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WAD ideas. Soul: Hades and Pistole

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Hello everybody! I hope all is well in the community! 

Recently, I was going through my files on my Chromebook before I get rid of it (I've had it for a while, and it's sort of breaking down), and while looking through my Documents and Slideshows, I found 2 interesting Ideas I created a couple of years/months ago. They were 2 WAD Ideas I had when I was considering buying a PC where I could download DOOM and start to WAD. Now that months have passed, I decided I wouldn't buy a PC, and both WAD ideas just kind of disappeared. So, I decided to post them here in case anybody wanted to expand on the ideas, or use them as their own.


The first Wad is Pistole, it is a very difficult 27-level-megawad taking place in the wild west, where you, a cowboy, go to fight a man who killed your family. He ends up opening a portal to Hell, and demons come crawling from the ground. Seems pretty simple, but the catch? You can only use your pistol and fists. I never designed any maps for it, but I did create level names with a few map descriptions. 


Click below to check out Pistole. I wrote down level names, but only several of them actually have map ideas. 


Episode 1: Shoot Thine Sins

M1: Chain of Creation

M2: Breaking the Hawks Feathers

M3: Winter’s crucible

M4: Willing Devotion#

Note: leads to Dominio De Serpiente through a secret exit

M5: Schemes of the sinful

M6: Conquerer’s faith

M7: Indestructible wrath

M8: Seductive Rage*1

Note: You fight the man El Tiador in this level. he replaces the revenant, and instead of rockets, he shoots bullets. 

M9: dominio de serpiente

Note: You fight El Serpiente, a snake replacing the Arachnotron that shoots rapid poison bolts. there are many places to hide, many bullets, and a lot of health. 


End screen after M8 reads:

“Across the desert plain, you see the man: the man that caused your pain; the man that killed your father. You pick up your pistol and aim. Although you’ve waited for this moment for years, you cannot pull the trigger. He provokes you with his toothless grin, and even then you have too much empathy. You put down the gun… a mistake. He takes out the device you coveted. Without thought, he pushes the button, and without thought, you shoot. Demons emerge from the ground. All you have is a pathetic revolver, so you run. You cannot escape this desert without killing the beasts. Just you, and your gun. Guess you’ll need your fists, too.”


Episode 2: Shouting the Enemy’s Name

M1: Entering the chamber

M2: Provoking the wicked

M3: Embracing the chill#

Note: Leads to Denying the health through a secret exit

M4: Passing the guards 

M5: Destroying the hilt

M6: Roaring the pain away

M7: Shaking the rain

M8: Killing the storm*1

Note: Starts off as a puzzle where you have to get past crushers, then you enter a chamber with Mancubus and a lot of bullets 

M9: Denying the health

Note: a horde of Zombiemen and imps in here with no health. 


End screen after M8 reads:

”After killing the fat and wretched beast and escaping his tomb of death, you emerge victoriously! The war between you and the beasts is over. But, the ground shakes, and in the distance, you see a temple. Worshipers of Satan and maniacal demons praise their lord and with a harder look, you see their god. 

No! He’s dead, you just shot him! Then, once more, you see he is dead, or at least partially. His head has been placed on a stake, and his brain still produces power. You have to kill him again, but that is one long way to a castle.”


Episode 3: Marksman

M1: Revolver

Note: Cultists are SS officers that just  zombiemen in blue robes with machine guns. 

M2: Superior#

Note: Leads to the secret level Ridiculous

M3: Gun

M4: Elite

M5: Loaded

M6: Extreme*1

Note: there is a horde of demons in this level that you have to get across. 

M7: Murderer*2

Note: You fight the reanimated corpse of El Tirador on this map. It is John Romeros head replaced with El Tirador's. There is one large crusher throughout the arena, and spawn ins for imps and zombiemen. There are a few parts on the map, including El Tiradors Head, that are highlighted, where the player can go (The monsters are crushed, but they will respawn in). El Tiradors head can only be shot up close, on top of a pyramid, so you only have a short time frame to shoot him before you go back to hide.

M8: Pistole*3

Note: Takes place in just a small room, where on the other side is a voodoo doll of you (dressed as a cowboy), which is supposed to be an evil spirit. if you kill it, you die as well, meaning that you're committing suicide, but it doesn't matter since it is the last level. 

M9: Ridiculous

Note: Title matches level. A cyberdemon in the middle of a huge room with a bunch of Mancubi standing high on ledges shooting down at you. You have the find 3 keys several ends of the map, where you can go through 3 doors to a switch exit. there is no ammo and no health in the level. 


End screen after M6

”You have made your way past the hordes of demons. Hurt, you sit down to bandage your wounds, but a satan worshiping goon finds you and takes out his machine pistol. You are taken prisoner, and brought to the tomb of El Tirador. Little do they know, you have a little friend in your pocket to help you out.“


End screen after M7

”You’ve once again killed El Tirador, but feel something wrong! A spirit haunts your body, and the only way to destroy it is to kill yourself, which you must do to save mankind from a demon invasion. You melt your body in the fiery pit and end up in the city known as hell. Your evil spirit tells you to embrace the powers of Satan, but you know that even an already dead demon as evil as this one belongs in hell, so you pick up a pistol the beasts have crafted of bone, and aim it at your evil counterpart.”


End screen after M8

”The spirit, now gone forever in the depths of the unknown awards your arrogance with a chance to do it right on Earth, and make your way up to the clouds above. Now, you live to tell the story of…



Note: all the levels with a # next to them lead to the secret level. the secret level is always M9. the ones with a * followed by a number means the level is followed by a word screen.


I do not have any screenshots of what levels would look like, but I do have a title card. 



Once again, this was Pistole. It would be very difficult, but fun at the same time. 



The Next game that I made plans for was Soul: Hades. This would have been a more traditional 32 map megawad made for DOOM 2. The Story would have been about a regular marine fighting demons who dies while in battle (probably 4 maps in), and is brought to the River Styx in a hub style map, but when they finally approach the end of the River into Hell, they learn that there has been a zombie outbreak, and Hades has been killed himself. With no choice but to take over himself, Baphomet takes over as leader of hell, ending in a climatic fight against Baphomet and the Marine. 


Click below to check out Soul: Hades I have a title screen shot, a few level ideas, a map drawing I made on Google slides, and a cute little end screen. 


Title card for Soul: Hades. The A in Hades glitched out a bit in the screenshot a couple of months ago, and I never got around to fixing it. sorry for that



Next, I have a screenshot of Map 1. On Google slides, I drew a bunch of map ideas for when I got a PC, but this was the only one I completed. In the title of the slide, I mentioned it went along with this game idea of Soul: Hades, and it was titled Map 1: Central Control. I made a key to go along with it. I never have made a wad, so it probably looks silly and incredibly difficult, but I myself think it looks fine, though I may be biased. 



I zoomed in more on the map itself in the next picture



And in this one, it is a close up of the key



The next picture would be part of an end screen. it is a picture of Zombie Daisy. Something cute I created just for the heck of it. I used the end screen for Ultimate DOOM and just changed the size and coloring of a few different pictures



If you want a PNG of Zombie Daisy, here it is. 



In the next part, I talk about some of the map plans. 


In the first 4 levels, you would be in computer areas much similar to Episode 1 of DOOM. pretty simple. the first map was created above.


On level 5, you would actually be at the River Styx and would follow the water to the gates of hell. there would be stalagmites and cool structures all around.


Some of the enemies would probably be remodeled to look more zombielike, maybe even some new ones. but the Arch-viles and Cyberdemons would have to stay.


The final boss is really why I came up with the idea of this WAD. it would be complicated, and maybe not even possible in the DOOM engine. It is what I thought the Final boss of Sigil might look like, minus the Arch-viles part, but basically, this is what it would be. 

there would be a huge Baphomet head, sort of looking like the Icon of sin that is unreachable, but shootable. In the mouth, disguised behind a fake wall of teeth, there are 2 Cyberdemon crammed together. They are so cramped in their space, they can't really move, but they can shoot their rockets. You have to dodge their fire and shoot. when one of the Cyberdemon is killed, the eye of the giant beast explodes, and two pillars rise, also closing the teeth, stopping the attack of the other cyberdemon. At the way top, two Arch-viles emerge. you cannot shoot them, but they can use their attack on you. you have to hide behind the pillars until finally, they close after 20 seconds or so, and you can continue to fight the second cyberdemon. After you kill it, the two pillars rise, the teeth close, and the arch-viles appear. The 20-second mini-game starts again, and then the fake teeth rise, but also a wall behind the fake wall (and where the cyberdemon would have been) opens, where John Romeros head is now open to kill through rockets. when it is killed, the whole Baphomet structure explodes, and you win. It is followed by text revealing that Hades is alive once more, and allows you to go to Elysium (Greek Heaven) for your heroics. 


and that would basically be what Soul: Hades is. 


Thank you for taking your time reading this. Of course I never plan working on these ideas, so you could of course! Please, if you liked either idea, you can use it for your own WADs. These had been in my head for a while, and I was happy to share them with others who would care. 

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