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The Ultimate DooMer

Palette Problems

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When I take an existing DooM 2 texture, flat or sprite and colourise it in Paint Shop Pro, the colour goes all crappy when loaded into a wad with Wintex. (as if I was going from 24-bit to 256 colours, even though I'm not, as they're 256 colours to start with - PSP even says so)

When I play around with the various features (brightness, hue, saturation etc.) I can sometimes get it to screw up less, and with some colours (eg. red, grey) it doesn't screw up at all.

Is this a fault in PSP (does it always save bitmaps as 24-bit, thus producing this effect), or am I doing something wrong? Is there a better way of doing this (apart from doing it manually with Paint, which takes forever)

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I have to deal with this problem all the time. Before putting the picture in Wintex, apply the Doom 2 (or Heretic or Hexen, depending on the game you're working with) palette to it (Nearest color matching). This way, Wintex won't foul up the colors.

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Take any graphic, and save the pallete from there. Now you have the Doom Pallete. :)

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