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Doom: Hell on Earth 2.8

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Sign of Evil – Part 8


I ran down the streets. I could hear the bull demons behind me. They would get to me eventually, because I couldn’t run forever, but they could.

The demons had just kept coming until I suddenly ran out of ammunition. Blinded with my rage, I had kept firing at them, slaughtering them by the dozens and when I realized my mistake it was too late.

Desperately looking around for ammunition, a weapon that I could use or a way to hide from these freaks, my eyes fell on a construction yard behind a tall fence.

Knowing that it was only a matter of time before the demons would come around to this spot, I quickly leapt up and grabbed onto the fencing, swiftly climbing it and swinging myself on to the other side. The sounds of the pinkies drew nearer. They were definitely on my trail.
I hurried into the half-constructed building block, hoping that they wouldn’t find me.

I rushed inside and climbed a ladder before I wound up in a small, half-finished room. The floor was done and most of the walls made of a metal-concrete compound were complete too. Only one wall had only been partially built up and there was a window with no glass in. Carefully, I peeked outside.
Lightning flashed across the sky at random and I could see the chaotically swirling clouds. The eye of the ‘cloud storm’ was above the location that I was trying to get to. I was convinced that the source of the demon invasion lay right there. But there was still a long road to go before I would reach it and now my top priority was staying alive.

I looked down and saw burly shapes gather outside the fence. They seemed pretty excited over something and I realized that I really didn’t know much about the senses of a demon apart from the fact that they could see things clearly even in the dark.

The bastards can feel my presence somewhere!

Just as I watched, three bull monsters charged against the fence, flattening it completely under their weight as if it wasn’t even there.
Feeling the adrenaline rushing through my veins like crazy, I looked around. My eyes suddenly fell upon an object that was partially hidden under a sheet. I saw a rounded blade with sharp, pointy razors. I slowly and stealthily pulled the sheet away to reveal before my eyes:
A chainsaw!

A wicked smile formed on my face and I grabbed the dangerous tool.
The chainsaw was electric and had recharge capabilities so it was perfect for the purpose.
Let’s find some meat! I thought evilly.

I leapt down the ladder holding the chainsaw out in front of me and pressed the button on the chainsaw’s handle so that the razorblades started spinning with a sharp, whirring sound. A demon rounded the corner and roared at me as it charged. I leapt aside and brought the whirling saw blade into its side, and pulled the blade across the demon, giving it a horrible gash in its side. It roared in agony as the many razorblades tore its flesh apart but didn’t stop and turned towards me again. I thrust the whirling saw blade into its eyes, ripping its face to shreds. The creature went berserk, but its rage was in vain and I cut it down like a tree.
I briefly looked at the torn demon corpse with a wicked smile and then turned to face two other demons that crashed through a wooden plank wall, a temporary substitute to a real wall, and charged at me with open jaws while slimy saliva was dripping out of their mouths.


My adrenaline was cooking and my mind filled with savage blood thirst as I left the ruined corpses of the pink monsters and headed downtown with the bloody chain saw in my equally blood soiled hands.

I snuck down dark, empty streets, but the howls of my enemies could be heard in the distance.

I rounded a corner and was greeted with a roar from a possessed human brandishing an assault rifle. I leapt behind cover as it sent a burst of bullets my way. Knowing that the possessed soldiers were pretty stupid despite their combat tactics, I waited, clutching the chain saw in my gloved hands. The zombie trooper rounded the corner and in that very moment, I brought the swirling saw blade down on its neck, cutting its head off in less than a second.

Another roar sounded behind me and I could hear the sound of a chain gun whirring up its six barrels. I dropped the chain saw and made a roll behind cover next to the dead trooper, grabbing its weapon as I rolled by with several bullets ricocheting off the ground inches away from me.

I leapt to my feet and fired back at the commando with the rifle. It caught a few rounds in its shoulder and howled out in pain, but it managed to get behind cover.

30 rounds left!

I leapt forward, grabbing the chain saw with one hand and pulling it after me as I leapt through a door leading inside a warehouse building. The Door clanged shut. The sound of the metallic door had barely died away when I heard distinct sounds of snarling demons.


I quickly slung the assault rifle over my shoulder and grabbed the electric chain saw with both hands. The growls continued. It sounded like it came from the right, I looked to the right. Nothing.

An imp hissed loudly in front of me and I ducked just as a fireball whizzed over my head and slammed down into the dirty floor a few feet behind me. I didn’t allow the imp any time to try again, before I leapt up and rushed towards the imp, bringing down the whirling saw blade down on its shoulder. The chain saw made its way through the brown leathery flesh and the imp began to scream in agony as I slowly cut it in half. The two parts of the imp fell to the ground, still wiggling. Yet not for long. The brown, flailing limbs soon went dead.

I spun around and came face to face with another snarling imp. I chopped off its head, but it managed to lash a claw at the chain saw before its head fell off, leaving claw marks on the side of the yellow chain saw.

A third imp leapt down at me from above, while hurling a fireball at me but I leapt aside and rushed in between the crates stored in the warehouse. I could hear the monster growl somewhere behind me, but now I also heard another distinct sound. The sound of ragged breathing.

My eyes suddenly fell upon the floor where there was small droplets of fresh blood. Human blood. A fully human person or a possessed?

I looked around and suddenly saw a shape dive down behind a crate. But I had perceived what it was. I had seen the ragged face with the inhuman features in the otherwise human face. A former human.

I laid down the chain saw and brought out the assault rifle.

Come and get me, cooome and get me my own voice whispered in my head. I was close to say it out loud but I didn’t.

The former human commando suddenly leapt up right before me, only to get a couple of bullets through its bare head. It dropped to the ground and I quickly leapt over a small crate ready to fire again. But the possessed special forces trooper was dead. I quickly scooped up its chain gun. I took out the assault rifle’s magazine and put it into one of my empty utility bags, before I let the rifle fall. It clattered onto the floor.

Where are you, you little freak!?

As if the remaining imp had heard my thoughts through some telepathy ability, it suddenly leapt out of the shadows at me. The chain gun tore its body apart, shattering its bones and ripping its intestines and other organs apart and scattering them out on the floor.

My ammo display read 200 rounds for the chain gun so I had enough to counter some resistance, but I had better find some more. Searching the warehouse I found a few rotting human corpses. I couldn’t tell whether they had been civies, police or army, but I gathered that they weren’t marines, at least not fully equipped marines as there was no sign of armor on their corpses.

But they had weapons lying next to them and ammo for these weapons was scattered around on the floor around the bodies. Most of the weapons were shotguns, pistols or assault rifles, but there were also a few single-shot automatic rifles that used high caliber ammunition. I knew that those rifles were next to useless against demons in close quarters so I ignored them and the ammo for them and instead found a good shotgun and equipped myself as good as I could, brushing away the dust and checking them to see if they appeared to be functioning which they did.


The park was a mess. Trees, bushes and benches had been torn up and lay scattered around the many corpses. If it weren’t for the distinct walkways, ruined statues and the benches, I would never have known that this had been a park. It looked like a war zone, which I soon found out that it had certainly been too.

Lots of dead marines. A lot of the corpses were rotting but a few were fresher. I went through the place and soon found not only a combat shotgun to replace my recently acquired single barreled shotgun with, but also a rocket launcher and as much ammunition as I could carry. I also found a plasma rifle and enough cells to fully charge it.

I knew that I had to go back and find the BFG – that weapon could turn out to be crucial so I needed it.

I began the trek back to the place where I had run out of ammunition before I was forced to flee to the construction yards where I found the chain saw that saved my life before I went through the seaport area and into this park. But more demons were on their way. I went down a strait until I reached a large square. Looking around I saw several ruined houses surrounding the square.

I decided that the safest thing would be to lock myself within one of these houses and take down the demons from a window. I had to hurry – the growls were getting closer and judging by the sounds they were many. So many that it made me realize more than ever before that Sin itself had been unleashed on the face of the Earth.


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Darkstalker said:

Nice to read as usual, keep up the good work.

[HINT] But is it "chainsaw" or "chain saw" [/HINT] :P

My spell checker insists on "chain saw", but I'm sure "chainsaw" is just as correct.

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