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Question about PSP

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My sis is attempting to change the color of objects in The Sims using PSP. I've never used this program, so I took a whack at it unsuccesfully. For example, we have a green couch, and want to make it blue. I selected the whole green couch with the wand (with a tolerence of around 100 to get all the couch) made the seleced into a seperate layer, then tried to change the RGB values. However, when I got the couch (and the backround layer as well, which I didn't want to do) to the desired blue and confirmed it, my couch disapeared. I know lots of people here use PSP, and was wondering if I could get some help. Thanks.

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You could do one of two things. Either Colorize the whole picture to a blue color, then change the color of the background to the color it once was. Or you could send it to me and I could tinker with it for a while, since I'm sort of bored right now.

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I use PSP all the time. Here's what I suggest:

If you only want the couch, select it like you did before and cut it (make sure only the couch is selected). Then paste it as new image. That's only if you don't want any background image. If you want to keep the background, don't bother with the cut and paste part, just select the couch. Make sure the colors are already set to 16 million. Now go to colors - adjust - hue/saturation/lightness

In this tab the top slider changes the color hue, the left slider changes the intensity (saturation), and the right slider changes the lightness. That should be all you need.

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