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Doomed On Speed

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Ultraviolet said:

Demos to wads through?

I noticed that. 'to wade through' I imagine. Ling is letting Doom go to his head :P

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Nice Insertion TAS set ARO, much enjoyed. I imagine it took some time to memmorize those maps even.

Thanks! Actually, memorizing wasn't the problem; it's finding a route to memorize that takes the most time.:-) A few of the levels(MAP03, for example), give you multiple route options. Hypothetical scenario: you can go for one of two keys in either order. You start out with an SG; an RL lies down one path, an SSG the other. Which route you choose depends on what monsters you'll face and how quickly they can be dispatched with the respective weapon. And if the level is low on ammo...ARGH!!!:-) The only situation worse than that is a non-linear level(The Raven Levels are the worst I've had to deal with in this category).

Of course, being a speedrunner, you've experienced all of this.:-) Glad you enjoyed the demos, and hurry up with the demos for the new AV release...:-)

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