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Doom 2: UAC City - Megawad for Doom 2

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iwad: doom2

maps: map01 - map32

difficulty settings: yes. although they are subject to change in the next update.

advanced engine needed: needs ZDoom or GZDoom
known bugs: none i think.



The year is 2063. The demon invasion 42 years ago has changed society as we know it. Demon Invasion kits are regularly sold in stores as well as UAC artificial human production machines to rebuild what was left of the population after the events of the “Day Of Reckoning”. These machines took DNA samples from 2 random citizens and created a new human based on those 2 samples. Unknown to the UAC at the time, tiny fragments of DemoNA (Demon DNA) was implemented into those machines by a rogue employee causing all humans generated by these machines to become demons on the exact date of june the 18th, 2063. It is now june 21st, 2063. Doomguy is on his way back to his home universe after defeating all the demons in Universe 14225. And the current base of the demons? The densely populated UAC City....


This is my first megawad. it took about 5 months to make (i know it's a long time but i've had a lot on my plate) playthroughs appreciated!









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