex and it's now fine with the newest zdoom.

Since your wad editor appears to have "done you wrong" in some ways, I can send you back a copy of tnt2 with many of the errors removed by DeePsea. About 4 MB is saved. Do you want it?

Oops, now I see your other post, asking for the fix. I will email it soon. :)

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