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Dryad, a metal band with a trumpeter as a core member. Their music sounds a little rough around the edges but I enjoy it.



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I don't listen to much rap, but years ago I accidentally ordered the album Creature Feature by Swamp Thing thinking it was an album by the band Creature Feature.   It was a happy accident because it was a profoundly awesome retro horror/sci-fi concept album.


This band is what I meant to order and they're awesome, but albums were expensive AF.


This is what I got:



Time Machine Massacre is my favorite song on the album.   Reefer Vendetta is a hilarious joke where they took the ridiculous propaganda movie Reefer Madness and treated it as an actual horror movie.


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Some industrial hard core, or factory ambience, kinda sounds like one summer job at some metal factory I had when I was a teenager :P



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