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real limit removing port for DOS: exists?

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Posted (edited)

Hi !


I was checking out limit removing source ports for DOS.


I have tried: ee for dos, boom, mbf, doom2+, doom32, zdoom for dos and maybe a few others whose name I forgot.


The DOS machine is fast (ghz) and plenty in ram memory (>200mb)

I used win 98se boot disk because dos 6.22 is limited interms of ram (to 64mb)


Result: they all can run small-to-moderate maps (romero's e1m4 and e1m8 for example)


Neither could run brigandine.wad. (they carsh after new game and skill selected) with some error.

With crispy doom running brigandine.wad in windows, it consumes around 60mb ram. (checking from task manager)

This dos pc has more than 200mb of ram, I checked, dos can see it.


So the only thing come to my mind is that these limit removing dos ports are limited in what they can handle.


Does anyone know whats going on?


Why can't these source ports load brigandine and other "big" (in terms of exceeding the limits) wads ?


And what can be done?


Is there exist a dos source ports able to run brigandine ?  (brigandine requires limit-removing source port)


Thanks in advance.

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It's unlikely that any DOS source ports were maintained long enough to have their sidedef limit increased from 32768 to 65535.


According to the Doom Wiki, Brigandine has 51206 sidedefs.

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@Bloodshedder Not so fast please:






Start with parameters

MBF.EXE -file brigandine.wad -vpalgo 3 -drawdistance 0

if you don't like Vanilla Doom limits or just with -directdraw if you do and you can enjoy slideshow on a slow machine (DOS presumably).


BTW: Very tasty WAD. Not too hard…


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