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FireStorm Aquires Game Arena Studios

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GameArena Studios has been aquired by FireStorm Corperation (http://ga.actionrealm.com/firestorm/) and we have decided to resume work on the previously started TC "Total Carnage" (Name might change). Anyway, this means we'll need even more coders. Trust me, they need to be experienced, we've already added sunshine through windows and such, so if you can't do better than that, don't bother applying. You must have Zdoom engine coding knowledge (not just scripting) and e-mail resident_nutcase@hotmail.com for more information. It may take a month or too before we get the project underway again, as we are currently involved in an AI experiment. Thank you,

Stuart Konen - FireStorm

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Some chocolate I was given for christmas has just been aquired by my mouth, but it may take a while for digestion to take place as my stomach is busy dealing with a turkey eating experiment I conducted earlier.

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Wow you must be proud. We also need to find Ray Stanz once again, so if anyone knows him, tell him to e-mail us please.

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