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Blake Stone (1994)

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Just wondering, did it ever was close to possible TC with new levels converted to, for example, GZDoom type project? Or some old attemps was stuck at early stage?


Currently there is such project around BTW, https://bibendovsky.github.io/bstone/, but most of community levels seems to be sort of mediocre one in my opinion.

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I'm not sure what exactly you are suggesting. Blake Stone runs on a slightly improved version of the Wolfenstein 3-D engine, so level geometry is still limited to flat floors and uniform height walls that can only be positioned at 90 degree angles. BStone is a source port, not a TC, so it reproduces the limitations of the original engine.


More advanced versions of the Wolf3D engine can be found in Rise of the Triad and In Pursuit of Greed, but if you want something more sophisticated with Blake Stone characters and textures, maybe a GZDoom based TC would be a better option altogether. This is actually not a bad idea in my book, I've always wondered what a remake on the Build engine for example would look like.

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I'd love to see the dreaded STAR Troopers with full rotations in a cross-over with Strife!

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There's actually a great deal of resemblance between the art style of the characters in both games.


Maybe sebabdukeboss20 from the EDuke32 modding community/Alien Armageddon team would remake some Blake Stone enemies like certain characters from Strife and other games were done for the AMC TC.

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Psst @UnknDoomer,


@AFADoomer created a Total Conversion (TC) for Blake Stone in 2014 and released it as a demo.


Weblink: Blake Stone TC Demo


If I remember correctly, the first episode is already included, along with all the textures and sprites of the full version.


Maybe there is an option that you can add the additional levels from the rest of the episodes, if you own the full version.


Thanks a lot and best regards


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