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On 10/19/2018 at 10:09 AM, Ex Oblivione said:


This one is a personal favorite of mine.



This, especially the first few minutes, reminds me specifically of Playstation Doom music. 2 thumbs, way up.

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Fun fact: This song (and a bunch of others) were part of the "banned" PS1 Fighting Game Thrill Kill. It's lyric-less there and slightly remixed, though; this is the vocal version.

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This is the main menu music from beta version of Unreal Tournament (UT99). I actually like it more than final version's main theme music



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This may sound vaguely familiar to some of you. There's a good reason for that...



Same guy wrote both. And since it was unreleased at the time... why not?

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For a relatively unknown fighting game, this one actually had some really nice music. If you liked that one, give this one a listen too, from the same game:



Also, the General is a dick.


He's actually a boss that's so ridiculously overpowered and cheap that EVEN BY ARCADE FIGHTING GAME STANDARDS, he was so insane that they literally wound up sacking a good chunk of the team that made this game. He is literally why fighting games developed some things, such as air blocking and counters.


You thought SNK Boss Syndrome was bad? It ain't got nothing on the General.


Even a Guilty Gear XX world champion couldn't do jack squat to him. The best part is at the end of the video, when he loses. For the benefit of those who don't know Japanese...


General: "I am a perfect soldier!"

Pachi: "You don't say?!"



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New Bon Jovi song :P

Not for reals, but could easily pass for one. 



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