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Post-Christmas news!

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Well, I had a great Christmas, how about you? Metroid Prime + home theater system in the space of a week == me being very distracted :)

Anyway, just figured I'd let everyone know that I've got things updated to ZDoom 2.0.29 now and am going to work on the intermission screens so they don't crash people in coop play :) I'm still on track to have 0.72 out for the weekend.

Also, the plan for the future is this:

version 0.7+: initial release and bugfixes
version 0.8+: 0.7 + md2 models
version 0.9+: 0.8 + dynamic lighting
version 1.0: 0.9 + final bugfixes
version 1.1+: fancy-shmancy new features

Right now we're in the 0.7+ phase, which is me getting the initial release out the door and squishing most of the bugs before moving to the md2 models.

Just figured I'd lay stuff out so people can see where things will be heading.

There's no real timetable for things, though, since I do have a real job which kinda takes precedence over ZDoomGL...

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Cool, those were easier than I thought they were going to be (once I figured out how to run a multiplayer game on my own machine)...

So, fixes for 0.72 (so far):

- update to ZDoom 2.0.29
- savegames work again
- deathmatch and coop intermission screens moslty work (tested in Doom2, anyway). They're missing some graphics, but they work.
- vid_fps bug is (hopefully) fixed

I also added a "Purge Textures" menu option to the OpenGL menu (Options->Display Options->OpenGL Options), so you can reload all the textures in game if any get corrupted.

I'll be doing some more testing before releasing, but I don't see any reason why I can't release 0.72 this weekend...

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I'm still working on the best way to implement md2 models. The old way always bugged me because it seemed very complex (with md2.ini), so I'm exploring different ways of doing it.

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