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Shnabubula - Super Rite of Spring: 



Seriously, if I had this guy's rendition of Glorification of the Chosen One (35:50 in the video) in MIDI form, this would 1000% be going in a WAD somewhere. Stravinsky makes for such good Doom music imho, I remember playing through Deus Vult with the original Rite of Spring in the background (or trying to, anyway -- I got my ass handed to me) and it just worked so damn well. And this interpretation is seriously good -- I've listened to various "chiptune" versions of orchestral pieces before, but never anything close to this much depth (and anyone who's had to study Rite of Spring will know how ridiculously difficult this piece is to arrange, let alone reinterpret in the style of anyone other than Igor Stravinsky).


EDIT: Ha, I never even noticed he literally posted a link to MIDI files in the video description. Well, I think I know what my next map will sound like (with permission, of course)…

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@kalaeth Know what this means right :p .


Funny, this is a long-forgotten band for me, actually. While looking at their releases I realized they were the ones with the "The Arches Takes Aim" album, which was hovering in my mind but I could never remember the band, heh. I like this album much more than Archer though.

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2 hours ago, seed said:

@kalaeth Know what this means right :p .

I liked both of them, gotta check funereal presence's other album too.



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Psycho ward

Is your home

You're so weird

You're so dumb

Momma's boy

Daddy's disgrace

Snivelling wimp

Psycho face

You're so weak

You're a geek

You're a creep

Stupid freak

You got a psycho face

You are a psycho case

You got a real weird plan

You are the weirdo man



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