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download my first ever completed level/wad :)

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Hey, nice little map there. When I saw 3 barons near the start I thought "Oh no, it's going to be loaded with big bad guys" but the enemy balance was pretty reasonable throughout.

I like the feel of the map. Sort of doom1-ish even with the doom2 monsters (helped by the sky I guess), but not totally doom1 and not really characteristic of any specific doom1 episode. Kind of reminded me of a episode 4 kind of layout but with all the gothicness (new word?) removed.

I only spotted one texture alignment issue that could be improved by putting a support between the 2 lines concerned. That was on the marble2 walls at the bottom od the short, wide staircase through the red door.

I'd have considered a music replacement too. D_RUNNIN didn't seem that fiting to me, but that really is a taste point of view.

So a good, enjoyable little map without any of the common first map pitfalls.

Oh, and thanks for the mention in the text, but I'm sure I wasn't the only one who helped with that query.

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heh yeah i didnt notice that texture mis-alignment till today, although I wasn't happy with that room anyway so I just decided to stop working on it before I deleted it and started again :/

I liked the blue key room though :), was the last thing I added to the map.

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hehe very nice demo :)
I'll do my best to beat 4:00 but I cant even finish without dieing, the faster I try to go the quicker I die heh.

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