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1 minute ago, Xyzzy01 said:

That face XD

That's why song is called "Nightmare".

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I'm always up for some Chicago drill rap. I don't follow it as much as I used to because it's depressing to see so many talented rappers getting murdered. Pretty much all Chicago drill rappers are actual gang members, and it's typical that any list of 15 of a year's best drill rappers will see 5 of them dead the next year. 


Most drill rappers are members of the Gangster Disciples, followed by the Black Disciples. This is in contrast to the '90s-era rappers who were predominately Vice Lords and 4-Corner Hustlers. LEP Bogus Boys is unusual in that G Count -- the first rapper -- is a member of the Black P Stones and Moonie -- with the hat -- is a 4-Corner Hustler. The group was once larger, but 3 of their members were killed.


LEP Bogus Boys disbanded in 2014, but in their day they brought an interesting story element to many of their videos.




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