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Captain Red

getting to know all (part 3)

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Well, it's been over a year since getting to know all part 2 and the forums are quite a bit different now. So what the hey, lets clear the air a bit. (Besides, I missed out last time around)

My name is Paul Whittaker. I'm 19 years of age (I don't blame you if you think I’m younger) I'm from Queensland, Australia in a crummy little town called Toowoomba. The lest said about Toowoomba the better for all conserned. I am the prodigy of god fearing communists, and hence, completely screwed up.

My username is an evolution from Captain fat pants, it was my handle for Red Alert when I used to play it. The title was thanks to Zaldron, I made the silly mistake of misspelling Captain one to many times.

I have been attending TAFE (it's like a uni for idiots) for the last year and plan on joining the air force as a technician at some point...

I am a geek. Not a nerd, a geek. (nerds are smart). I’m meant to have an IQ of about 124, but fucked if I ever use it. I have a very shot attention span, and I’m certain all this gamming isn’t making it any better. I have the worlds worst sleeping Patten. It’s 2:30 am. And I’m still browsing these forums.
Maybe I should be a security guard…

I’m pretty sure I’m heterosexual, but that really doesn’t matter because Surprise surprise; I’ve never had a girlfriend, Nor am I likely to get one in the foreseeable future. Once upon a time, that bothered me...

I have no special talents that I know of. I used to play golf.

I've been addicted to gaming since I got my first computer way back in 1990. it was a CGA 286 with a 25 meg HD. I loved it to bits! I am currently heavily into FPS, but do play the odd bit of wipeout, Red alert and call to power now and then.

I discovered doom eirly 1994 after I nearly OD on wolf 3d, but didn't really get into it until around 1996. became a fanatic around 1998.

I found doomworld late 2000, sort of half read the forums... became fanatical dormer again mid 2001 after I downloaded twilight warrior, which came with legacy, and lost myself in the joy of source ports. it wasn't long before i joined the forums, and sort of got into a habit.

I tend to flame people if they bad mouth any of the following games:
Any doom
Any Wolfenstein
Quake 1
Half life
System shock II

And I tend to sit on the fence a lot when it comes to religious matters. And do tend to lean to the left when it comes to politics.

If you think my spelling is bad, wait till you see my hand righting.

Indiana Jones is god.

Oh yeah, and I’m seriously considering having my name changed to J.C. Denton.

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My name is Alex Pritchard, I'm nearly 20 and I come from the UK.

I first doomed in 1994 and have been hooked ever since. First came to DW around 1999 and joined the forums last year.

I am at University in Bristol and I would describe myself as right-of-centre politically.

I love films, some computer games, Mountain Biking, Cars and music.

As I study English Literature, I spend most of my time being treated for shock at Ct_Red_Pant's spelling..

My 5 favourite DW forum members are/were: Lüt, Zaldron, deadnail, Wildman and Zeratul (Lutarez).

[EDIT] Feel I should maybe add a little more, heh.

I was bought up and still am a CofE Christian. My family have always been quite well off and I went to the same private school as my dad for some 12 years. I got 11 GCSES A* to C, and ABC in my A Levels which were English, History and Economics, though I was only ever really excellent in English, for which I was given a scholarship at school.

I've always loved sport and spent much longer playing sports than I probably should have. Mostly rugby. For those that don't know, rugby is the proper version of American Football with better rules and infinitely more logic, heh. Injuries I've suffered over the years include cracked ribs, collar bone and more scars than I care to look at including one nasty day when I could see through to the bone on my knuckle having had an opponents stud scrape my hand. By far the worst though was when I fractured my ankle in three places just over two years ago in what was supposed to be the penultimate game of rugby I played for my school. It turned out to be the last sport I ever played there, heh, as it took me 6 months to fully recover. It still swells up in the evenings but no longer hurts.

It wasn't all physical, though. I played chess for my school and captained the 2nds, we gained promotion to the first dividion in my last year, yay! They even gave me a £100 embossed jacket for winning ten gruelling matches on the run. Ask me for a jpeg if you like. My ELO rating was 1797 in case you're interested btw. Sadly I haven't played much chess or rugby or football for a while now.

I had a string of girlfriends in school but never got the girl I really wanted, she was taken by an older hard-lad and I nearly got me and my mates into gang warfare over it, but thankfully saw sense. I had a girlfriend last year at uni for almost a year, but we split up and sadly she didn't feel up to coming back this year. I've been trying all sorts since then, without much success.

I have an IQ of 118, in some areas I score in the top 2% globally, in others I am below average, such as visual exercises. When I was young I remember it taking me much longer to copy stuff off the board than others. The cause of this was not found out until I was 13 when they realised I was dyspraxic, everyone had been saying I was just lazy for years and years.

I do have a bit of a tendancy to daydream and coast though stuff. I never quit on anything I start though, I hate giving up. If I'm honest, I could probably be doing a lot more study for my degree, but I find it hard to concentrate, besides I tend to pick it up when it matters.

I've had a few summer jobs, I got up to supervisor mechanic at the bike shop in the summer.

I probably spend too long online atm, modding here and irc-ing and other stuff, but meh, I don't care.

I'm lucky that I have two loving parents who have stayed togther, and nothing brings that home more than when I read some other people's accounts here.

I try and be friendly to everyone I meet, and I never turn anyone away if they want to confide in me or seek my help or limited experience, and that goes for all of you, at any time.

I have a tendancy to be a bit sarcastic at times, typical for a Brit but some online are left bemused, heh. I like to joke around, but I also know how to be serious and actually I'm a quiet, serious person most of the time, kinda letting my exhibitionist joker side out in bursts. I'm never hurtful intentionally so don't ever think I'm being genuinely malicious.

In my last year at school I scored 97% in a leadership test which said I would make a great diplomat/PR person/communicator, (not to mention Forum moderator, heh) so I'm considering management when I graduate.

Oh yeah, and I support the greatest football (soccer) team ever: Tottenham Hotspur. Come on you Spurs!

(That was the sarcasm at the end there :P)

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Alias: JavaGuy, Guest42, SenshiGoku, Garlin
Real Name: Alexander
Age: 16
Location: Hammonton Area, New Jersey

I've been into video games my entire life, since my dad introduced me to Marble Madness, Bubble Bobble, and Frantic Freddy (see a pattern?) on the old Amiga around 1989. Later, he showed me Wolfenstein, for which I had no understanding of its concept. I don't know how I came across Doom, but I started playing in 1994. I utterly rejected it a few years afterwards, and it stayed that way for about three, four years. Now I'm playing it a lot again.

I changed my name because I made it when I started learning how to program in JAVA. After a while, I stopped out of frusteration. However, now that I've changed it, I'm making pace on my first game. Maybe I'll actually finish it some day.

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My name: Peter Krnich ( half Greek, Half Coratian )
i am: 18 years old
location: Atlanta Georgia

my ver first video games system was a super ninterndo entertainment system. i played that untill the dreamcast came out. i then played that untill i got sick of it and sold it.

i have been playing doom since my brother got it from a local bbs and played it late night and i caught him playing. i was scared to play the game.

i like doing exciting things like gocarts and going fast in cars.

i dont know what i want ot be when i grow up accept i know i wanna be a racecar driver ( non formula1 or nascar ). i also want to becaome a computer persone and i dont know exactly what to become, but i know it pays allot.

i have very phew real friends and i talk to even phewer women. most of my friends are punk asses that dont do shit and cant keep promises.

my schoopl life sucks mainly because i cannot get good grades. i can sometimes, but when it gets hard, i simply flop mainly because i refuse to study because studying is for people that dont stay awake in school to hear the teacher blab on the subject for 1 week.

o yah, and my brother has a wrx that hes modifiying.

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Name : Andrew Todd Fox

Location : New York State

Age : 16

Occupation : none, I'm a bum

Height : 6 feet, 5 inches tall (1.98 meters, says fredrik)

Weight : haven't checked in a bit, a few weeks actually. Forgot what it was last time, 200 something.

How I got introduced to Doom and computers and all that fun stuff : hmm...what to say? My friend Steve, who is, ironically, standing next to me as I type this, introduced me to Doom before I even had a computer. I loved that shit. A few wonderful years later I got a computer and was immersed in the world of First Person Shooter games. My computer sucked, but it could play anything up to Quake II (though slowly and in software). I've had so many ISPs it makes my head spin thinking about it. Let's see...AOL, Prodigy, Freelane, NetZero, Bluefrog (which kicked tubs of ass), and now Roadrunner just to name a few.

About me : ooh, I get to talk about ME! Not much to say, other than I'm your average "mysterious" type person. Very shy (I hate people) but if I connect with a person, I'm a friend for life. I'm tall, I work out (why not? I like being tall, so why not have the muscles too?). I'm not currently dating anyone or anything, I find relationships to be dull, I prefer lash and dash, but whatever.

I'm insane, according to a shrink I visited...well...not LITERALLY insane, but Sociopathic. I laugh to myself to much, which makes people STAY THE FUCK AWAY. I'm in a Secondary School which is like a regular school, but smaller classes and fucking mad rules. Oh and did I mention that on a regular basis, a kid in my school is nabbed by staff and tossed to the ground and put in restraint?

I excell in all classes, mainly English, Science and Global, Math too, but I utterly despise Math. Yeah...so...my parents, they're normal, my brother is a pain, Two cats, evil one, Sonya, old one, Elizibeth. We had a dog before we had Elizibeth, his name was Jax, named after the Mortal Kombat character, which everyone thought my cat was named after, but no, fuck them, heh. Life is funky, but I still hate it (ANGST FEST!).

Drugs were fun, but fuck that shit, I don't need them anymore (except Adderal, but I'm prescribed). I seem to have a lot of problems, namely bad knees, bad back, bad neck, scarred knuckle and I've had my nose broken a few times, which, thankfully, hasn't fucked up my face. I hardly brush yet I haven't had a cavity in oh...2 years I'd say. I smoke but working out counteracts some of the shit it does to my lungs. Oh, and I'm a Leo.

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Alias: Darkstalker
Real Name: Sébastien Roy
Age: 18
Location: Châteauguay, Québec

I live in a small town but active town, there's always something happenning every week, low crime, low pollution, great place to live. English is my 2nd language (French is 1st) but I do much, much better in English. I prefer to remain unoticed, I hate to be with lots of people. I got a great family (mom + sis), they never bitch at me and I do the same. Never been arrested, I don't smoke, drink, do drugs, wear clothes with something written on it and I don't go to parties. My life is rather pretty dull and boring. People tell me I should be a priest because I never do anything bad.

I like games like Doom (Duh), Myst-like games and I'm a compulsive Tetris Attack player. I finally started drawing and finished my 6th one available at my site (see sig). I like pretty much any kind of music but I prefer pop/techno/trance since I'm a DDR god and freak.

I have a driver liscence but no car :(. Soda cream rules. Tony the Tiger is dead. Today it's a nice blue sky.

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Aaw, why did everyone get the good names? :P

Aliases: Dawgmode, ravage, foxfish, etc.
Real Name: Jason Allison
Age: 16-17
Introduced to computers: 1994
Introduced to Doom: 1996
Introduced to DW: 2000
Other games I play:
Hocus Pocus
Raptor: Call of the shadows
Other stuff...

Sports: Bowling, but still suck
Anything else you don't need to know: Heh, furry [fan]

Oh, and I've been known for failing tests because of illegible handwriting. (Seriously)

I draw a lot (mostly Doom maps. and critters) not the best, but not the worst. Yay hooray.

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My name is James Garnett Tubman II. I am 16, unemployed, and I like long walks along the beach. :) I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I go to James Fowler high school, where I do well in Autobody and Technical Theatre. In my spare time, I listen to music (esp. Pink Floyd, NIN, Tool, and Rush), create my own, trolling & idleing, and play Quake 1, Doom, and Commander Keen. I enjoy fine food, marijuana, beer, and reading. I am currently taking driving lessons, failing english classes, and trying to maintain my social life. I was born into a family of idiots, and unfortuatly, I am as dumb as the rest of them. I have occasional bouts of insomnia, hence my name.
I have 3 sisters; Sarah (14), Miranda (10), and Arianne (4). My first computer was a 286 PS which my uncle sandblasted (quite the sight). I play doom on my Compaq 586, using the most fastest port I have, Doom95. I've recently broken up with my girlfriend and I am attempting to deal with the situation. I play guitar as a hobby, and I own a Squier Strat (almost no original parts) and a Norman B20 acoustic. I used to play golf, but I couldn't afford to anymore.

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Here it goes...

Name : Neil Hetherington
Handles : Scarred Knuckle, Spike
Age : 22
Occupation : Home Carer

I'm currently living in the City Centre of Liverpool, England, with my wife Jay, and our daughter Raven. As a homecarer, i look after Jay (unfortunatly she is severely epileptic) as well as Raven while indulging in household chores and the likes.
When we're lucky enough to have money to spend, I usually attend The Krazyhouse - a rock/heavy metal club about 15 minutes walk from here. Alternatively, we spend far too much money on videos (horror/sci-fi/comedy) and CDs (NIN, COF, Pantera, M.Manson, Type-O Negative, etc).

I left school in 1996 with 8 A-C GCSE's before screwing up two short lived jobs and spending many months being unemployed. My longest running job was as an Accident & Emergency receptionist at Liverpool Royal Hospital, which lasted for two years before i was given the boot by the powers-that-be; a week before christmas 2001.

I've got two piercings (ear and center-lip) and short, bleach-blonde hair (for those of you who're interested in that kinda thing).

I first got into Doom after bashing the living shit out of Wolf3d back in 92/93, and subsequently played it's sequel as well as Q1-3, UT, Dark Forces, JK1+2 and countless other FPS games. I'm also into Real Time Strategy and Star-Wars specific flight games (Alliance, TIE Fighter, etc).

For the moment though, the hi-point is Jay's pregnancy; Baby Spike (tho we don't know the gender yet) will be born roughly July 20th, so get them cigars ready, damnit :).


Art, damnit! I've been drawing since i was about 4-5, and i've built up quite a collection - some of which can be found here, and if you scroll back a bit on the FanFic/Art threads, you'll find some of my other work (Mancubus, Reaper and Winged Demon).
I'm also a mapper - along with my wife - for the Doomsday port, though i've been concentrating more on architecture lately to appease the more elitist whingers among us. Alongside this looming megawad that's in eternal production is my writing; The Underworld story in a squillion and one chapters (again, on the FanFic forums).

Erm... Erm... i can play the drums a bit, and Jay's been teaching me to play bass (I can play 'Hurt' by NIN - a piss easy song, i know :))

Ok. That'll do for now. Buh-bye then.

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Name : Jay Hetherington
Alias : Vampirajay/Vamp_Jay/Perfect little dream and lil miss scare-all
Age : 23
Job : wife and mother
Other stuff : Mostly covered by Spike (see above) other bits are...I have 3 tattoos ; a panther, Raven's name and a cross, several piercings ; nose, 2 in lip, 1 a lot lower ;) a 8mm flesh tunnel and a normal ear piercing. Married to Spike, mother to Raven, expecting in July, Have a cat called knightmare (yes..named after the old citv program) I play bass guitar, played doom since 95 but unfortunatly i was a consol player, i have some difficulty using mouse and keyboard
:( Also I am a huge heavy metal fan...My fav band is Type O Negative and I have my own Cradle of Filth website.
i think thats about it ;)

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Here we go again. I'm usually the one to start the thread, but I guess I'm lazy now. :P

I'm Rob. I live in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. I'm 24. I'm the proud manager at a Mr. Sub restaurant. I went to school for computers (it and programming) but decided that I don't want to lose my thrill of computers by having to solve other people's problems and doing other people's work everyday. Besides, you don't get the experience of managerial experience handed to you everyday.

My nic, Elbryan42, comes from 2 sources. Elbryan, being the ranger from R. A. Salvatore's Demon Saga, and 42 from Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

I believe that attacking anything is wrong (especially jokes and such) and I'm proud to be anti-violent. Doom is my release. The only game I hate above all is Goldeneye. Don't get me ranting.

I love game music, and a little bit of every genre of music. I love KMFDM, Weird Al, Jewel, Garbage, Aerosmith, Alabama, Save Ferris, Great Big Sea, and just about any type of comedy music. I believe that every artist (except Macy Gray) has at least one good song.

I love cartoons and anime of any sort, and constantly working on expanding my collection.

I have 2 websites.

The Doom Depot, which is the main source for Doom Music from all platforms, and home of the Doom 64 TC, Doom Absolution: http://depot.wrong.button.com/

The Castlevania Treasury, a new Castlevania site that will eventually cover the whole series right down to the glitches. So far Castlevnia 4 has been done: http://castlevania.wrong.button.com/

Guess that's all for now. :P

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meh, what the hell... I am writing this at 5:10am, so do expect some mistakes. =P

Name: Dean Joseph
DOB: 6th June 1987
Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (you know, that country with kangaroos and Steve Irwin)
Occupation: None atm, not looking for one

To say my life story in short, I have been a slave to everyone. I was forced to do whatever anyone said, or they'd harshly punish me. I was able to speak when I was only 6 months old, but shortly after, I lost the ability to speak, and that went on like that until I was 4. My dad introduced me to computers in 1989, with the good ole Apple IIe. I don't really remember much about the Apple IIe, but I distinctly remember playing this educational game which had bears and spelling stuff. While on the subject of that, my mum said to me once that I was probably within the top two percent of those with great memory, but my speaking was virtually non-existant.

In my early primary school days, I had to be in this special language class to be able to speak. I was in it for two years, and after that, I went to another primary school. I was popular, even though I looked like the back of a dump truck. My smartness and whatnot made me many friends, as I was a champion at hide and seek. =P

I used to do work quite quickly, almost always the first person to finish it. Then when I went to high school, my dedication to work almost vanished. Trying to be "cool" worked, but I couldn't keep doing it forever.

Moving on (before I start ranting), I instantly fell in love with the amazing Amiga 500, with spectacular graphics and groundbreaking sound. I always fiddled around with Protracker, but I also played a lot of games. Turrican 2, Dune 2, Magic Pockets, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, Rick Dangerous, just to name a few. My dad sold the Amiga in October 1994, and we bought a PC with the money. 486 DX2 66mhz, 8mb of RAM, 2x Creative CD Drive, 15" monitor, a S3 of some sort, and other useless features. Before that, I used to play games on my grandma's PC, which had a limit-breaking game called Doom on the HD. It amazed me, I walked around getting killed all the time on I'm Too Young To Die, not having a clue on how to strafe, or where I was going half of the time. Although my grandma wouldn't let me play it, but whenever she went out somewhere...

cd doom


As soon as we got the PC, it wouldn't even turn on. We waited a day until a guy came over and fixed it, so we put Doom on there, and the guy told us a few cheat codes. Yay.

I would go on, but it's too late here. =P

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Name : Kenny Deriemaeker
Nickname : Lord FlatHead. Taken, of course, from the ancient adventure game Zork I, in honor of Lord Dimwit FlatHead the Excessive ("Anyone withholding payment of taxes shall be killed along with everyone they've ever met!").
Age : 18
Job : Student
Height : 6ft
Weight : 196 lbs
Favorite games : XCom UFO Defense (PC), Super Mario trilogy (NES), Deus Ex (PC), Metal Slug series (Neo-Geo)
Favorite food : Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey ice cream, my grandmother's spaghetti, human babies
Favorite booze : Dr. Pepper, red Eristoff, tap water
Favorite movies : Monty Python's The Meaning Of Life, A Clockwork Orange, JFK, The Usual Suspects, Fight Club

I just want love.

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Nick: dsm (short for "doomed space marine"), doomedsm, d_sm and currently: Undead fishie.
Real life name: Cary Bjarne Hollingbery
Age: 22
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark.
Occupation: Student.
Introduced to PCs: 1988-89
Favorite booze: Rum (I usually don't like booze unless it's mixed with something good, rum is the only booze which I can drink pure and actually enjoy).

Aight, I'm a short, rather thin guy, who's a total Doom freak. I spend all my spare time doing art, writing and playing games. On some occasions I go to the bar with a few friends but it does not happen that often as I hate being in a large group of people.

After many victorious battles in Wolf3d, both with all weapons or with only the pistol, my older brother introduced me to the game that became my life, or at least a major part of my life. DOOM. That was in Spring, 1994. But I had to wait HALF A YEAR before I could play it on my own computer because my computer was a piece of trash and I had all sorts of problems with small programs called smartdrive and several memory managing programs that conflicted with the way Doom works, so it was not until my older brother figured out a way to shut them off that I could at last play Doom.

I served in the army around 2000, a period which ended up turning my brain and now I study.

Now I'm a short-tempered guy (I bet most of you people already know), but I'm usually decent at keeping it quiet in real life (that's why I tend to allow my anger to erupt on these forums instead). I tend to flame people when they break the forum rules in an, in my eyes, particular retarded fashion - like posting threads/off-topic posts in the wrong forums even if it's drop-dead obvious that they don't belong there.
Another weakness is that I am overly protective about what I consider the essence of Doom, what Doom is all about, so if someone argues against these convictions I start to argue against it in a very agitated manner - ex: Someone thinks it doesn't matter whether the monsters in Doom are aliens or demons from Hell = me arguing for the monsters being demons as if my own fucking life was at stake.

Ocassionally I go out jogging in the area near my home, or take a number of push-ups in my flat - when I was younger I went orienteering running, but I stopped that because I really hated it (all of my siblings love it - I don't get them!). I love to climb, but sadly, I almost never get that opportunity.

I am too used to only expect scorn from other people, so I'm not good at being social - this is probably another reason for my tendency to become aggressive.

Now I'm awaiting my final term (as well as a certain game that ends with a 'III') - once it's complete, I'm done studying - unless I find a reason to go back to the books (I hope not! I'm tired of reading, reading, reading).

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Here's my boring front page:

Name: Wolff King Morrow
Age: 28
Occupation: Various projects on and off the Internet.

I started playing videos games in the late 70's and haven't stopped since. This led to problems at school, where I would ace tests but never turn in homework. My name became the subject of intense teasing during grade-school years and I nearly cracked from it. The day I decided I had enough was my junior year in high school. I was on the edge of a mental breakdown and actually comtemplated going on one of those ever-popular school rampages. Instead, I made the right choice and dropped out to immediately take my GED. I passed it with ease on the first try and then applied for college after moving to Texas. My entrance exam in the field of physics was near flawless, so the University of North Texas let me in without any questions or hassles.

I discovered college was FAR superior to grade school in every way. In college, you are there to learn. Nobody gives a rat's ass how "popular" you are and there's no clowning around. I majored in computer science with a minor physics, but I now like astrological physics more these days.

As far video games, they have always been my favorite focus away from work or study. I've entered and won many contests, and I'm now a referee for officially verifying world video game records on behalf of Twin Galaxies. My Doom experience comes from hundreds of hours of deatmatch, so much so that I almost stopped playing single mode entirely. The experience paid off and was useful for speed runs I've done on Doom 64.

Doom 64 was a big deal for me. After being programmed near the city where I live, they made a big pre-release party for it that I stormed and won all competitions they had for it. There's pics of my prizes I won on my TG ref page here: http://www.twingalaxies.com/firebrandx/index.html

I've since spoken with Aaron Seeler on a few occasions about the game and was glad to tell him my appreciation for the effort. He said it was a real nightmare trying to program it with all the personel changes going on and general madness with Midway (which is why he left them eventually).

Personal problems: I have trouble controlling my anger, which stems from child-abuse I and my brother suffered as kids. Nothing sexual, just severe and bloody shit-beatings over minor infractions. Normal kids had nighmares about monsters, I had nightmares about my dad.

Favorite idols: Hawking, Einstein, and Bruce Lee. Speaking of Lee, I highly recommend "Bruce Lee: A Warrior's Journey" In it is most of the original Game of Death footage and it truly kicks ass. It would have been his best movie ever had he been able to finish it.

Side stuff: I also love to play chess, but any decent player can thrash me at it. I still enjoy playing despite this and will continue to play even if I never get any better.

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Name: Jason M. (Im not being Paranoid, I just hate my last name. You couldnt pronounce it anyway)
Age: 21
Location: New York City
Occupartion: Full time student, part time bum.
First intro to computers: Approx. 1988
Favorite movie: Aliens
Favorite Games: Doom, Sonic the Hedgehog series, Toejam and Earl, Silent Hill series, Resident Evil Series (In that order).
Favorite Colors: Blue, black , and purple (in that order).
Music: I listen to almost everything, but I mostly listen to punk and 80's pop and new wave. Im also starting to get into synthpop, darkwave, and nu metal.

I started playing games with my Nintendo in the late 80s, then eventually moved on to the Sega Genesis, and finally the Dreamcast.
I first played Doom in 94 and was forever hooked. No matter how many other FPS games I play, I always come back to it.

From kindergarten to 8th grade, I was a straight A student and was always in the gifted program at any school I attended, but I never turned in any homework (I just aced all my tests). Other students hated me because of this and I was teased alot during those years.
I also attended a highschool for gifted students, but by then something changed in me. By sophomore year, my friends and I were cutting every single class, every single day, and hung out either on the baseball field across the street from my highschool or at the local pizzeria. We drank and smoked cigarettes, but never did any drugs until after high school. We all wore trench coats also (this was years before the columbine thing BTW). By junior year I had gained a reputation and was feared. I pretty much stomped around the school and did whatever I pleased. Since I was friendly with the security gaurds they never stopped me. Life was great.

At about the middle of my senior year, all of my closest friends had dropped out and it was clear that I was never going to graduate anyway, so I dropped out also.

I now attend a really crappy college, majoring in computer graphics. To be quite honest, if I could turn back time, I dont know whether or not I would have done things differently. On one hand I've had more fun than most people can say they had in highschool, and I've made wonderful, life-long friends. But on the other hand, I'll never be able to get as far as I could have if I'd flown straight.

I moved back into my parent's house recently. *sigh*
I havent had a girlfriend in like 2 years.
I do drugs occasionally, mainly hallucinagens. I dont really care much for just "getting high"
I still smoke, but I dont drink as mucg as I used to.
I love animals.
I HATE cockroaches and waterbugs.
Im Puerto Rican, but I cant speak a word of Spanish, although I understand most of it.
I tend to overuse commas and parenthises (sp?) when I write.
I dont use the "F" or the "S" words.

If you've read this far, you deserve a medal.

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Name: Andrew H. (I'm paranoid, but have reasons)
DOB: 12-5-83 (19years old)
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 165lbs?
Location: Colorado, USA
Occupation: Multimedia Services Technician at the University of Denver.
Nicks: TeamKill, Ike654, Tsutomo654, Killer (yes, I have four of them)

I'm Andrew. I've been playing games since I was about five or so when my mom introduced me to Tombstone City for the TI 99/4A Home Computer (which hooks up to a TV!). After that, I was given an Atari 7800, which I still have. Over the years I've semi-collected game systems. Right now I own:
-Microsoft XBox
-Sega Dreamcast (Japanese, imported and modded)
-Sony Playstation
-Sega Genesis (first version)
-Sega Saturn
-Atari Jaguar
-Atari 7800
-TI 99/4A
-Sega Game Gear
-Nintendo 64 (just for Doom 64)
-Nintendo Game Boy (original)
-SNK Neo*Geo Pocket Color

And I used to have two 32Xs and a GameBoy Advanced before I sold them. Right now, I'm trying to find a NeoGeo AES, and my next system (coming this week) will be a Sega Nomad. Pretty much, I'm a Sega fan.

My favorite games are Doom (of course), Halo, Robotron 2048, Unreal, Splinter Cell, and a long list of others. I prefer the older games than the ones released today more. Mostly Genesis games.

Lets see, what else...I used to take Taikwando classes, got up to a high-green belt. Then quit and went to Kung Fu San-Soo, where I got a red belt (then brown, then black, btw). Then the guy who ran the place went out of business :-(

I like to listen to techno music and Japanese pop music (which is my favorite!). My favorite artists are Kraftwerk, Ayumi Hamasaki, Utada Hikaru, Megumi Hayashibara, and Kinuko Oomori. I also write music. Most of it is techno-ish, some videogame music, and some...sort of other stuff. I do all my writing with Cakewalk Pro Audio and Goldwave. Synths I own are a Casio WK-1630, Roland JV-1010 Synth Module, and Boss DR-202 Dr. Rhythm.

I have no brothers or sisters. I do have the best girlfriend in the world, though. We're going steady right now. She's also 2.5 years younger than I am, so she's still in highschool.

I seem to suffer from the same symptom as Spike (see above)

I forgot to mention that I am obsessed with Japan. Never been there, and I'm not Japanese, but I still love Japan. If everything works out, and my girlfriend wants to go with me, I plan on permanitly moving to Japan, giving up my US citizenship, and obtaining Japanese citizenship (hard to do, I know).

I'm also a student (freshman) at the du.edu]Univerity of Denver. I'm majoring in Computer Sciences, and minoring in math and Japanese. I work in their Multimedia Services department where I do sound stuff.

Started playing Doom in 5th grade (1994) when my friend (now only enemy) introduced it to me. He also taught me the basics of editing in DEU (the only editor I use. Well, KillEd, but it's just DEU with some fixes). I enjoy oldschool levels like Voidship and BFThud!. I am probably the only person around who doesn't like ZDoom. I love jDoom. I usually make levels in the oldschool fassion, and purposely so.

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Alias: NiGHTMARE, nb_nmare

Real name: Nick Baker

D.O.B: 11/06/81

Location: Lincoln, UK (no, not named after the US President, unless he travelled back in time to 300 BC or so) most of the time and Hampshire, UK the rest of the time.

Job: student, in the fourth year of a three year (=p) Journalism degree

Introduced to computers: around the time I learnt to walk ;)

Got into Doom: 1993

First level released: 1996

Favourite games: PC - Any Infinity Engine game (especially Baldur's Gate 2), Thief 1 & 2, Morrowind, Half-Life, Hexen, System Shock 1 & 2, the Command and Conquer series, various old PC RPGs and adventures.

PS2 - Half-Life, Dynasty Warriors 2 (I want 3, but I'm not paying £45/$72 for it!), Resident Evil Code Veronica X

ZX Spectrum - Too many to mention, but Lords of Midnight and the Dizzy series deserve to be name checked ;)

Favourite films: Resident Evil (the only good game->film, plus Mila Jokovich is a fox), Star Trek: First Contact, Austin Powers 1-3, Scary Movie 1 & 2, Galaxy Quest, Lord of the Rings parts 1 & 2 (although the first is better than the second)

Favourite TV shows: Knightmare (rejoice, they might be bringing it back), Shooting Stars, Red Dwarf, DS9, Enterprise, Buffy, Angel, Smallville

Favourite bands: NIN, Marilyn Manson, Feeder, System of a Down, Sum 41, A, Lost Prophets, Chemical Brothers

Favourite books: The entire Discworld series, anything by R.A. Salvatore (except perhaps the Starwars Episode 2 novelisation ;) ), Timothy Zhan's Starwars novels.

You'll notice a lot of my favourite stuff is quite recent (the oldest album I have is from 1989, and I have no videos or DVDs from before 1995 or so, other than old episodes of Knightmare). That's because I'm not one of those "ooh, it's old, it must be really really good" kind of people.

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here is me

english name: scott
silocrat blood name: kayzarr na-ket-sha
birth place: tirana albania
age 20
blood type: AB
occupation: student
current place of living: Tipp City Ohio

some of you seem to forget i was not born in this country and that english is not a first language. I was born in 1982 in albania and moved here in the early 90's , moved back for a year in 1995 and i just spent some time there last year. this summer i may return agian.
as for me i am not sure weather i want to study micro biology or electronics, i like both. I do alot of freelance Tech work as well as work for a few companies. Currently i dont have a job.
As for me I am somewhat out going yet a secretive person who finds it hard to trust other people, and with good reason. I was involved in an accident that damaged my memory 2 years ago, forced me to relearn much of my english.

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Being bored, and seeing I didn’t feel like spamming in the other “Getting to know all” threads I’ll go ahead and bore you all now; by pulling a Lüt by telling my life story, in brief form :P

Hi, My name is James Joseph McChesney, and I'm an alcoholic.
But serious for a moment, the name the Government and my 'parents' gave me was James Joseph McChesney. I am currently just turned 14, and I reside in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada, though I was born in Vancouver. I was born on November 11th 1988 at Mercy hospital (which is lucky due to they had to show mercy and not kill me at birth), at I believe 11:38 pm was the time I was extracted from my mommy’s tummy (yes, Sea-section).

I was about 9 ½ pounds I believe, and I was quite blue when I was born.

I have 3 brothers and 3 sisters in total. The Brothers being: Shawn, 28? I’ve only met him once in my life, I believe it was 6 years ago I met him, hes actually a half brother seeing he is my Biological dad’s son from before my dad met my mom, he lives, well, I dunno where he lives actually, somewhere in Canada though. Jason 19/20, I have never actually lived with this brother, seen him many times though, but to date, I haven’t seen him for about 4 years, Jason isn’t born from the dad that I have, he has a different daddy but the same mommy as me, lives somewhere in British Columbia, Canada. Then my twin brother, Jordan 14, this one I am twins (not identical, lucky you) but I am the younger one, he’s older, by 1 minute, while being a young baby, we were never separated, we always did things together and as a team, never fighting, for we always had the same opinions on things. Unlike me, Jordan had well, a afro at birth, and looked funny seeing I had no hair, and we were twins. We aren’t nearly as close as we were, not that I care, he’s annoying, flatulent, and everything I’m not, I can’t believe we’re twins, we are nothing alike (lucky you, again). Despite he’s older, I am at least 8 inches taller, I weigh 122 and I’m 5 ft 5 ½ inches, he’s about 80 pounds and like 4 ft something. I’ve matured more than he has in every way, mentally and physically; heck he hasn’t matured at all, just listen to his voice, it makes me embarrassed to say he’s my older brother when I sound older (deeper voice), and when I’m stronger, more empathetic, sensitive (if I choose to express it), I am more intelligent, as to what I’ve seen I’m more ‘cool’ than he is, or at least I have more friends in the ‘cool crowd’ and I tend to be more ‘proper’ than he is. Luckily for you guys, he doesn’t like Doom anymore, and doesn’t goto this site, or any Doom related ones for that matter. But at least girls tend to talk him, unlike to myself. I am told by online friends from This picture here (also the pic through the link in my sig.) that I am not that bad in appearance, but for the most part, they said I look weird, different, I’m a freak, oh and I was told I look like a character from Mario (score). Aside from the odd person saying I’m cute to make me feel good (and by odd person, I mean one person). Everyone in person avoids me, especially the females; I often get weird and dirty looks from them and they will at all costs, stay away from me, I am a class clown and I make a ass of myself to make others laugh and happy, also to take the tension off of them when they are stressed, so in general, I love to make people happy, dunno why, I just do. And yes, believe it or not, I’m a really nice guy, I actually really mature, but I tend to be immature to make others laugh and seem better, I’m really sweet n all, but no one has gotten close enough to me to realize it, (well One person has, I’ll talk about that later though).

My sisters being: Stacy, 30? Like Shawn, was born from the same daddy as Shawn, Jordan and I, but a different Mommy than myself, so yeah, she’s a half sister, and like Shawn I’ve only seen her once in my life 6 years ago, and she currently lives in Manitoba, Canada (or at least she did 6 years ago, heh), Stacy is the Only sister that doesn’t annoy me. Crystal, 18, well this one I lived with for 13 years, but now, thankfully, she has moved out, but not too far, she always picked on me and was a bully to say the least, but shes moved out, has a 10 month old baby, Autumn (is that spelt right? Heh), also, known as my niece, yes, aka, I’m a uncle (poor poor soul :P) But hey, she’s a manager at Burger King so, bleh. Carmen, 16, well, much like her older sister Crystal, Carmen is annoying and lives on the phone, and well, she doesn’t act like a civilized person, she belches more professionally than anyone else I have ever heard, despite being 16 she likes toddler shows (then again, my English teacher watches Sponge Bob Square Pants, meh, it’s a small world.), But luckily Both Carmen and Crystal Work at Burger King, so we can jack some free meals there if we ever need to :D.

I have many siblings but I don’t feel like naming them all. I only really like one cousin, that one being Rhys, he’s younger, but hella funny, like myself, but unlike myself, he’s a movie star so, heh.

As for my ‘parents’ are concerned, I have a mom, a Biological dad, and a Step-dad. My mom, as you can tell from above, has been with and had kids with at least 2 men, my sisters dad, and my daddy, not with my step-dad though. However, my dad and my mom never married, so ya, Logically, technically and medically speaking, I’m a Bastard. My mom left my sisters dad before I was even spawned in the womb or though of being perceived. But then somewhere along the lines, she met my dad, and then, after, had my brother and me.

Funny, my mom now smokes due to ‘stress’, my dad smokes and always has, Crystal smokes with my mom, and Carmen apparently does drugs, and yet I cant touch any of the stuff, or I die, due to medical problems that Ill talk about later.

As A little Toddler I didn’t have much hair opposed to my siblings, I was pretty much bald till about 1 ½ years of age. I did and still have brown hair (kind of hazel), along with my eyes in which are also brownish/Hazel. I wasn’t really all that pudgey or anything, which comes at a big surprise due to the fact I used to always go out side and jazz but for the most part, I stayed inside watching court shows with my mommy but mostly playing Mario, Sonic or something with a gaming console or Television, of course with the company of my favorite blanket/blankie. I believe I started to play Video games and such from it only being in the next room, I had easy access to it without much a hassle. Seeming my sisters were at school or out somewhere, and my twin and I always did the same things, so when I played on the Nintendo, it was with him on 2-player mode. But I was still weird as a kid, stealing stuff from my own gardens, and denying it, even when you could smell it heavily on my breath. And I had a strange habit of crawling on the ground, with my head on it, scraping my face on the floor but then I stopped that, when my face was all read, and torn, I wasn’t too cute anymore. I also had a habit of always falling off my top-bunk (slept in a bunk bed with my brother), and I always held my breath when I went to sleep for some reason, and held it till I was woken by my mom, when I was dead blue, and well, it was odd...So many brain cells died in those incidents, I no longer do that though. Even though I was a good kid, I was beaten and hit when I did something wrong, or when ma parents were mad, They hit me so hard once, they broke a new wooden spoon they bought, by hitting me with it, same with a plastic one, despite it hurt a bit, I was laughing at them and the spoon, they didn’t take it very well. My dad liked things such as Pink Floyd and Queen and rock like that so that’s what I mainly grew up listening to, my mom at the time liked the Beach Boys, but luckily, I didn’t hear them much. Heh. :D

As a little baby, like most others, I was a little cutie (heh ya, believe it or not, there was a time when I wasn’t hideous!!!!), but at the age of 3, and when I started school, all the happy things in life faded quickly, yet slow enough, to scar me emotionally. Despite my mom would punish me every time I said “duh” I was considered a good kid. School was no playtime for me, ever since I started Kindergarten, I have been teased and ridiculed by everyone about my appearance. (In case you haven’t noticed from my picture, I have large ears, This is due to wearing a hat all the time when I was young, and having the hat below my ears, and not having my ears in my hat, but pushed outwards and they are now stuck that way, they are slightly bigger then most kids, but its how they stick out that gets me the cruelty of others. I was always insulted, most commonly being called, stupid, dumbass, and most famous and frequently, Dumbo. Along with that, asked if I can fly away, then demanded to fly away cause no one cared for me. I was constantly bullied verbally and physically, being pushed off a 16 ft high jungle gym onto rocks and then being run on and jumped on by the older kids. Due to all my bad experiences with others, I tended to keep to myself a lot, and not be very social. I always did things myself and being independent of others, and seeing that I wasn’t social after I started school, I got good grades, but I still was a bad academic student.

At the age of 5 my family Moved from our little house in Maple Ridge to a very large house in Nanimo on Vancouver island. School wasn’t any better there, didn’t make any friends. I was seriously injured when I was riding down a steep hill on my bike and tried to hit the brake, I flipped over my handle bars and then landed face first and skid down the street (on the road) about 200m, downhill with my bike on me. I was a bloody mess when it was over, but I survived (unluckily for you). But our stay in Nanimo was short, we only lived in there for about Max, 4 weeks. How this occurred was, one day, when I got home from school, exhausted and beaten from the hard labor of grade 2 and social un-acceptance, I noticed a giant white and orange truck in my driveway, then my mom pushed me into it and as she got into her van, we drove away from my house, and my Biological dad, while he was at work. The Large truck was a moving truck, with all our stuff in it, and the driver, my soon to be step-dad. We then drove back to maple Ridge, and moved into a renting house, with my mom, 2 sisters, brother, and soon to be step-dad.

We lived in the upper part of a renting house for about a year and a bit, during that time, I was first introduced to a computer, and Doom, also, and my mom and step dad got married, learned what gibbed birds look like after a encounter with the cat from downstairs, all over the back yard, and learned to not wave to guard dogs, for then the owner will run after you and chase you down the street then into your backyard and yell at you and grab you, threatening you to never go by there again, even when its my path to school.

We then moved into a complex town house not to far away, about 300m away from the renting house. We lived in there for about 7 years, and in that time, I had many encounters with cops, harassment, friends, enemies, deceit, and all facts of life. I was beaten by my step-dad a lot, and well, I couldn’t do anything but ‘take it like a man’. I was among the youngest of the kids in there, but in the end, I was among the oldest. For in that house was when I actually got Doom (Shareware), and Doom II along with Heretic, ROTT, and many other games. However, the puters were poor quality, only 1.5 Gb harddrives each, but good enough for Doom. But The music for Doom, Heretic, ROTT ect. wasn’t what they were intended to be, They were the degraded ones due to a very poor sound card. Despite how poor the sound card, I loved the music it played, and I wish I could hear it that way again, even if it IS a 8 bit or lower tone, I grew up listening to those poor quality sounds, and well, I miss them. At first I had to use PC sounds for Doom for about a year or so, then, I learned and gave it Better sound, real sound, and I tell ya, I almost cried I was so happy that I got them working, for the sound was music to my ears, it was like a Holy light from god to hear sounds of moaning and jazz, in stead of beeping. But of course this was before I knew about source ports, cause this was for the Doom Shareware, by the time I got Doom II I got the sound working, but this was all in dos, I never once used a source port, not even Doom II for Windows 95, I didn’t like it, The resolution was too big. And The music was the way it was supposed to be, and I didn’t like it, once I hear “The Demons Dead” sound track in windows and as it was supposed to be heard, I closed it, and hated it, cause I was so adapted to the old Degraded music in Dos. I played Doom Shareware and Doom II originals for about 4 years or so, then I got Demon Gate for my birthday. And I was then first introduced to Pwads. And Well, I loved it. Since I had no social life, I stayed inside all day every day upstairs playing Doom or a Pwad for it. I was addicted, and I couldn’t stop once. Same for Heretic, but not as much, but I still loved Heretic a lot, but ROTT I didn’t play nearly as much.

During the summer I wrestled the other kids in the complex on a patch of grass in the middle of the complex, I don’t mean to brag but, I always won ^_^. However this started before I knew anything about wrestling, so, I had difficulties at first, seeing the kids I faced watched it all the time on their illegal Cable and Pay-pay-View that wasn’t being paid for. So they tricked me into thinking in order to break out of a pin, I had to be standing up completely, I did so, but they complained. Then the next year, I knew about wrestling quite a bit, so it was a breeze to win, seeing I practiced my wrestling techniques and moves on my brother when he got me mad. >:D I won every match, never lost, beat all kids, taller, heavier, smaller, lighter, and well, I won against 3 other kids my size at once, and well, I still won in 1 minute and 15 seconds. Of course this was the wrestling you see on TV (such as WWE), so we had to be careful not to kill someone on the pavement or metal electrical box. I was also the arm-wrestling champion, beat everyone, and was never beat. :D

Throughout the first 5 years or so in the house, every Sunday I would go to Nanimo with my Biological dad, and do stuff with him, I did lots of traps and jazz in the yard, (there were bad robberies, bears, Bulls and jazz up there running around), but then he moved, for the ferry tickets were a whopping $100 each way.

During the October of 1998 in grade 5 when I was 9 I was body slammed by a kid that was twice my weight and height, at school, in the middle of the school field during lunch, apparently, the kid didn’t want to be “it” in tag. I lay on the ground in agony, as the kid ran away, but I then I didn’t know there was anything wrong, everyone was around me, laughing at me, making fun of me for reasons beyond what I know. I then got back up to my feet, and stumbled into the office while along the way, kids laughing at me, the only person who asked if I was okay, was, my sister, of course I’m not one to Belly-ache about my problems so I just smiled and said yea, not to mention, I didn’t know anything was wrong at the moment, however I did feel a tingly feeling in my left clavicle that forced me to limp. When I got to the office of my school, I told them what happened, then they slowly opened the phone book and phoned home, no one, they didn’t have the brain to phone my mom or Step-dad or Biological dad for that reason, so they called my neighbor and then, I sat in the office, in a hard plastic chair, in the open, which a unclosed ziplock bag on my left clavicle, ever so melting and falling, while I slid off the chair slowly, in pain, and agony, not able to push myself back up, while others walked by and laughed at me, patting me where the ice was, not caring for the least bit that I was crippled. Finally after 2 agonizing hours of the office my neighbor came and picked me up and took me to her house, and I stayed there for a hour or so while she got ready, all the while her 3 year old kids, crawling on me, and I couldn’t shake them off, for “they were only babies!” well I was only crippled and in agonizing pain but that didn’t matter to anyone. We finally got in her van, and sitting in the right seat, I couldn’t reach the seat belt to the buckle cause my left arm was useless to me, and she, not being the least bit sympathetic and showing complete apathy, says ”Oh my god, can’t you even do up your seat belt?? Are you That Lazy? she then did it up for me, and while at it, slammed my left shoulder, not helping my condition. When I got to the hospital finally, I got in one of em’ paper dress Dee-Lee’s (don’t hurt me master Ling, it come natural;)), and got X-rays, turns out it wasn’t just a funny feeling I had, my left clavicle (collar Bone) was completely destroyed, snapped in two, with missing pieces of calcium left floating around, the lower part facing 7 cm too low and the top part 3 cm too high from their original places. So then I went and got exams and jazz then went to the clinic, and they made me use my arm, and it hurt quite a bit, but hey, no hurt, no hurt. I Then went back to the hospital and got a sling for my arm. I then spent two weeks at home barely being able to make it up and down the 3 flights of stairs to the puters, and Doom. But I did, and Broken clavicle or not, I played Doom, and played it well, for a crippled. Heh, that was the longest time I went with no shirt on :P. It’s a pain having to sleep directly on your back, and not being able to turn at all when you sleep, for at least 6 weeks I had to do that, not that fun. After two weeks, I went back to school, and when I returned, we had projects due, I couldn’t do mine very well due to being in a bad state of body, my poster and diagrams weren’t the best, but I still passed, barely. It also turns out, that the kid, whom injured me, was not punished at all by school, nor parents, and not even One sorry was given, from anyone, not one. Not to mention, the kid threatened to break everyone else’s collar bone if they didn’t do what he wanted, he was proud in what he did. (Then again, wouldn’t you be proud to hurt me?)

Then in the following February, on Valentines Day of 1999, when I was 10, while up in the middle of nowhere, I was whaled, by the boulder that is Diabetes mellitus. While up in a retirement cabin of my parents friends, I Seldom ate, I got tired from the slightest activity (Sleeping made me tired, It wore me out, heh), I drank at least 4, 2 liter bottles of pop each day (extreme dehydration), I was ash white (I was the Albino of all Albinos), I lost 10 pounds in that one day, and I went to the bathroom every 10 minutes (seriously), and well the color of the Kool-Aid was white, meaning that I was only extracting water, and that was it. We thought I was just sick so they didn’t panic, but it was annoying having to pull over every 10 minutes for a pee break on the 9-hour drive as it is. When we finally got home my parents took me to the clinic, when the nurse gave me a glucose test, I was 49.9…. not good. I was then diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes and in having a serious case of hyperglycemia at the time. I was then taken home, to gather my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pillow(:D) and Gameboy, then went to the hospital. When we got there, went to the Emergency Room and well, we ending up sitting in the waiting room for 2 hours. Then Finally we got called, then I got my own bed, IV, n jazz. Then outta nowhere all these doctors and nurses just appear and strap me to the bed and stick all this needles n jazz in me. Not to mention, they had to continuously stab me with a butterfly needle (the Dee-lee for the IV) in my hand cause the kept missing my arteries. After a day and a bit in that bed, they disconnected the IV from me, (but left the needle head in my hand) and then we drove to Children’s Hospital in Vancouver. Then there, they gave me my own room and bathroom Whoo Hoo! And I got in bed there after they interrogated me for a while. They hooked my up to another IV, and I lay in bed and slept for a few days, with meal, glucose test and insulin injection breaks of course. While at the hospital I got the name Skeletor, cause I looked like a skeleton; ash white, really skinny, and you could see my rib cage, without me sucking in my gut. After a few days in the hospital I was released into the wild once again. I then had to wake up every morning at 5am and go to the Children’s Hospital till 7pm for the next two weeks. In there I learned about Diabetes and all that jazz, but, I just liked the food, and the gameboy, but I still took in the knowledge, for if I didn’t I still wouldn’t be here today. It took even my best friend at the time, like, was it 3 years? To find out I had Diabetes, sad, for a ‘best friend’.

Eventually, people began to figure there was something wrong with me, that was medical (besides slight insanity and loseritus), they noticed it from me always taking tests at lunch and from my medical alert bracelet (not to mention my new spankin’ watch :D). Not to mention that I always ate certain amounts of things at certain times n jazz. I don’t mind people asking me, but it does get annoying when people steal it and take my needles and be stupid with all my stuff and stuff. My Diabetes stuff costs at least $3000 a year, so I don’t have patience for people who are ruining my stuff.

Throughout my Kindergarten-grade 6 I was a loner, I kept to myself all the time, never talked in class, did my work got A’s for the most part, and was a teacher’s favorite student n class helper and everything cause I never socialized, I only did my work, by myself. But being a good student the other kids ridiculed me, and stole all my work and ripped off of it. Then there’s the part of it that makes things just that much better…I made friends with a girl *gasp*, and we were really good friends, didn’t do much outta school cause my anti-socialism, but we were friends in school. But of course, there was a kid in the ‘cool crowd’ that liked her, so about the majority of the kids in my grade kept insulting me and a bunch of jazz that made life suckz0rz. With that, my siblings weren’t very supportive of me having a girl for a friend Somehow they get me going-out with her from us being friends and talking, either at school or at home, I couldn’t escape the torment and antagonizing, so I played Doom and flushed them all out :D.

So in grade 7, we weren’t friends anymore, only because she was in a different class than I :P In grade 7, I changed my ways, I was no longer a loner, I made many friends, and I was in the ‘cool crowd’ and hey, I liked one girl, but never acted on it, so meh. I got almost straight A’s in grade 7, was the number 1 student in the class, and among the top 3 of the Graduating grade 7’s, I won the CitizenShip award too, made my mentor teacher cry, she was so proud of me and how well I did on the Job I had. :D. In March of this year, I moved into a new house, which is the one I am currently in now, and I finally got my own room!!!!.

After departing from Elementary School, I once again started on the bottom of the barrel for a social life and acceptance. Grade 8 wasn’t all that bad, barely got in trouble, Honor Roll student, quite a few friends n jazz. Some ‘cool group’ kids often threatened me in grade 8, apparently they were gunna and I quote “Hey fag, on Thursday after school I’m going to stab you in the back. I’m not lying queer, you’re fucking dead, fag.” Despite I held him true to his word, he didn’t hold up his end of the bargain and kill me, wuss. Nothing much happened in grade 8, I was elected the class pessimist in my Social Studies class. :D However, On December 11th or so, I got my very own computer!!! with my own money though, and I still use that same puter to this date.

Then, the summer. The summer was pretty average, I got into map editing in July and started on a wad that I am yet to release. But undoubtfully, the single most best thing that happened to me in the summer that will change my life for the better, was at 11pm on Sunday July 28th 2002, I met the most important person in my life, Holly. Holly and I started out as just simple friends, nothing more, but soon enough, there was something about her that made me wanna tell her how I feel and my emotions, so I did. And all of it led to me realizing, just how much I love her and want to be with her, cause no one ever talked to me and cared and was as empathetic as she was. And after many all-nighters and hours talking to her everyday, I knew that I was in love and that I had to be with her. Well as you can see from this thread as to somewhat how I feel about her. And well, I can go on for longer than this post is about Holly, but I won’t.

On August 28th 2002 I joined to these forums as a member after two years of lurking, for I felt that there wasn’t too much spam about and I felt that I lurked long enough. Strangely enough, I have a feeling I’ll be only lurking once again. ;P On the same day I also first stared Doom Deathmatching Online.

Now grade 9, well its going well, I’m failing about every course, but that’s due to being a class clown and making everyone laugh and enjoy class. But hey, who ever said being a funny guy was all rainbows and lollypops? Oh well, I have lots of friends, lots of enemies and a good social life.

On September 25th I found a document that declared my mom and step-dad’s separation and property rights. But I let it go, a few weeks later, my step dad moved out, taking a lot of our stuff and leaving Me to be the most technology wise person in my house hold, yet the youngest.

I’ll cut this short and skip to recent time for the moment. Right now I’m currently still almost failing, and on the bridge of failing all my courses, I’m still single, as I always have been, I’m still in Love with Holly, but my love has grown stronger and more than I ever thought possible. And I’m currently learning DeHacKeD jazz with aid of Enjay’s Little place of Doom’s Dehacked section ;) and from DooMBoy, if he holds up his end of the bargain ;P and I am about to release my first ever wad, its gunna be 5-6 levels, I spent 4 months on it so ya. And now it seems that my mom and Biological dad are patching things up again, meh.


Now, for my interests >:D…

For music right now I currently don’t know what type of genre I like, but I tend to listen to such things like:

  • Eminem
  • Linkin Park
  • Sum 41
  • Our Lady Peace
  • Jimmy Eat World
  • System of a Down
  • Saliva
  • Good Charlotte
  • Red Hot Chilli Peppers
others that I don’t feel like saying, and plus many many midi’s from Doom, Heretic, ROTT, and Pwads and such. (Go ahead, flame me for my likes in music, I dare you. :P)

I enjoy sports such as Basketball and The Football and wrestling, but that’s the WWE type wrestling and doesn’t count as a playing sport.

Games I like are as Follows:
  • Any Doom games
  • Heretic
  • Rise Of The Triad
  • All Mario games
  • All Kirby games
  • All Sonic games
Those are the main ones I always love to play no matter what.

Favourite shows are:
  • South Park
  • Kirby: Right Back At Cha!
Some of my Interests and Hobbies include
  • Chatting online
  • Dooming
  • mapping
  • Playing games
  • slacking
  • Chillaxing
  • making a complete ass of myself
  • spamming
  • Annoying the absolute hell out of each and every one of you by doing such a large pointless post like this one here.

The main real bulk of my disorders or diseases include:
  • Juvenile Diabetes
  • Psoriasis
  • Some type of insanity (I swear)
  • eczema
And others but they aren’t as serious.

Well, that’s all I can think of to say at the moment, I may return with more, if I am permitted to ever return again that is :P.

But to summarize it all…

I’m a really nice kid, I’m intelligent, pretty good build ( I got dem abs and muscles n jazz so that’s good enough), I am pretty shy a lot but I can and will act up and make others laugh most times, I am very empathetic and sympathetic, it may not seem like it, but I’m a really emotional person, I can just shut those off when I choose to though. I love to help others and assist with what I can; I generally like to make others happy. And how I act here, its pretty much all a act, I act stupid and am incompetent to make others happy or seem better. However I may have a nice personality but as you can see here or below I’m not the best in appearance, but meh, I don’t care. I’m a freak and I’m proud Dangnamit. :P

Heh, so there you have it, for now, You now know a bit about me, feel free to be mad at this pointless spam post and by all means flame me, but hey, you asked for it. :P (well not really but, oh well, spam is spam ;P)

Oh and Btw….


Hmm..now lets continue with the stories n jazz cause Im done here, taa daa!… :D

FYI: I was lectured by a certain someone to post my pic, and I was told it was okay, so if you're gunna get mad at anyone, get mad at me.............Then Ill get mad at them...by sending them a mad smiley on Aim to haunt them, for the rest of their life….Dun Dun Dunnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

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Name: Garry
AKA: Scorpion, Sleepyhair (long time ago), SLEEP
Age (DoB): 25 (november 19th, 1977)
Gender: Male
Education: Computersomething (technical engineering)
Occupation: cellphone seller for Vodafone (assistant manager)
Contact: Mail: scorpion_gtmf@wanadoo.nl; MSN: scorpion_gtmf@hotmail.com; ICQ: 139163381; AIM: scorpdoom; YIM: scorpion_gtmf;

I was born on a crappy autumn day in an old hospital in Den Haag (The Hague), Nederland (The Netherlands or Holland, western Europe). I lived with my mom until I was about 7 years old (I never got to know my father, who was supposedly from Denmark and got killed in an accident on a ship at sea), where a social worker decided that my mother couldn't take care of me and I got to live in different fosterhomes since then (my sister and two brothers all left home at a younger age than I did). From age 7 I got to live in different Dutch places like Hoek van Holland (trans. Corner of ...), Amsterdam, Duivendrecht (close to Amsterdam), Haarlem (yes, a small part of New York was named after this city :P), Rotterdam and when I was about 15, I got to live with my aunt & uncle, and I was back in The Hague again. It was my aunt who told me later on that my mom didn't know wether my father was dead or not, but up to this date she (my mother) doesn't want to talk about it (so I still have no clue to what happened).

I did a (technical) computer engineering education, but never finished it (up til now I still don't know why I ever stopped... :S). My family has never been very rich, but I must say that I'm a bit more happy than usual with the money I make with my current job (which I hate, bytheway :P).

I've always been a bit crazy about computers and games, since I was a little 8 year old boy who found out that programming in BASIC on an Acorn (BBC computer) wasn't all that hard. For my 15th birthday I got a Commodore 64, which I still use up to date (don't laugh!). I always liked fooling around in CBM-BASIC, but learned a little M.L. (Machine Language) on the side. I was always too impatient to learn Assembler. I'd like to urge everyone who reads this and is also some C64 nut to contact me!!! :-D

Furthermore, I like drawing, reading and writing (although I don't do that much, nowadays) and don't play a lot of games (currently only Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator -or MAME- games, C64 games on the emulator and the real thing... oh and DooM, a LOT). I like designing webpages, only when it's for myself I tend to get a designers' block (about the same with creating DooM maps), heh... I compose music in different styles (mainly house, urban/drum&base) with my trusty tracker (XM-format, works great in ZDooM levels for quality music and not that many MBs!). I like most animals, cats, dogs and all that, except for some bugs... Make that most bugs.

Well, that's about it I guess, not much more to tell about myself what could possibly interest anyone. If anyone's interested, I'll edit this message later and include a photo.

Disorder said:


And you...?


See here my bored face, when it was too quiet at work:

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Well, uh, lets see here :

Name : Dale Sells
DOB : 3rd Nov 1984 (so that's 18)
Job : Work at a crappy retail store (Target...hehehe lame)
Current Place of Living : Hervey Bay, QLD, Australia (not too far from Captian Red Pants himself)

Ok. Born on 3rd of November (duh) in Townsville, QLD, about 1200 kilometers (that's like 750 miles for all you imperialists) north of here...ho hum. Grew up in good ol' T'Ville, until we moved here at the end of '97.

Primary school was quick. High School went just as fast. I sort o excelled (sucked at the english side of things but did really good in the maths side of things)...did a little acting during high school, wow.

Around 1994 our family got it's first PC. A 386SX 25MHz with 1 MB of RAM and a 40MB HDD. I played that thing for hours and hours. Mind you it had no CD drive, so I was limited to about 5 games that were preinstalled, and parents wouldn't buy me more. Some crappy Jet Fighting game (I remember that, cause you were supposed to do the stupidest missions in it like one you had to blow up a mental institution cause there was a riot :P and you could blow away Boeing 727;s :D) and this awesome Golf game, called Links. Now that was cool. Playing golf, woo, it sounds boring, but back then, I thought this was the greatest thing ever :P

Somewhere along the line, I played Wolf3D at my friend's house, used to ride over their every day after school to play. Mind you it was only the shareware but we never did finish it :P One day, I came over, and he was playing this little game called Doom. I was blown away. Coming from Wolf3D to Doom was like black and white to colour or something like that. It was fucking amazing. Got addicted, played it as much as possible. Then my friend moved away, and yeah, forgot about Doom. Went back to my NES...now that was damn fun as well, ah memories. Anyhow, I convinced mum to buy us a SNES. My mums friend sold hers to us (her son moved out) and I was hooked. I remember me and 3 other friends stayed from friday afternoon to sunday afternoon playing it. Let it cool down for a while, we played the NES in that time ^_^

One day, while reading this crappy (well it turned crappy) Australian nintendo mag, I noticed this article. (i'll have to scan it :P)...


...I was like HOLY SHIT! I NEED THIS!...saved all my pocket money, and mum made up the rest, and got it...fuck. I was addicted all over again. Played it day and night, I think I managed to finish it once or twice...no save function :P I wanted a 64, so parents sold some of the games, Doom included...my addiction died off again. Addicted to the N64 instead...

April 1997, got news, my grandfather had died. My parents decided to move here, at the end of that year. Earlier the next year, parents decided to buy me and little brother a PC (since my older sister had finished school the year before)...It was supposed to be for school work, but games were regularily played on it ;)

Found out about Quake, and man, played that sucker to death. I played a 12 hour game of that I think...:P...anyhow, being in the 9th grade at that time, and moved to a new town, I had a really hard time making new friends, seeing as though everyone was going through puberty or some shit...all the people moved into groups...and I stayed on my own. Got beaten up a lot, seeing as though I was the 'geek/nerd' of everyone...even other nerd people picked on me. I just ignored all the taunts and threats and shit...concentrated on my school work. I really didn't care.

This went on for about 6 months...then one day, one wanker just pushed me over the edge. He called me names and pushed me around for a while...nothing unusual, but then he had the heart to call me something (can't remember, all the alcohol i've consumed has erased my long term memory (or permanentely fucked it)) that just tipped me...I went beserk. Started punching this norman (he was only a bit taller and bigger than me)...beating him and punching him. Kept going. Fuck. I was one pissed off guy. Then he punched me in the face...I just ran off...he got the blame though...I said he started pushing and punching me first...eh. Fuck. Life sucked for me then.

Kept on playing Quake.

In science class one day, we had to pair off and do this activity, some measurement thing. This guy I paired off with, I didn't get along with him too well. We started arguing straight away about everything. We were total opposites. Well. Not really, but just disagreed on lots of stuff. I remember one main thing, was that game Goldeneye for N64 (oops sorry Elby ;)), I got hooked on that ages before...we started making lame taunts "Oh, I bet you can't get past Bunker 2 in less than 5 minutes" and all this other random shit. Fuck. That was classic.

Anyhow, one day, I mentioned to him that I loved Metallica, silverchair, Pantera...(they were the only bands I was into back then)...and he said the same. We sorta just forgot about all that shit beforehand and started hanging out. Best of friends now...we're going out tomorrow night to get pissed.

So yeah. Life was good after that, I had someone to talk too and stuff, he was cool :D His other friend, started giving me shit alot. Punched me up a few times...but meh. We're friends now too. I punched him ahrd one day, and yeah. Grew from there.

One day, after complaining several quadrillion times to parents about getting a new PC to no avail...bought some PC mag one day, and they had this classic games special on it. Had Wolf3D demo and Doom demo...fuck! I was all in love again. Finished that demo pretty damn quickly. It was about that time I got the internet. Shit now there's a rush. Overwhelmed by lots of different shit at once.

Sorta just looked at all different stuff for around a year. Never really settled at one place. Lost interest in Doom yet again. Started making shitty ass maps for Quake...then just went back to wnadering 'round ye olde internet...

All along, my friend had been a big Doom fanatic...he showed me this website which I thought was dumb at the time, but after a while it grew on me. I sorta looked around, nothing really interested me, and I left. The next day, he showed me this cool program, called Wad Author. I was amazed. I could edit for Doom much easier than for Quake. Made all sorts of box rooms and shit.

Then I searched around this website more and found this place called the forums. Decided to join. And wow. This website grew on me more. And yeah i've been here like 1.5 years now and things have changed.

And I still haven't released a WAD.


And now to celebrate that last chunk of boring ass text, I think i'll have a Scotch and Coke. Anyone want one?

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Real name: Stephen Clark

D.O.B: 23/03/80

Location: Hartlepool, UK (that north-east dump where they hung that monkey in the napoleonic times).

Introduced to computers: 1986, when the Speccy arrived for Crimbo

Got into Doom: 1995 (after finding a copy of shareware in Middlesbrough's now-deceased EB)

First level made: Late 1999
First level released: Late 2001 (I suddenly thought about it then)

Favourite PC games: Lemmings 1/Oh No/Holiday/2, Legend, DooM (all), Heretic, Hexen 1/DK/2, Duke, Quake 1, 2, Unreal, Half-Life, Sin, (and mission packs/addons for all those) Worms (all).

Favourite Megadrive games - All Sonics, Streets of Rage 1/2/3, Desert/Jungle/Urban Strike, All Micro Machines games.

Favourite Speccy games - Dizzy series, Chaos, Spy vs. Spy, Chase HQ (among others)

Favourite films: All Star Wars films, LOTR, Dungeons & Dragons, all Bond films.

Favourite TV shows: Red Dwarf, The Crystal Maze, Wanted, Father Ted The Fast Show, Shooting Stars (early series), Robot Wars, Survivor, The Mole.

Favourite bands: Prodigy, Scooter, Roni Size, Oxide & Neutrino, Green Day, Iron Maiden.

Favourite books: Star Wars books, Red Dwarf books, certain fantasy sagas (eg. Raven Chronicles, Runelords)

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DOOM Anomaly said:

A squillion things...

I thought this was a little bit about ourselves, not a bloody autobiography ;-P

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I'm a secretive person. I will only say the following things once. I won't say my name because I personally hate it, and I won't say what I look like because I'd rather have you people imagine what I look like, but here are the things that I will say:

I live in California in a small town near San Jose, I turned 16 on November the 13th. I have a twin brother and two older sisters, I am a Japanese American, luckily I was born here, whew, I like to draw (mostly) violent Metal Slugish pictures of Lizards. Ooh, what else... Oh, I don't have a girlfriend, I go to high school, I have a few good friends, I'm doing ok at school, (let's see... 3 B's, 2 A's and 2 C's). And also I have trouble trusting people. I'm aslo a coward and afraid of consequences plus rejection, which is I probably why I don't have a girlfriend (I had a very good shot at it, but I was too scared adn too much of a coward to do anything) Hmm, I could start telling you about my current situation, but that's gonna be for another thread... maybe. I like playing video games which is why I made a list here of games I like to play:

Doom (PC, all of them, haven't played any other versions except the N64 version, pretty good)
Metal Slug (all of them)
Half-Life (single player only, I don't like multiplayer or most of MODs this game spawned)
Metal Gear Solid 2:Substance
Medal of Honor: Frontline
Quake 2 (the only Quake game I played)
GTA2 and GTA3 (the first one sucked, and I haven't played VC yet)
Wolfenstein 3D (PC, the SNES one sucked, haven't played the GBA version yet)
All the platformer Sonic games
All the Mario games except Sunshine
All the platformer Megaman games

A little bit more on me:
In real life, I'm actually a nice guy. I believe that before you judge someone, you'll have to get to know the person. I hate how nice guys always finish last because all the nice things I try to do, people seem to not appreciate them, which is what my quote is basically saying. I don't like music, except Video Game music, :p. The other stuff is ok and all, but I hate all the mainstream crap that's brainwashing everyone. That shit's changes people and all that mainstream crap is conformist trash! Those conformist Nazis will never make me change, NEVER!!!!

Well, I'll start explaining some more indepth stuff.

How I started drawing:
Well, this one is actually a mystery to me, really. I know for a fact that I started drawing good in 4th grade. I usually drew robots and other crazy MegaMan inspired stuff. Then 6th grade, same crap I drew, except a little better. In 7th grade, I drew more of the same crap until late that year, I was reading Wind and The Willow. I was reading the chapter where Toad (or was it Badger) was trying to get into Toad Hall, then a weasal started firing his rifle at him. I thought the weasal looked funny, so I drew it. My picture turned out to look funnier then the one in the book. Some person looked at my picture and asked "Is that a lizard you're drawing?" I would have replied back with a harsh comment, then I looked carefully and said slowly "...Yeah, it is a lizard..." I started drawing more of 'em until I didn't have to look at the original sketch of the "lizard". Thus became the birth of the Lizard. Another story starts on why I kept drawing them, but I'll save that for later. In 8th grade, I kept drawing the Lizards, but I decided I needed some other character to draw. The only thing I know that inspired me to draw the following characters was from Half-Life. Single Player good, Multiplayer bad... Er, on with the story:

Norton the Military Rat: Inspired by the hgrunts.
Scat the Cat(shitty name, but it ryhmes): Inspired by Gordon, I think?
Moe the Security Cat: Inspired by Barney Calhoun, the security guard.

Uh, that was it for them... I only drew them for about a year, then I stopped. 9th grade, I decided the Lizards needed to be more detailed. So I changed their eyes from a dot to a semi anime inspired eye. The weapons were a little more detailed and they had somewhat better facial expression. I think this was the year LizardCommando was created... I think that's another story too. 10th grade (current/present time) There's somewhat of a change on how I draw the Lizards, but nah... I'll have to wait and see until the school year ends... That is it for that.

Why I still keep drawing the Lizards:
I probably would have forgot about them by now if it hadn't been for this game.... Metal Slug! That is the original reason why I still draw the Lizards. The graphics were well animated and funny, the level design is original and there's actually a story in it too! This game also inspired me to become a video game designer when I get out of college. I'd like to work for SNK or whatever company worked on Metal Slug. If they'd at least incorporate ideas from Lizard Squad(c) into their next Metal Slug game, I'd die a happy man. But for now, I'll keep drawing them.

The next stories deal with Doom Stuff, I'm tired of talking about my life and hobbies in general:

The birth of Lizardcommando:
This is how Lizardcommando was born. It was after the time I got sick of being known as Lilzergling, and also the same time I got sick of StarCraft. I decided to go back to Doom for the helll of it. I think it was around the same time I found out you can edit stuff in Doom. (I'm a late bloomer, ok. :p) I found a tool called Wintex. I opened up a new wad file and copy/pasted some of doom's graphics into the new file. I fudged around with it, then I decided that it was pretty easy. I saw that there were mods out there that had new graphics. I then decided "Hmm... maybe I can make a Mod..." So then I decided to port the Wolf3D version of Pikastein (later renamed Pokestein) onto Doom. I took graphics from the Wolf3D version and placed them onto a new wad file. There were more enemies that I could replace. So I decided to draw some new guys from Paint. I didn't want to use the current protagonist from Pokestein, which was BJ in SWAT gear, so I decided to make one of my Lizards the good guy. But I didn't want to use the good guys from Lizard Squad(c), so I deciced to make a completely new character. How I came up with Lizardcommando is still a mystery to me, but hey, at least it wasn't BJ.

My original concept for Lizard's Legacy mod:
It was going to be a 4 "Episode" Doom2 mod. (IE: Operation Rheingold) Each "episode" had all new enemies, weapons, and levels, but due to my lack of editing abilities and time, it never happened. ICD-Lizard was never actually apart of this game. It's more like an add-on for LizardWar.

Pokestein: Originally a port of a Wolf3D mod I made called Pikastein. It basically replaced all the enemies with Pikachu-like baddies. But that mod actually was based on an idea I had for a Wolf3D mod with the same concept. It was called Dragonite Attacks! You are Commander Dragonite and you are sent in to a dense jungle to find out if rumors of a full scale invasion made by the Evil Pokemon Army are true. You sneak in and find a hidden fortress with giant walls, barbwire, and a bunch of heavily armed Pokemon. Blah blah blah, you find the General, which is the Main Character Pikachu, you kill him and win the game. You had a machete, a pistol, machine gun, uzis, grenade launcher, flamethrower, spear gun, and some other crap that I forgot. The grenade launcher was probably the only not possible in the Wolf3D engine. Other than New Enemies and New Weapons, there was supposed to be New Levels. Note that this was made when I was a Pokemon Fan. (something that I regret...) Pokestein ended because the whole Pokefan vs. Pokehater war ended. There was no use with it, so I stopped the project. Dragonite Attacks! never made it out of the drawing board. To read the story of Pokestein, go to my site. I don't want to copy/paste the damn thing here.

LizardWar: Originally designed for single player AND Co-Op, but due to my crappy map editing skills, I decided to make it just a graphics patch. Basically, it is what happened after you kill Ash and Pikachu. The city's been abandoned, and everyone's gone until you find a Lizard in a pool of blood. He says the soldiers Lizard States Marine Corp (LSMC) have gone beserk and started killing everyone. Other crap happens, blah blah blah, you find out it's some crazy demon thing that's causing the Marines to go beserk, you kill it, a portal opens, to be continued. I'm actually still working on this.

*Truth Revealed*(*working title*): The only thing I got done was replacing all of the guns. I replaced three enemies, two are in the current release of ICD-LIZARD, the other one will be in the next release and replaced the title and credits pic. That was all I did, then I quit. Here's the story though: After stepping into the portal, you find yourself in a Hellish kind of world. Cybornetic creatures and demonic things roam the world. You find the ruins of a military tank. "Strange, it seems some of your buddies weren't brainwashed after all, but what the hell are they doing here?" As you inspect the rotting hunk-o-junk, a cyborg Lizard steps behind you and starts attacking you! You pull out your sidearm and blast its head open. Blood starts oozing out of the creature's wound. It starts firing its attatched rifle, but you start firing at it again and the creature dies. "Damn, it seems like my gunshots are bringing some of its buddies over here." End of intro. I think I was inspired to make this game by Quake 2 and Doom's Hell theme. This project was abandoned because I hardly did any work on it.

Final Showdown: I'm not even sure what this episode was supposed to be like! I'm thinking of the style of Megaman. IE, before you fight the last boss, you had to fight the other bosses first. This is the last episode and after you kill all the bosses, peace is finally restored to the Lizard States. The End!

Well, that's my story of me and my Doom Mod. I'd rather talk about my Doom mods more than myself anyways. I hope I didn't bore anyone. :p

If anyone wants to know more about me (like you'd want to anyways... :p) You can either PM me or Email me.

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Spike said:

I thought this was a little bit about ourselves, not a bloody autobiography ;-P

As I said at the start of it:
Being bored, and seeing I didn’t feel like spamming in the other “Getting to know all” threads I’ll go ahead and bore you all now; by pulling a Lüt by telling my life story, in brief form :P

Super-dee-Duper :-P

Plus, 30,100 characters aint a autobiography :P

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