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What Are We Drinking?

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Their best flavor IMO. I think the mint chocolate one might've been my favorite, but the problem with most of these is that I can't tell them apart from regular Bailey's. This shit right here tastes like quality salted caramel and it's great.



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Posted (edited)

I don't drink alcohol or caffeine so I am drinking green tea now. Due to the pandemic, I changed my lifestyle habits and I have to say I am really happy about it as my well-being improved. I exercise every day, eat healthy food only, and take vitamins (I buy all the meds at online pharmacy usa). As for mental health, I try to do more of what makes me happy - traveling, hanging out with friends, visiting relatives, etc.

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Tea. A bagged Maritime Breakfast tea from a local place that does coffee and tea. I have quite a few different flavours of loose tea, but they are getting low. I did put in an order to get more though.


I like tea

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On 1/1/2022 at 6:00 PM, leejacksonaudio said:

Care to translate, please? It looks like horse milk.

Kumis, fermented mare or donkey milk

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