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BLACKOUT (part 2)

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You remember BLACKOUT, right?
I hope you do.
Because I've got a second part to it!

I feel far more confident in these levels, in looks, gameplay, and difficulty.
Stats are the same from part 1.

New maps:



Not much, but at least it's more.
So, uh... stats. Here you go.


MAP08 - Tricks and Traps
Shockingly, a techbase. May be a bit easy; it was originally going to be a standalone.
Kill count:
Easy: 86
Medium: 102
Hard: 118
Secrets: 5


MAP09 - The Pit
I don't know what to say besides it's a techbase. Descriptive, I know.
Kill count:
Easy/Medium/Hard: 75
Secrets: 2


MAP10 - Refueling Base
Of course, a techbase. Fun fact: you can get the entire arsenal in this level.
Kill count:
Easy/Medium/Hard: 114
Secrets: 4


MAP11 - Circle of Death ('O' of Destruction!)
Caves, outdoors, wooden buildings.
Kill count:
Easy/Medium: 65
Hard: 67
Secrets: 4


MAP12 - The Factory
Shoot at them until they die.
Kill count:
Easy/Medium/Hard: 30
Secrets: 3


MAP01-MAP07, D_DM2TTL, D_DM2INT, D_READ_M: Same as last time.
MAP08: Dragonfly - Beatdown (Overcome)
MAP09: A Perfect Circle - Magdalena (Mer de Noms)
MAP10: Rage Against The Machine - Wake Up (XX)
MAP11: Radiohead - The National Anthem (Kid A)
There is no replaced song for MAP12, nothing I had would really fit, so it's just the default track.








Yes, that is all you get for MAP12.

Due to me changing the title screen, sky and intermission picture, it no longer works on Crispy or PrBoom. Sorry about that.
Episode 1 sky from this page
Episode 2 sky from this page

Here's the .zip so you can play through the updated version:


Optional weapon replacement pack (all from this page):

Replaces everything but the chainsaw and rocket launcher. Chaingun fire cycle is kinda weird. Also, it's standalone, so you can use it on whatever you want.
Pick-up sprites are not changed.

Have fun, my friends. Hope you enjoy.

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I can't seem to find the first "Blackout" you mentioned. Unless your name on ID games is different than the one in the forum.

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16 hours ago, GarrettChan said:

The chaingun fire animation sprite is broken.

I'm aware. It says under the pack "Chaingun fire cycle is kinda weird." I tried to fix it but it doesn't want to work, sorry about that.

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14 hours ago, Korozive said:

I can't seem to find the first "Blackout" you mentioned. Unless your name on ID games is different than the one in the forum.

It's right here.

Though, it's not much different. It's just up until Dead Simple and no TITLE/INTERPIC or RSKY1.

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I played maps 1 - 4 in BLACKOUT.wad, and I would say the mod is not bad 54/100. Many rooms consist of the same variety of enemies. I noticed monsters will either be stuck in the map or do not attack you. Demons do not know how to climb stairs, and placing soldiers behind monsters will cause the enemies to fight each other. You can fix the door going into the sky effect by increasing the Ceiling Height of the room. I see numerous texture alignment issues throughout the maps. Adjust the lighting values in rooms to have the rooms appear more 3 dimensional. Teleporters, and elevators will lead you into rooms that are full of monsters. There is no room to move around in these rooms. Smooth out the difficulty of the map, spread out the monsters throughout the map instead of 1 area. The larger areas were well designed, and there is enough room to move around.

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