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"god, why hast thou forsaken me?" [E1M3 replacement for doom]

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I'm working on a techbase episode for ultimate doom "Dark odyssey". Now I want to show this map I done.






Download Google drive


Load it with -warp 1 3 and -complevel 3, vanilla format.

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A pretty decent vanilla-esque map with a sort of non-linear design. I quite enjoyed some of the details used here and there throughout the map. :)

Difficulty for HMP is pretty easy (than again HMP isn't meant to be brutally hard so that's a good thing. :3 ) Personally I'd think about adding some extra ammo to make killing the Cyberdemon possible since it's the only thing that I didn't kill due to barely having enough cell/rocket ammo for the barons around the later parts of the map.


Nearly every door seems to be lacking the "lower unpegged" flags for the DOORTRAK textures, causing them to follow the door when it moves. Speaking of doors, the locked doors are missing any clear indication that they're locked with X key. (I genuinely didn't notice there was a blue locked door since I stumbled across the key before finding said locked door).

Another good mapping tip is to add some land-marking to the more important rooms. Say for example, a player is meant to see the red door first, so add something unique like a pool of water. Later on the player finds the key and thinks "Ahh yes! I know where the red door was! It was near the pool of water!"


My last mapping tip is to try and make a map flow a little more. Currently there's a lot of Door-Room-Door design going on. Whilst this is fine if each room was interesting, sometimes the rooms almost felt too large for what is necessary (eg: the dead caco room with the health bonuses is just a big silver box).


Overall a solid map. :)

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