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Wadazine Survival Sessions #14: Vile Flesh

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Wadazine Survival Sessions #14: Vile Flesh


This Saturday's adventure awaits us with a hidden gem that has gained some cult favor over the years. Vile Flesh is a 2004 one-man-megawad created by Gwyn Williams which also offers its own MIDI OST. With extensive and well done use of stock textures, Vile Flesh represents a great stage where modernism of design was combined with classic visual style, resulting in a great piece of work that we'll see how far we can survive.


American Session:

  • May 8th, Saturday
  • 5:30 PM/ UTC-6
  • PWAD: Vile Flesh
  • Ultra-Violence
  • 3 Lives each player


Server Info:


► ► Scoreboard ◄ ◄


Join the Wadazine community for more events! » https://discord.gg/Q2RKn4J


Previous sessions: 

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