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jhexen trouble

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I have been running the newest version of jdoom (1.7.6) for the last week or so. It works great for Doom and DoomII (full retail versions). I have it running Heretic (shareware) as well. I haven't been able to get it to work with the Hexen demo. Is it supposed to? The error I get is "R_TextureNumForName: SKY1 not found!". This is from the Doomsday.out file in ...\Doomsday\Run\jHexen. I'd like to try it out with a free (legal) version before I go out and purchase the game. Is it possible?


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No, it's not possible to play the shareware version with any version of JHexen. However, it can be played with the newest version of ZHexen. It may not be perfect (the Afrits don't move around except when they attack or use that strafing move), but it works.

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Thanks. ZHexen worked. I couldn't get the opengl to work with it, though. I tried looking around and found that Vavoom works with opengl and the demo levels of Hexen. I am using that for now. It isn't as good as JDoom or JHeretic in my opinion. I'll probably get the full retail Hexen to use JHexen.

Thanks again,

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