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THe whole album is so good

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Pantera is one of the few bands that got better live, while the music suffered a little, instead of the other way around.

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Electronic music has been somewhat of a blind spot for me, so I've been forcing myself to explore it a little. Discovered this group and I really dig them, they make great background music for making Doom levels: 


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Posted (edited)

Currently re-listening to the soundtrack of Bugs Bunny In Double Trouble on Sega Genesis, one of the last games I owned.


I never could beat it: I only made it to the very last stage before running out of lives, as the game made the unfortunate decision of making your life bars also count as lives for some unfathomable reason. Still, it looked great for a late-era Genesis game and the soundtrack still kicks ass.

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Posted (edited)

I should advise that if you are prone to seizures, you probably shouldn't watch these videos.



Yeah I'm a shameless consumerist schill. But Dethklok is still the best band that was made for a show, and the fact that they actually toured as Dethklok makes them real to me. And Dethalbum 1, 2 and 3 are actually really good, albeit tongue in cheek.


And the quick reference to Finntroll at 2:35 is just wonderful.


Awaken is also a really good song, the same seizure warning applies:




Metalocalypse is by far the best show that Adult Swim has ever created.

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