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Lost Soul

Colour goes CRASH!

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I'm trying to make a new pallete to use with Doom. Actually, more specifically, with ZDoom. But every time I try to make a new one, it practically breaks. The game crashes, and refuses to take anything that is not the origonal Doom pallete. I tried using the other defualt ones in DeePsea, but nada. Is there some way I can make a new pallete and actually, USE it with ZDoom?

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I've done a bit of playing round with the palette using DeePsea and never had the severe problems you mention. I have only tried one or two total palette changes simply because I couldn't be bothered tweaking all the colomap values and so on, but little changes like changinging all the blues to be a bit more cyany in colour is easy and doesn't require colormap changes. I did a palette the other day that makes the blues hint a bit more towards cyan, the pale reds more orangy and the greens a bit more limey (based on suggestions I saw Fredrik make on these forums, and a palette he had in a wad). It's all working just fine.

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Hmm.. it seems when I load a wad after doing just that or something simliar, it refuses to load. If I try it with ZDoom, it locks at the loading screen saying something about and overridden pallete. If I use JDoom, it just crashes quite severly. but, JDoom is always giving me hell when I am editing so why not.

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