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10 hours ago, Dragonfly said:


Holy shit, the resemblance is uncanny! And having been released 6 years prior, too.


Put that song in front of any US Civil jury and Nintendo's gonna be taken to the cleaners.  If that's not naked copyright infringement, I dunno what is.

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"Crumbing the consecrated host
And blaspheming YHVH,
Mandrake root, juice of aconite and unholy water are my artifacts,
Profanation and bestiality.


By the face of the unholy majesty and 
By the beasts in front of the throne,
I conjure them,
Oh, princes and demons of darkness.


Lucifer, Bacchus, Sucubus,
Astarte, Incubus and Belphegor,
I summon you!!


I know that you are here!!"

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Unreleased hymn from Only True Believers. Not bad.

Edited by seed

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Love tzhe 'shite audience recording'-style in tzhe start of tzhe song, third favourite of mine from this album. Tbh wish tzhe whole song was as tzhe start is, but I guess people would like it less lmao




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1 hour ago, PureSlime said:

Holy shit what?


So like, this is After Death but they can legally use the Nocturnus name now? That's wacky and weird.

Here's what I'm listening to. Kinda sucks that it's so hard to find a copy of, and it's not on Spotify.



Slugathor owns, but yeah some albums are very hard to come by. At least Echoes from Beneath is on Bandcamp. You should check out Desecresy too since it's basically the continuation of Slugathor with even more atmosphere and a bit slower. Tommi is handling all the instruments now as well.


I'm not very sure they own the name though, otherwise there wouldn't have been that AD in the name, similar to Entombed's situation. The original members don't own the name anymore.



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