Game: Doom 2       
Port: GZDoom       
Slot: MAP01          
  Mouselook, Jumping, Crouching: Yes
  Coma Moonlight is an experimental gothic-style map created as part of the Refracted Reality project. Quite difficult development passed through couple of reworks, lasted about 4 months and ended in August 2020. Since then, map was expected to be released as part of RC2, however, everything came to the conclusion that Refracted Reality RC2 was never released, and the map went free floating.
  The player's goal is to explore the temple complex and find 3 runes, after installing them on the pedestals to open the exit and leave level. Main part of gameplay is linear, but in some places player can choose direction. I'm sure sometimes players will find short cuts. Note that these are not bugs (although they were originally), since do not break map progression.
  Idea of rock massive floating in the abyss with a temple carved into it came almost immediately and seemed perfect for RR. I wanted to create a Quake-like environment and make gameplay more verticality. Maybe it worked, but the price turned out to be significant - performance. GZDoom was clearly not designed for my ambitions and this became the main map problem. Due to the widespread use of portals, frame rate in some places tangibly drops. At the prototyping stage, everything was fine, but almost at the very end, with the advent of lighting and textures, it greatly ruined performance on old PCs. I could not fix this in the almost finished version, because this would require a complete redesign of the map. I decided to leave the architecture as it is, but kept the gameplay in problem areas to a minimum.
  I express my gratitude for the feedback, advice and help in testing:
@killerkouhai, @FrancisT218, @ZZYZX, @leodoom85, @IvanDobrovski, Morthimer McMare, @Chainie, @_Mud

I am open to any feedback and will make edits to the project as I have free time.
Inform if you helped me with this map, but I forgot to mention you!
Hope this will be a good experience. Good luck there! 

    Mediafire - 4 mb, ZIP
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