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Captain Red

getting to know all (part 3)

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Let's see....

My name is Will Hackney, I'm 16 years old and I reside in the lovely town of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I'm a sophomore in high school right now and loving it =)

I have a brother, who some of you know as Man'o'war (hehehe), and a bunch of pets and stuff...yeah. When I'm not on the computer, which is usually a lot, I'm either hanging out with my friends or playing sports. I play baseball and soccer, and I also run cross country. I like to play football (American), too, but I'm too small to do that. Physically, I'm about 5'8", 125-130 lbs, brown hair, brown eyes. Apart from that, I usually spend time with the ever-increasing schoolwork.

As for the computer, Doom is the only game I really play, and it's the only one I really need, what with the never-ending flow of add-ons. I first found my way into the Doom community, by finding Functional Entropy, at which time was dedicated to the ID4 TC. Then it began posting Doom news as well, and then Doomworld was created. I sort of lost interest in Doom for a few years, between 98 and 2000, but then I came back and became a regular news comments lurker, occasionally posting my two cents. In December 2000, I joined the forums, inquring about some project called Millennium :P

Since then, I've learned to map (early 2002) and am helping with several projects such as Freedoom, Community Chest, and the Newdoom megawad, as well as a project of my own called DOM. (Yes, I've started working on it again!)

I'm also a huge sports nut, being a fan of the Pittsburgh Pirates, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Tottenham Hotspur. I like Pitt Panthers basketball and football too.

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Aw, hell, I can't resist it anymore.

My name's Dan Lemcke. I'm 20 years old and a Computer Science major at the University of Texas at Dallas.

Born in Salt Lake City, raised Catholic. Two parents (each the product of a one-parent family, oddly enough), two sisters, two dogs. Left home because I didn't want to stay stuck in Utah for my entire life. And because I hated most of the people in my high school class who were going to the University of Utah.

First introduction to computers was the Apple ][e's my school let us play with in first grade. Dad bought our first DOS box around 1989, a Tandy 186 w/ the DeskMate OS. Had some fun playing with the drawing program on that. Used that machine constantly until '96 when we got our first Win95 box, and I started a little programming in high school. Family upgraded to this Win98 box at the end of '99, and I got my own machine when I went of to college in Fall 2k.

I first played Wolfenstein 3-D at a friend's place and was somewhat grossed out and motion-sick by it. I read about Doom in a gaming magazine while on vacation. I honestly thought, when I first read about it, that it was Wolfenstein 3D 3. It was only about '97 when I actually shelled out $30 for UDoom at Target; played it, loved it, shelled out for Doom 2 about a month later. Started looking around Doom sites online, when I could get a few of those jealously hoarded AOL minutes away from my sister. Heard about Final Doom, looked fopr it but couldn't find it; finally found and bought it at a consignment store in West Edmonton Mall (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) while mi familia was on summer vacation up there. Played through the wads (cheated horribly to do it :P ), saw the URL for TeamTNT's site in the manual, checked it out. Followed the site's bi-monthly updates for a time. First saw a link to Doomworld there, but didn't visit it. Started reading Doomworld after a while. Got to see the source be released and watched the shit hit the fan. :) Lurked off and on, first joined DW to post a meaningless bit of Doom 3 trivia one of the id guys let slip at the UTD Computer Game Conference. And here I am.

Tried some level editing myself, but haven't dedicated enough time to it to get good at it. Ditto C++ and Java programming. I have dreams and projects, but... Meh. Used to have some drawing talent, drew a bunch of mazes on notebook paper in junior high, but HS freshman art classes burned the talent right out of me. Also used to be able to sing and make a little music, but one year in a school choir killed that bug too. Took one term of stage production, but the teacher and the senior class members were assholes that pretty much drove me out.

I'm not active in the community at all. Really, the reason I'm here is that I haven't yet pissed anyone off enough to get me banned. And I think this place is kinda fun.

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DOOM Anomaly, wow, what a post. However, being so long, I didn't read 95% of it.

getting back into the spirit of the thread.....ok, im 20, live in minnesota, I go to collage and i partake in the fine herb now and then.

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Quast said:

DOOM Anomaly, wow, what a post.

Thanks, giving the name and point of this thread, I felt that I didn't want much about me of you people to Not know, I'm a very open person, I dont mind if people know about me. :)

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DOOM Anomaly said:

Giving the name and point of this thread, I felt that I didn't want much about me of you people to Not know, I'm a very open person, I dont mind if people know about me. :)

That's right, just let them talk! And, years from now, when you start your autobiography, you'll have a start! :-D

DOOM Anomaly said earlier:
Plus, 30,100 characters aint a autobiography :P

Heh, I do know people from over 40 who'd need less characters for their life story, DOOM Anomaly ;-)

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Nicknames: Little Faith, Indemaijinj (of the Open Head Wound), Exincreein, Messiah with a Shotgun.

Real Name: Lars Sinius

Age: 21

Occupation: Student at RUC (Roskilde University Center).

Country: Denmark.

Lives in: Roskilde, alone in a ridiculously small one room apartment.

Has two parents and one little sister, and Sniffles, a black cat who is the most peaceful creature I've ever encountered.

Other computer games I like: Lemmings, Prince of Persia, Shadow of the Beast series, Xenon 2, Baldurs Gate 2, Descent, All Commander Keen games, Civilisation 2, Alpha Centauri, Loom, the Myst series, Little Big Adventure 2, Starcraft.

Non-computer hobbies: Drawing, making music (mostly midi stuff), role-playing, Warhammer 40000 (tyranids), gathering wild mushrooms.

Music I really like: Too much to mention here.

Political/Ideological stance: Leftist, Trans-humanist.

Religion: Has yet to be defined.

I am your average misanthropic angst-fest of a useless forum rat, though I know I am leagues behind people such as deadnail, Ralphis or Doom Anomaly.

I got introduced to Doom when I was 11 (I think) by my (back then) uncle (he got divorced) and I was hooked instantly. I mean, it was love at first sight and no other game would hold a place anywhere near this.

One day in 95 my parents heard a stupid radio broadcast where a man was alleging that he had been mindwashed by Doom. It was made national news that Doom 2 was forcing you to kill defenceless babies in order to complete the game. (He misunderstood the Commander Keen joke in map32). All things Doom was deleted and though I always got at least shareware Doom sneaked in there would be many sporadic hard disk raids ruining any attempts at level making (though I was really into Doom editing). Because I was being deprived from playing E2 (my favourite episode) of Doom I developed a near-mythical relationship towards it. I remembered the levels as being far bigger and more breath-taking. Still I love them.

I got into Doomworld in 99 when I surfed the web for anything Doom-related from the safety of the Gymnasium network (Gymnasium is somewhat similar to the first years of college). I initially made a few big-ass posts (about how I liked E1 and E2) anonymously (not intentionally. I had tried to call myself Messiah with a Shotgun).

Then I lurked for quite some time until I started posting again with the more sane nick Little Faith. Initially I was not a great favourite with the moderators. I had a habit of spamming the polls forum with all kinds of retarded polls. Also I got into some spots with the moderators as I had a habit of defending banned people. I think the reason that I am still around is that I am quick to back down if I realise that I am wrong (though I still think they shouldn't have banned Black/White).

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One day in 95 my parents heard a stupid radio broadcast where a man was alleging that he had been mindwashed by Doom. It was made national news that Doom 2 was forcing you to kill defenceless babies in order to complete the game. (He misunderstood the Commander Keen joke in map32). All things Doom was deleted and though I always got at least shareware Doom sneaked in there would be many sporadic hard disk raids ruining any attempts at level making (though I was really into Doom editing).

Wtf? Never heard about that incident. My memory of the year 1995 was one of being too busy playing my newly acquired copy of Doom 2. My parents never deleted any of my Doom games (maybe because I threatened them with a bigass baseball bat if they dared to touch any of my games on the computer - j/k) and I never heard about that stupid fucktard.
Now I just wonder: Where does this guy live? I want to have a "nice" conversation with him >:-]

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Lord FlatHead said:

Just in case you didn't realise it already, your parents are idiots.

I gotta hope for Li'l Faith that his parents aren't in his flat visiting him and looking over his shoulder while he browses this thread.
Then again, I doubt Li'l Faith is stupid enough to browse a Doom forum while his parents are near.

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Name: Chris
Birthday: November 9, 1982
Current Location: Aberdeen, WA, USA

Let's see... I've been interested in computers ever since Kindergarten. I would be one of the only things I'd want to do, and I'd complain to the teacher whenever the computer was at its max user limit during free-time (2 people).

You can probably already guess that I was a spoiled and whiny brat when I was young, and as a result I've been sort of the oddball in my grade school classes. I eventually improved when I started 6th grade.

I've been wearing glasses since the beginning of 6th grade. My second pair which I got during the later half of 6th grade had glass lenses which made them heavier than my first pair which had plastic lenses. I don't clearly remember this, but iirc, I got hit in the face with a basketball one too many times, and with very little help from my heavy glasses, they badly hurt my nose causing a cauliflower ear-like effect plus a deviated septum. So now the mid portion of my nose is hard as a rock and will more than likely stay like that forever. My current pair are much smaller and are probably the best ones I've had so far.

My cousin introduced me to Doom back in... well, I don't remember the year but it was during the Christmas season. I eventually got my hands on SNES Doom a little over two years later, PSX Doom about another two years later, Doom for the computer (which I've got Christmas of '99) a year after that, and Doom 2 about 6 months later. Of course, that's just a rough estimation.

I've registered here at Doomworld on March 1, 2001 as this guy and eventually created a novice 20-map wad called Stone Stratagems and a few other single map wads which I've shown much more skill, but now I cannot find an existing link to them.
Then came a time when I felt I was in need of a new name, and not knowing that user's names could be changed as easy as a click of the mouse by an admin, I reregistered as who I currently am right now. I rarely post on the forums as of now, but maybe I'll stop on by once in a while if you're lucky... :P

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dsm said:

Then again, I doubt Li'l Faith is stupid enough to browse a Doom forum while his parents are near.

Why not? I am. No problems here.

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Name: Paul K. (Yes I am paraniod)
AKK: Y2theJ (combination of a WWE wrestler and my limited imagination)
Age: 23
Born in Mornington, Victoria, Australia.
Now reside in Sydney.
My job would be ok if i didn't have to work with so many freaking idiots (individuals)
Married no kids though. few...
Can't spell.
Used to be vary active.
Now though I play tennis once a week. Do a couple of run on the beach. sit-up , push ups .
see ya's

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ravage said:

Why not? I am. No problems here.

Judging by his parents' st00pid decision to scour his hard drive for anything Doom and wipe it from the hard disk, I'd say that it wouldn't be too smart of him to tell the other DW members about this event, because it's highly probably that someone would reply with a negative comment directed at his parents.
And they might not like to be called idiots.

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Let's see here.....

Nicks/aliases: Footman, Veteran_Footman, Steel_PH
Name: Sean Patrick Ian Smith
Age: 16 (ok, so i'm 15, but i'm so close to 16, so what the hell :)
DOB: January 20, 1987
Job: student
Location: USA, in McKeesport, Pennsylvania. obviously not too far from archvile 46 :)
Marital Status: Single, totally.

quick bio:

I was an odd lil' individual, i was tortured by other kids waaaay too much, so much, that my mind is slowly shattering. I fear of becoming insane :(
i was introduced to doom about when psx doom was released, then i got pc doom 2 years later, i loved it, then columbine hit, my parents told me to get rid of doom, but i refused. Then i rented and played Doom64 about 4 years after. it changed my perception of doom forever, i almost accually feared it. about a year later, i rented and played doom64 again. afterwards, i tried to put doom64 onto the computer, no such luck. i tried for years. then the doom depot revealed the doom64 tc, i wanted to so much to work on it, so i joined up.

nowadays, im here, trying hard to find ways to help the tc, going to school, and stuff like that.

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My name is Niko Partanen, I'm 14 years old (saw the world first time in 8-5-1988). I've been playing doom since I got hooked up on it when I was hmm...5 years old. I live in Jyväskylä, Finland. I'm a student (8th grade). I play drums. I listen to music all the time (shit like Impaled, Gorelord, Darkane, Cattle Decapitation, The Berzerker, Suffocation, Nasum, Napalm Death, Cannibal Corpse, Vile, Gorgasm, Sik Fuk, Fuck...I'm dead, Bloodbath...etc.) I like blood and gore, violence and the most important thing: porn. End.

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Actually, my parents are usually pretty cool, it was just this one occasion.

It was a combination of me using a bit too much time in front of the computer together with their shock over the fact that I liked violent computer games. (I used to be a very peaceful kid who never liked war toys very much, preferring to build cities in Lego and such).

The radio broadcast was just the last straw.

It is not my parents I blame. It is the jerk in the radio and the idiots who allowed him time in the national news.

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Little Faith said:

Actually, my parents are usually pretty cool, it was just this one occasion.

It was a combination of me using a bit too much time in front of the computer together with their shock over the fact that I liked violent computer games. (I used to be a very peaceful kid who never liked war toys very much, preferring to build cities in Lego and such).

Hmm, reminds me pretty much of my situation. I ended up being fucking paranoid whenever I heard my dad walk about in the house (I can hear when it's him), because sometimes he would pop up in the door and shout "Stop playing those silly games! Do something sensible!" and he would go on and on about how "I am too smart a person to be wasting my youth with this rubbish".
Bah, it's the same problem whenever I do a drawing of a soldier or a monster - blahdeblahdeblah.

I guess they were afraid that their polite, shy "little boy" would end up being violent or something stupid.

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I am still rather peaceful in other games where it is sensible.

Just watch me when I play Alpha Centauri. I'm happiest when I see a full list of treaties and pacts in the diplomacy window.

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My name is Christopher J. Pisarczyk (pronounces Puh-zar-sick!) and an german-polish origin. I have mild Epilepsy and has mildish ADD and OCD, and I live in a town on long island called North Babylon. My IQ is a bit over 100 so I'm pretty intelligent, I will be 21 on April 21st of this year.

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My name is Joel Poston, I'm 18 years of age, born Septemer 8th, 1984. I'm 5 foot 11 inches, and I weigh 285 pounds (Despite the fact I don't look like it. people freak when they hear it. I assume I have a dense bone structure)
I have no major medical problems other that mild depression, which I take Prozac for, and attention deficit disorder.
I've never Broken a bone In my entire life. (Hence the fact that I think I have a dense bone structure)
I was born 2 weeks early. My mother still can't believe how big I've become.

2 Cats
Lance: 17 years old, Female
Bony old thing, but she's got a lot of life in her. she'll likely live another decade. She's lived with me since birth, sho loves me and my family dearly. I was never mean to her or hurt her intentionally when she was a kitten, so now she trusts me implicitly. I can pick her up, and hold her upside down over a toilet, and she won't do a damn thing. Heh.

Max: 14 years old, Male
Big fat cat. Hates to cuddle, barely tolerates being touched. Kinda part feral, which would explain why he likes james os much. He lived out on the steets of Harrisburg, PA for a year after running away from his previous owner (she had a baby, he hates the baby).
Now he lives with me, and keeps trying to beat on my little lance.... but he always loses, and then we have to pick tufts of pink fuzz out of lance's hind paws.

I have two older brothers, both of which I love dearly. James (22) and Jon (20)

A few of my favorite games are:
Final Fantasy 7
Baldur's gate 1 and 2
System Shock 2
Septerra Core
Planescape: Torment
Darius Gaiden (only about 10$! pick yours up today!)

Favorite Music:
VideoGame music and such, really, that's it.
Except for some classical pieces,
and most anything by blues traveller.

Favorite books:
The Wheel of Time Series (GO GET IT NOW DAMMIT)
The Elenium by David Eddings
I'm currently working on R.A. Salvatore's Legacy of the Drow collection, and I'm quite impressed with it.

Distinguishing marks:
No Tattoos
No Piercings
Lots of moles.
Large skull (bigger than normal, must be for holding my massive brain.)

Favorite food and drink:
Food: Andy Capp's Hot fries
Drink: Mountain Dew code red & red creme soda. (I need some....)

Preferred foot wear:
Steel Toed Boots (The ultimate sensible shoe)

Favorite Anime:
Cowboy Bebop
Vampire Hunter D

My view on doom:
Doom is a great game. I sharpens reflexes, and forces you to think on your feet. My parents know darn well that I play doom, and they're cool with it, considering that they know I know better than to kill people in real life, they let me indulge myself electronically. I think my mom likes the fact that I edit my own maps, considering that it's creative and stuff. and she's pleased that doom mapping is my senior high project as well. Doom is my release, my squeezy sand ball. I get angry, I take it out on doom. In reality, I wouldn't hurt a fly. Okay, maybe if the fly were being a smartass and such, buzzing into my face and ear, then all bets are off. It bugs me that people are connecting violent actions to violent games such as doom. I think parents who do this secretly blame themselves, but don't want to admit it, and they find doom and such as an easy scapegoat. Bastards.

I've probably bored you with my drivel.
E-Mail: Submerge_527@hotmail.com
AIM Handle: submerge527
feel free to contact me whenever.

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Blah blah blah

Name: Brendt D Pantley
Age: 20
DOB: March 30th 1982
Location: Port Jervis, New York, USA

Where to begin... the world in which I grew up was very strange.
I pondered things which children usually have no concept of at a young age, and I think it screwed me up a little bit. I knew the alphabet before I took my first steps (or so my parents tell me). I have no memory of this, but my mom says that when I was a toddler about playpen age, I told her that a giant spider came down from the ceiling to my bed. Supposedly it told me that it didn't like when my parents sang to Jesus or something... anyway, I think that's why I'm arachnophobic.

My entire school career until 9th grade was spent in a "Christian" school in Pennsylvania. Needless to say these mentally torturous years were the catalyst for my rapid descent into a fearful depression. Fear of the end times, fear of nuclear war, fear of the afterlife, etc. No one really liked me at all, the teachers were all hypocrites who refused to answer any questions outside the bounds of Christianity. Skip to age 14.

I start 10th grade at Port Jervis High School, a festering haven for the simple-minded hicks, the self-righteous preps, the wanna-be goths, the homies, all with nothing better to do than tirelessly devote their time to making my life miserable. I had few friends. Skip to age 17, 2 months before my graduation.

I meet Nichol. We hang out a few times, she decides to date me. We last more than 2 weeks, a first for her (and me, she was my first girlfriend). Everything is awesome for a year. I'd found my true love, and she'd found hers (or so she said). I go to Illinois to visit family. Upon my return I find out she slept with 4 of my friends (on separate occasions). Things turn to shit. Stupidly, I take her back, and we date on and off for the next 2 years, but it was never the same again. I'll skip the details. We broke up the final time on July 4th, 2002. She went off to college somewhere in upstate New York this past fall. Good riddance.

Through all this misery, I always had video games to keep me happy. Now for the good stuff...

At age 8 I got my first computer, a 386 25mhz with 4 megs of ram, a monster machine for its time. My first PC gaming experience ever was 'Monuments of Mars', an old CGA platformer. I was instantly swept away. Soon after followed Commander Keen, Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure, Crystal Caves (basically the whole run of Apogee games), all the way up to Wolf3D, and eventually Doom shareware. It would barely run on my 386, so I saved my money and got myself a Pentium 100, which ran Doom beautifully.

After that, Doom became nothing less than an obsession. I bought Ultimate Doom and Doom II as soon as I could. I came across DCK and made maps like mad (for every one that I released, there were 100 more that never saw the light of day). I bought the Doom novels, read them about 6 or 7 times (yes I liked them, and still do, fuck off). I bought a Nintendo 64 solely for the purpose of playing Doom 64, and loved every second of it.

I've played many other games since, ranging from graphic adventures to RTS games to platformers, but none have touched me the way Doom did. It remains to this day my favorite game of all time.

Anyway here's my favorite shit:


Doom series (duh)
Hexen (masterpiece)
Sam & Max (and basically all the LucasArts games)
Sonic the Hedgehog series
Commander Keen series


Demon City Shinjuku
Perfect Blue
Cowboy Bebop
Fight Club
Lord of the Rings (originals and the new ones)
Indiana Jones trilogy
Star Wars
Sam & Max: Freelance Police
Evil Dead trilogy
Invader Zim


See the links section on my page for some. I also enjoy jazz, blues, opera, classical, techno, lots of video game music, alternative rock, grunge, punk, house... the only kind of music I really don't like is rap, though a few songs appeal to me here and there.


Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit (and everything else Tolkien wrote)
Wide range of science fiction: Isaac Asimov, Larry Niven, Harry Harrison, Alan Dean Foster (to name a few)
X-Wing series (lots of other Star Wars books as well)
Calvin & Hobbes
Sam & Max
Johnny the Homicidal Maniac and other Jhonen Vasquez stuff
Many classical authors/poets: Thoreau, Hemingway, Shakespeare, Chaucer, Longfellow, etc.

That's pretty much it. I like to smoke weed or drink once in a while, and I love to sleep. I have lucid dreams a lot, making it much more enjoyable.

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Name: Markus Heikinpalo
Age: 19
Location: Hämeenlinna, Finland
Occupation: student

I have poor self esteem and I'm quite shy. I've never been outside Finland. I have no friends and I don't drink alcohol or smoke.

I have played computer and console games since 1990 or so with Amiga and nes. In 1995 I think I got a PC. I started playing doom maybe in 1999.

Games I play now:
Final Fantasies

Games I once played and liked:
The legend of zelda: Links awakening
Castlevania 1-4
Super Mario 1-3
Super Mario World
Jagged Alliance 1 and 2
Sonic 1-3
Goldeneye 007
Turtles 2
Max payne
Many others, don't remember right now

Music I listen:
Game music
Some single songs from various authors. R.E.M:s Losing my religion for example.

Movies I like:
Jackie Chan movies
Some Jim Carrey movies

Books I like:
Many Scifi books

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Nickname: Torn (original... :P)
Real name: Kim Bach (and NO, I am not a girl, Kim is a boyname in Denmark)

I live in Denmark and I am 18years old, born 20feb. 1984. I live in north of jutland.

My doom story:

my family got a new computer, 486/66 with 8mb ram, 399mb HD. (before that I was more a console boy, playing NES, the best console ever...) with two games. Duke nukem and a hacked version of Doom.
Duke nukem ran like shit on the computer, I was able to run it in 320x200 with low detail, but I kinda sucked. I always got killed on the first level. The hacked version of doom was called Doom3: Mr. smiley's head safari, weird game. (I wonder if anyone else have tried it). Most of it was ripped from other mods, TCs, etc...
There was alien instead of the imp (I think it are ripped from the aliens tc), pacman as lost soul, etc...
But then one of my frined told me about a game, called doom2. (IIRC it was summer 96). I toke him home a schoolday to try it, it was a really the coolest game I ever seen. I got some disks with it, and installed it home (yes, It was warez, I bought the original cds some months later). Man, map02 was hard, I think I tried alot of times to beat that one map. :)

well... sometime later doom got boring (yes, I played it too much), so I tried some other games, like half-life, etc...
But then in 2001-2002, ( I first joined dw summer 2002), I started playing online doom dm. started mapping, etc... :)

and doom is truely the greatest game ever!.

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