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Monster Bash HD

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Monster Bash HD is going to be a remaster of the horror-themed platform game Monster Bash. This game was originally released for DOS in 1993. It featured Johnny Dash, whose pet dog Tex was captured by the game's main villain, Count Chuck.


The remaster is being developed by the indie developer Emberheart Games and will be published by Apogee.

Announcement on Twitter


I really liked Crystal Caves HD, the previous EGA platformer that was remastered by Emberheart Games. So I'm looking forward to this one!






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I guess it's nice that they're doing this, but somehow I've never been a Monster Bash fan -- I know this game from Apogee catalogues but never bothered to play it.

Interesting how the new palette's colours here feel similar to those in the Crystal Caves remake that was announced earlier.

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