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Denim Destroyer

If You Could Add A New Class To Hexen...

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What would it be? I would add a Druid with a gun that shoots poison balls, not unlike that one weapon from Half-Life Opposing Force, and another that lets you change into enemies.

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Posted (edited)

I only ever beat the first level of Hexen, really need to get on that.


IDK, the Proletariat?

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the sidhe!!!

And making Corvus a playable character on his own, that way, making Hexen a proper sequel to Heretic after Corvus get cursed by D'Sparil and had to walk the trial of fate, and not only sharing the same universe.


I know there is a gzdoom mod that adds the sidhe, corvus especialy to the roster as a new class, but i would love to see something like that for vanilla Hexen.

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Rogue.  Fast like the fighter, low armor like the mage, balance of melee vs. ranged would be similar to the cleric.  Flechette could be a proximity trap and the mystic ambit incant could be a partial invisibility (like Heretic's shadowsphere) perhaps.


This also has the added bonus of making a nice parallel for Hexen II, where Hexen tended to have "basic" classes while Hexen II had more "specialized" ones.

Fighter --> Paladin

Cleric --> Crusader

Mage --> Necromancer

??? --> Assassin

Rogue fills the blank nicely.


I do approve of the Druid idea too, though, because then it would be like a callback to Black Crypt where the classes were fighter, cleric, magic-user and druid.

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you get subtitles for all the enemy grunts

and when Korax mocks you between episodes his prose is way more ornate

every time an enemy damages you, a hidden stat increments which makes it more likely for you to be able to tell that monster to leave you alone. instead of the green flasks other players get you get phrase books of simple english -> swamp dragon phrase translations or whatever that you can use to make yrself undetectable to that type of monster

can repeatedly press space bar on the bookcase textures to restore 1 mana each time

the helmet graphic is replaced with a walkman and set of headphones and a learn-a-new-language-while-you-sleep tape

when you get that secret book in act 4 that's yr ultimate weapon, has a very short range but when you hit enemies with it, it permanently turns them to your cause

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Some combo type of figther, maybe at the style of a Monk?

Weapons do low damage but hits fast, combine with totems and other weapons and have anything for situations.

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Two new classes:


The Jedi (original version.)

-Has a sensible progression and levelling system

-Requires skill and time to master many of the abilities

-Has the usual array of force and lightsaber abilities.

-Is prone to be reckless and get arms cut off against really powerful enemies

-With patience and skill, you are able to beat the game with this character.


The Jedi (post 2000's version.)

-No progression required.

-Is instantly ultimately amazing at everything and receives full lightsaber skills and force powers right from the start.

-Mana and health never drain, or diminish, except against bosses, where health is allowed to drop to 90% of maximum.

-Monsters mostly die of shame.


On topic tho, I would have loved to see a ranger class perhaps. Very vulnerable to melee and close quarters attacks, and your attacks, especially powerful ones, can be disrupted by melee attacks. Ranged attacks are powerful, and special abilities would include a multi arrow spray, and fast arrow shots. Powerups might include a shield or a low cost personal teleporter to move out of melee range.


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1- Knife (Instantly kills!)


2- Pistol


3- Assault Rifle (Includes ironsights)


4- Tactical Nuke (Kill 25 enemies without being hit to win the game)

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I'd add the Shapeshifter class from Shadowcaster. Instead of weapons, he'd find new shapes. Green mana weapon: maorin. Blue mana weapon: caun. Ultimate piece 1: kappa. Ultimate piece 2: opsis. Ultimate piece 3: ssair. All ultimate pieces: grost. All shapes would have an attack and an alt-attack that may actually be a utility effect:

- human: karate chop, kick

- maorin: claws, low-light vision (works like a torch)

- caun: summon insect swarm, fast healing

- kappa: claws, shockwave

- opsis: tentacle slap, magic missile

- ssair: tail stab, firebreath

- grost: stonepunch, earthquake


While in a non-human shape, mana is drained continuously, stronger shapes drain more mana, and the special abilities also cost mana to use. When mana runs out you get changed back into human. Kappa moves extra-fast on water and takes no damage from poison effects; opsis flies but is very slow, ssair flies and is just slightly slow, grost only takes 25% damage from damaging floors like lava but is quite slow too.


1 hour ago, P41R47 said:

I know there is a gzdoom mod that adds the sidhe, corvus especialy to the roster as a new class, but i would love to see something like that for vanilla Hexen.

@NeoWorm made that IIRC. I don't remember if it was fully finished, though.


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Too bad I don't know how to mod Hexen because I would definitely implement some of these if I could.


35 minutes ago, Gez said:

I'd add the Shapeshifter class from Shadowcaster. Instead of weapons, he'd find new shapes.

Reminds me of the Shaper in Geneforge.


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Corvus from Heretic because he's basically fantasy Doomguy lol



Honestly Idk I still need to finish Hexen....

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The obligatory op "all of the above" secret character, taking the best from each class and putting it into one.

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Enemies respawn, why not use their Corpses as resurrected Slaves?



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I'd go with "The Ranger" (bad name but ehh)


Base weapon: Knife - good speed, low damage.

Blue Mana: Enchanted Bow + Arrow. Would make sense we got a melee and magic user so why not an archer?

Green Mana: Throwing Knives. Only makes sense a class themed around ranged weps would sometimes keep a back-up.

Combined Mana: Very unoriginal buy a crossbow that could fire a piercing shot dealing decently high damage.

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I have few ideas already cooking. But I am lazy and stuck at making sprites. I also need some robust method to replace items in maps in a way that would be compatible with multiplayer with any classes combinations and which will be easy to extend for more classes. I would also want to add unique Flechette and Icon of defender effect to every class.


Corvus the Sidhé - it's a Corvus from Heretic, with improved sprites to blend with Hexen better.

- Staff - I decided to use staff instead of gold wand, wand is kinda boring so it would need complete remake to make it at least tolerable during the beginning of the game.

- Ethereal Crossbow - needs a buff compared to Heretic

- Hellstaff - it will shoot in bursts compared to Heretic

- Ancient Phoenix rod - will work more as a BFG than rocket launcher, I already made new projectile sprites and better phoenix explosion


Inquisitor/Monk - a recycled Eriance's/Amuscaria's weapons from old Demon Eclipse, kinda eviler version of cleric with more magic visually inspired by Blasphemous.

- Gargoyle wand - changed to have projectile drop but higher damage to be unique compared to sapphire wand

- Lifeleech - hitscan weapon that is kinda weak, but can regenerate health for player

- Shredder - hefty shotgun like weapon with poison damage

- ? - I have the Demon Eclipse version of Wraithverge right now, but I am still struggling with making it's effect somewhat interesting


Necromancer - pretty much direct port of HeXen 2 Necromancer, I still miss all the hand animations and character sprites

- Sicle - just quick melee weapon, maybe some mechanic which buffs it's damage if you recently killed somebody, can be stackable up to some ammount

- Touch of death - a homing projectile spell, changed from the boring magic missile even when the effect will be comparable

- Teeth spell - spell shooting teeth, direct damage if they hit enemies, hitting floors or walls will let them stay on floor and hurt enemies that walk through them

- Raven staff - just like in HeXen 2, but it's kinda similar to Bloodscourge so I may change it somewhat


And now some more wild and less refined ideas

The Shadow Knight - ninja from ID's Shadow Knights, more westernized fantasy version of ninja than real japanese one. For weapons there has to be shurikens for sure.

Shapeshifter - something similar what Gez suggested, I wanted werewolf and weredragon morphs as blue and green weapons with last weapons morphing enemies into animals that will help you

Dastan the Prince - from Prince of Persia, sword, shadow whip, blue flame and dagger of time as weapons

Moriah the Thief - female thief from D&D Shadows over Mystara, I like the design and HeXen lacks female classes. As for weapons I want short sword with ability to deal double damage if hitting enemy from behind, sling with explosive bullets.

Sorceress - more good and lawful version of mage, I would like her to have Glaive from Krull as ultimate weapon

Amazon - Diablo II Amazon with more general warrior woman schtick. Weapons will include spear and bow.

Gillius the Dwarf - from Golden Axe. He will carry a blunderbuss for sure and ultimate weapons will be The Golden axe.

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Probably something like The Ranger or something to fill in that 4th character archetype of the ranged combatant (Fighter arguably already also fills this space but not as much).

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The Ottoman. I think Turkish warriors would look great done up in Hexen's dark style.


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Posted (edited)

A guerilla-style character. Druid, ranger, etc. Most weapons do pitiful damage but they halt the monsters' advance.

First weapon a spear/ javelin that acts like Fighter's hammer and is thrown but can also be used in melee. Does way less damage, has a small range and is quite inaccurate.

Second weapon is a blowdart that poisons and stuns the monsters. Similar effect to Cleric flechette but not nearly as strong.

Third weapon is a staff that summons up roots and vines that impale the monsters and can push some of them back, when they die they become entangled for a few seconds (like the frozen monsters, they block the way, can be shot to get released).

For the fourth weapon I initially thought of a cloning/ summoning/ transforming weapon but it doesn't really work. So I'll go with a magic bow that starts out mediocre but does more damage with each shot as long as you don't stop firing but it consumes lots of mana and is slow to fire. Basically instead of a dice roll it grows constantly in damage but if you ever let go it goes back to initial damage. So if you don't have to fire more than one shot you shouldn't use it.

Flechettes are mines, only exploding when enemies (or you) go over them.

Icon of Defender makes you invincible and invisible.


Edit: make both the javelin and the bow piercing weapons as well

Edited by rzh

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Much like many PS1 games of the time, I'd definitely have put Corvus as a secret character, as well as a medievalified Doomguy.

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I like the idea of Thieves and Druids. A mix of stealth and Hexen, mmm... sounds so delicious.

But I'd rather improve certain weapons and add monster variety first.

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