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Invasions from the Outside - A Historical Review

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A while ago I wrote up a "story" explaining the ties between Doom, Doom 2, Quake, Quake 2 and, to a very limited degree, Quake 3 Arena. I made it into a "historical overview" and turned it into its current form. Anyway, although I've written the whole story, I'll release it in bits because otherwise it will be too big a mouthful and people rarely like to read huge big posts (I know I don't) and furthermore, I'll release the parts with a decent time gap in between so people have a chance to digest each chapter properly. Next part will be out pretty soon, but now, enjoy Part 1.

Invasions from the Outside

Most of the history of Earth is characterized by squabbles and strife between different human factions. Periods of peace have been so rare that it is believed that they don’t even exist. Yet there have been a few periods throughout the history of humanity where all of mankind has united against a common enemy. And when this alien enemy struck, it was usually unwarned and with terrifying results.

The First Catastrophe: Doom

2145, a year that would stick with the minds of all of humanity for centuries to come.

It began with a multinational corporation known as the Union Aerospace Corporation. The UAC had taken over where NASA had left off. NASA explored planets; the UAC exploited them and soon grew to the size of the largest company on Earth, setting up successful colonies on a number of moons and planets within the system Sol.

One such colony was located on Mars and its two moons Phobos and Deimos. The colony on Mars was where the UAC made the bulk of their top-secret research, especially together with the military. Being the biggest supplier of military hardware, the military had invested enormous recourses in the multi-planetary corporation and so far, the UAC had not disappointed them.
But one project would prove to be fatal.

After years upon years of concentrated research, UAC scientist finally uncovered a method to create means of “instant object translocation” or simply teleportation. The process was immensely complicated and it took years to construct two gateways on Phobos and Deimos. This proved to be only the beginning of the active research, because the UAC had lots of problems getting the gateways to work properly. Only after three years after the gates were constructed, results were achieved.
Objects were thrown through the source gate on Phobos and the excited personnel on Deimos witnessed how the objects arrived safely through the destination gate. However the joy was short, because when the UAC tried with living humans, they simply never arrived on Deimos. After working a bit more on the two gateways and testing with inanimate objects again, the UAC tried with humans again.
This time the test subjects did return, but were stricken with an unknown form of insanity, babbling vulgarities and attacking anyone in sight before ultimately blowing up from the inside.

After several dead human test subjects, all dying in the same horrid manner, the UAC decided to put the project on hold for a while, going back to the drawing board.

Nearly one week later, the gateways were mysteriously turned on without anyone even touching the machinery. The scientists tried to shut down the gates but in vain.
Few seconds afterwards, the headquarters on the Mars base received a strange SOS message from Phobos. The message was very vague and soon went completely incoherent, but what the staff on Mars did get was that “something” was coming out of the gateways, computer systems had run amok and that the base on Phobos was in urgent need of reinforcements.

The marine force stationed on Mars to ensure that nobody stole plans for any of the important military projects of the UAC or even got wind of them, had no idea what was going on. They were among the most ignorant people on the Mars colony, only assigned to guard or patrol certain areas. But suddenly they were sent to Phobos asap without any word on what was going on.

One soldier was left outside to monitor the radar systems back at his squad’s drop ship, while the rest of the troops went inside. The lone marine outside listened to the radio only to hear how his comrades came under attack by something that did not sound very human. And when the odds for his marine comrades didn’t seem too good and as he realized that he wouldn’t do much good outside, the lone warrior decided to go inside to try and help the other marines.

Inside the base proved to be a complete mess and every sentient being’s worst nightmare appeared to have come true. Terrifying monsters had overrun the base and killed every human, before having resurrected some of them and possessed their bodies, turning them into maddened cannibal humans.

But with all odds against him, the lone marine managed to clear out the Phobos base. However, he was unsuccessful at finding any of the other marines alive. Instead, he found the source gateway to find it open. The marine had already found documentation about the device so he knew what it was. Since it seemed the only way off the moon, he went into it, wondering what lay ahead.

After a terrifying hallucination, he arrived on Deimos to find that the base there had been mutated beyond recognition. He may had had his suspicions earlier, but this time he really began to actively suspect that the aliens were actually demons from Hell itself. Their unmatched savagery and sadism together with their utterly demonic looks and terrifying abilities that appeared to be pure black magic, seemed to be only the traits of demons.
Yet his victory on Phobos had given him courage and hope and the lone human continued the fight, slaying countless monsters until he finally encountered a terrible abomination at the far end of the mutated moon base: A cybernetic terror, a mix between a demon and high-tech devices. This biomechanical terror was the lord of the corrupted Deimos base, but after a hard fight, the terror was finally slain and the lone warrior was triumphant again.

But not for long.

Tired, but still far from exhausted, the hero looked down from the moon, only to be robbed of all his courage. For below him, a vast plane of torment and horrible death stretched before him. Hell itself! The proof that the monsters he had fought were indeed the minions of the Devil.

After some uneasy rest, the marine gathered all his anger, all his hatred towards Evil itself and somehow managed to boost his courage further than ever before. Finding a demonic teleporter, he arrived on the surface of Hell.

He did not know whether he would have a chance of making it out alive, he did not know if the fighting would serve a purpose and he did not know if there was some way of stopping the demons, but he was determined to carry on, at least in order to punish those unholy beings that sow evil in his own realm. After a few hours of battle, the exhausted marine arrived at a strange building in Hell.
This building housed a strange machine composed of advanced human machinery fused with demonic flesh bones and other odd materials. Though the machine at first seemed alien, he soon recognized the human parts as something that could be some of the parts of a “translocator” gateway. Apparently the demons were trying to create their own gateway, but how could that be? Surely the demons were nothing but mindless monsters animals with no ability to construct things? No! There was the cyberdemon on Deimos. That demon could only have been cybernetically enhanced by the possessed humans, but was it possible that there was a driving force behind the demon invasion of the two moons. A driving mastermind?

The answer came before he expected. A terrifying cybernetic monstrosity arrived at the scene. A terrible cybernetic spideresque monster brandishing exclusively human technology to move and attack. But once again the hero prevailed and destroyed the spiderdemon. After his victory, he examined the gateway machine closer and found a way to activating it, while also preparing its destruction.
After making the necessary preparations, the marine activated the machine and setting the system to max so that it would overload. Then he rushed through the gate and arrived back on Earth while the demonic gateway was destroyed back in Hell.

But his relief was short.


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The First Disaster: Doom – the second coming

The exhausted hero had finally returned to his home, but to his despair, his home was no longer safe. Demons had overrun his own planet and his own species was now at serious risk of becoming extinct among all other animal races on the Earth. The marine didn’t know where the demons had come from and how they had managed to make it to Earth, but he promised that he would fight them to the end.

He soon met up with a few human soldiers who brought him to a secret underground military installation. After getting some well-earned rest for a few days, he was filled in on the situation. The situation was a grave one indeed. The demons kept pouring out of teleportation fields and their source couldn’t be tracked easily; no one had succeeded in plotting in the actual source of these teleportation fields. The soldiers of humanity were fighting a losing battle, killing demons in the millions, but all in vain as the demons kept arriving. Now humanity had finally realized that the only salvation lay in the five gigantic super star ships that were docked in the five star ports orbiting the planet. Unfortunately, this realization came too late as the demons had already taken over the Earth’s only ground star port.

The hero from the Mars invasion was soon sent back into action. Together with a large assault force, his objective was clear: Retake the star base and allow for secure evacuation of the human survivors.
The battle proved a bloody one. The demons corrupted the defensive systems of the star port, turning them on the human soldiers. Those that made it past the outer defenses were met with a living wall of bloodthirsty demons. Amidst the confusion, the hero was separated from his comrades and found himself alone once again. But he was now more angry and crazy than ever before and after a furious battle, the marine made it to the center of the star port, clearing out a lot of unwelcome guests and removing the obstacles, opening up the star port for the survivors to evacuate.

A large scale evacuation then took place. Millions of people arrived at the star port, where they were launched into space, sent to any of the five spaceports in space where they could board the super ships. Soon the final preparations were made. But there was one problem.

One man had to stay behind to ensure the safe launch of the five super ships into space. The hero who had been to Hell and who had ensured the recapture of the star base volunteered and was thus left behind.
He did not waste his time though.

After a successful launch and after getting some rest, he embarked on a lone mission: To find the source of the demon invasion and shut it down once and for all.

His journey led him through the blasted remains of what was once his home city and there he finally discovered a fortress that could only have been constructed by demons.
Within this fortress, he located a large rift. There was no sign of an engine powering the rift and thus no way of destroying it on this side, so the now crazed warrior decided to return to the dimension of all Evil: Hell.

The demons would soon regret that they ever set their clawed feet on Earth as the enraged madman blasted his way through the hellish landscape until he arrived to a dark fortress. Inside it, he encountered the largest demon of them all: The Icon of Sin, who appeared to have been augmented with human gateway technology, allowing it to send its minions to Earth through portal fields. Yet everything comes at a cost and this awesome ability had spawned a main rift, which was the very rift that the human marine had gone through on his second journey to Hell.

After an intense battle, the lone marine defeated the demon. As the abominable demon collapsed, the rapidly crumbling gateway device spawned a rift which the hero went through.

The journey blotted out all his consciousness, affecting his brain, cleansing it, so that he had only a vague memory of the mind-numbing horrors he had experienced during either of his journeys to Hell and back.

With the demonic gateway destroyed, the demons on Earth could no longer reinforce themselves and the humans soon began a massive military campaign of retaking their rightful home. Not wasting the time they were granted, the humans had thrown all resources at their disposal into mobilizing all of their military might, initiating a massive campaign to retake Earth. After the initial bombardments from space, the “mopping up” forces were sent to Earth and cleared out the last demons, but not after many perilous battles.
Yet even after humanity returned to their home, there were still situations where a few stray demons would show up. They were killed on sight and mostly didn’t pose much of a problem.

Earth was finally safe. The great hero that destroyed the Hellish gateway was never heard of after his return and his fate remains unknown. Did he fall victim to the bombings or a demon? Or did he simply hide somewhere where he could not be found again?

Nobody ever found out, but people were also too preoccupied with rebuilding their planet and remove the last trace of the greatest catastrophe in Earth’s entire history. A catastrophe that people simply termed:



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The First Quake Incident – The Slipgates

Nearly three centuries passed after “DOOM”. Humanity went into a new period of “Dark Ages”, where most of the core technologies had been lost and little progress in development of new technologies were made. In the first years after “DOOM” people simply tried their best to forget the mind numbing horrors of the catastrophe and the truth was ultimately lost. The catastrophe termed “DOOM” became more of a myth than anything. Most people believed that the truth was that the impact of an asteroid had caused the catastrophe. Since all trace of the demons and the “DOOM” era was wiped out, there was little to nothing to prove these people wrong. Only a handful of people actually believed in the myth of “DOOM”. Everyone else used them as a sort of fairy tale to scare older children with. Decades and years passed and none of them brought any real technological breakthroughs with them.

In the year of 2416, an enigmatic young scientist made an exciting discovery. By this time, there was only little in terms of spacecraft technology. Humanity had completely abandoned space exploration and focused on rediscovering lost technologies. But this scientist was among the wealthiest men in the world and at first he was greatly interested in reviving space exploration. A small, unmanned spacecraft made it to Mars and its two moon and somewhere within the ruins of the old UAC Phobos base, the craft uncovered old data on a device of a sort never heard of in any documentation before except for what was considered a fairy tale: A Translocator.

Clearly excited, the scientist instead focused the bulk of his energies on this discovery. The fragments of data revealed only little, but being a bit of a detective and driven by his firm determination to achieve results, the scientist and his colleagues were able to piece together several things and he was excited of the prospect that maybe he would be able to create a new gateway device. With the ability to instantly teleport people and cargo from one place to another instantly, he would be able to give humanity the revolution it so badly needed and drag them out of the depressing dark ages.

By that time, technologies were mostly inferior to the technologies that existed in the era around the “DOOM” catastrophe, even in the military which was the technically riches organization on Earth by that time, many weapons worked like twentieth century weapons, but a few were made from rediscovered technologies and others were made from new, crude technologies.

Unlike the UAC, the scientist who rediscovered fragments of translocator technology, was not in the least interested in supplying the military, but as he slowly, but steadily made progress in his research in this exciting technology, the military began to show interest.
The scientist’s work ultimately led to breathtaking results. After several years of painstaking research, he and his colleagues were able to make the foundations for what he ended up calling: The Slipgate.
This occurred in 2429

As with the UAC Translocators, the Slipgate proved to be troublesome. Even more unstable than the technology powering the original UAC gateways, the slipgate device would often blow up when tested and it would take four more years before the true revolution came.
One day in the year 2433 the slipgate worked. Two slipgates had been set up at two different locations on Earth, but unlike with the UAC gateways, there was no specific source or destination gate. The Slipgate device successfully transported an empty crate from Oklahoma to Texas. Several tests followed in which the device proved successful.
This was when the military stepped in. The military came with orders from the government to take control of the device and much to the scientist’s regret, he watched as his lifework came into the iron grip of the military.
Now under military supervision, living animals were soon used as test subjects. There was no problem there so the military went a step ahead and tried with human subjects also here the slipgates proved flawless, so the military soon began to actively use the device, setting up several slipgates at a number of military installations.

The inventor of the slipgates had been employed by the military to help with the construction and supervision of the devices. Yet it was against his wishes that the slipgate device should have active functions, as he warned that the device had still not been perfected. The military, however did not listen and only urged him to continue his research. And they never did put the slipgates on hold. If they had done that, the following disaster might never have occurred.

In a slightly hellish parallel dimension an evil being sensed a faint signal. The mighty god-like creature could sense that it came from another dimension and although the signal was faint and quickly disappeared again, he could pinpoint it.
Waiting and biding his time, the power mad creature’s patience was finally rewarded as the signal appeared again. Utilizing the bulk of his powers, he it was able to lock the signal and use it to create a temporary rift through which it could send its evil servants.

The first Slipgate raid occurred 2434. The military base in Texas was taken completely by surprise and everyone was either killed or kidnapped. The invaders also stole as much machinery from the base as they could before returning with some of their victims, the captured survivors and the technology to their Master.

With his incomprehensible powers the being was able to interpret and understand the core of the slipgate technologies among the other captured technologies within moments.
Within that very base that the demonic servants of the being had overrun, the military had conducted a controversial experiment months ago, and there were still things left behind bearing witness of these experiments. The experiments involved inserting a certain chip into the brains of some soldiers that had volunteered. The chip would give these soldiers a delightful sensation of lust whenever they killed something, greatly boosting the morale and eagerness to engage in combat. That experiment proved to be a disaster though as the subjects ended up turning upon anyone who would accidentally provoke the subjects. It usually did not take much to provoke one of these test subjects.

Now this powerful extra-terrestrial creature used this technology to “convert” the captured human soldiers into maddened, semi-mutated soldiers with only one single thought: To kill in the name of their Master.

Constructing its own slipgates the being set the converted soldiers loose upon their own kin, using them to capture more humans for conversion and to steal more technology. The authorities on Earth were beginning to panic as base after base fell prey to this seemingly unknown enemy. It was not until one day where one of this being’s assaults on a base went wrong.
A shipment of advanced technologies had just been delivered to the base and it came under escort of several heavily armed soldiers. Because of this, there were extra soldiers within the base when the converted soldiers hit it and the humans were able to repel the twisted mutant soldiers. On its dying breath, on of the enemy soldiers whispered with the last remnants of his human voice: “Bow down before the Master. Bow down before Quake”



I "stole" some ideas from a machinema movie called "Seal of Nehara" so sue me :-P

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Good gawd man. Do your writing abilities know no end? :)

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ravage said:

Good gawd man. Do your writing abilities know no end? :)

As a matter of fact they do - I don't seem to be able to get myself arsed to continue working on Hell on Earth, HeXen or Castle Wolfenstein (worked a bit on CW a couple days ago but that was it), so I guess it's time to take a break on those.

This story on the other hand will continue, because as I've already stated, it's already written - I'm just posting it with a two-day gap to allow people to "swallow" each chapter probably :-)

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Still, outstanding work. Makes me want to work on my story. (nothing out till it's done. Probably.)

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impressive indeed...

first a question:

The First Catastrophe: Doom

2145, a year that would stick with the minds of all of humanity for centuries to come.

Is 2145 the "official" year Doom takes place or did you pick it yourself?
I was wondering because it seems like a long time. Looking at the technology the humans have in the game, I suppose we could be there in like 2085.

The First Quake Incident – The Slipgates
Nearly three centuries passed after “DOOM”. Humanity went into a new period of “Dark Ages”, where most of the core technologies had been lost and little progress in development of new technologies were made. In the first years after “DOOM” people simply tried their best to forget the mind numbing horrors of the catastrophe and the truth was ultimately lost. The catastrophe termed “DOOM” became more of a myth than anything.

This is the most intriguing part; it kinda reminded me of Foundation (the Dark Ages part) by Asimov.

The struggle of the scientist against the dogmas and common believes to uncover the truth and later his struggle to stop the foolish military from abusing his findings.
I think this could be the base for an excellent story. Also it wouldn`t be like an average Doom based story; about a marine shooting of monsters and stuff (not that there`s anything wrong with that). If you feel like it, I`d love to see you work it out to a complete story...

keep it up!

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m0l0t0v said:
first a question:
Is 2145 the "official" year Doom takes place or did you pick it yourself?
I was wondering because it seems like a long time. Looking at the technology the humans have in the game, I suppose we could be there in like 2085.

It's the official year in Doom 3.

And no, I don't think it seems late. You've got to consider that they have a relatively breathable atmosphere on Phobos on Deimos (that must require a friggin' advanced technology plus a shitload of time to pull that off), let alone keep both moons afloat while having bases on them (possibly some gravity generator placed as the core of both moons), they have started researching actually teleportation technologies that can safely transport objects (but not humans yet) - I know that research on teleportation has really begun already, but so far, they've only been able to teleport particles or something like that. I doubt we'll be seeing these things as early as 2085. But then again, you'll never know.

This is the most intriguing part; it kinda reminded me of Foundation (the Dark Ages part) by Asimov.

The struggle of the scientist against the dogmas and common believes to uncover the truth and later his struggle to stop the foolish military from abusing his findings.
I think this could be the base for an excellent story. Also it wouldn`t be like an average Doom based story; about a marine shooting of monsters and stuff (not that there`s anything wrong with that). If you feel like it, I`d love to see you work it out to a complete story...

I have considered doing both a Quake story and a Quake 2 story, but if I do, it won't be until pretty far out in the future, because I already have a shitload of other plans that I'd like to carry out first. Like two large stories I've gotta do after I've finished Hell on Earth and I've already thought up plans for smaller, Doom related stories too.

I actually did this story as a temporary substitute for a Quake 1 story (and Quake 2 story too), so that I wouldn't forget the grand ideas I got for a Quake 1 story.

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The First Quake Incident – Quake

Nothing was really known about this entity known as Quake, but it soon became clear to scientists that he was from another dimension. For as the last converted soldiers that later became known as “Grunts” were driven back through the slipgate, the targeted destination of the slipgate was recorded and scientists later conducted a number of tests that proved that these coordinates were in fact located in this other dimension. A number of other disturbing discoveries were made, because it became evident that the “Grunts” and the converted mutations of “Enforcers” – Specially equipped and trained police soldiers that were normally tasked with upholding law and order on military bases – were not Quake’s real army. Because something else had raided the first military base which was hit by Quake. Those animalistic semi-humans had not appeared by themselves. Something had kidnapped the first “Grunts”. Furthermore, the military had been able to send a signature-tracking device through the slipgate seconds before it closed.
Still being able to receive the recordings of this device, scientists and specialists gathered that there seemed to be a massing of entities and judging by the structure of these signatures, these entities were nothing human. It seemed quite clear that this “Quake” was massing his real army for a large-scale assault on Earth.

If only the humans knew what they were up against. Quake was indeed this creature’s name and rightly so. His powers and mere intentions could quake every world in its own foundations. He had already subjugated a number of worlds and turned them into unpleasant shadows of the worlds they were before. Inhabiting the lands of these subjugated dimensions were foul creatures, all servants of Quake. Quake himself originally belonged to a race known as the Vadrigar.

The Vadrigar was a powerful race of god-like beings that savored for the carnage of battle, but only as passive spectators. The Vadrigar, possessing the uncanny ability to learn and understand the basics of any technology by just looking at it, used their extensive knowledge and powerful magics to fashion arenas looking like mocks of areas from many different worlds and universes in small holes in the void of space, invisible to anyone outside them except for the Vadrigar themselves. Using their incomprehensible powers, the Vadrigar would “borrow” some of the greatest warriors of all times and all worlds and pit them against each others in the arenas, but only for a certain time period corresponding to several hundred Earth years, before they would again be returned to their own world to the exact same time they were picked out, and in the same state as they were picked, without any memory of the arenas.
Yet one Vadrigar went against the rules of the other Vadrigar and started using his powers to claim and rule other worlds as a god.
Enraged, the other Vadrigar banned their wayward kinsman from their own realm, but not before draining him of all his powers. Unfortunately, the exiled Vadrigar was sneakier than his kin had thought. He had stolen a Sphere containing vast energies of a kind that the Vadrigar used to recharge their powers and through it, he regained many of his former powers. Yet the most powerful of his abilities were lost for him.
He called himself “Quake” and bore the Vadrigar symbol of the “Unclean” – a rune composed of a half-complete circle with its “arms” stretched upward like the horns of a demon and with a single nail-shaped spike in the center, pointing downward.

This “Quake” was the very same who now threatened Earth.

The military hastily assembled a counter strike force. With the destination of the other dimension recorded, they intended to send the army to the other dimension to find Quake and stop him, or it.

The military knew that they were up against an unknown enemy, so they made a computer perform an analysis. The computer suggested a man nicknamed Ranger, a violent soldier who had a nasty habit of getting into barroom brawls. At that time, he was enjoying an “educational” stay at a high-security military prison. Ranger may have been violent and undisciplined, but he was known for his unmatched stubbornness. He would never abandon a mission once sent out, no matter how hopeless the odds and he would never fail his comrades. Once in the field, Ranger was a dangerous killing machine, fearing nothing and showing no mercy. He had been promoted countless times and each time demoted just as quickly again.

As such, Ranger was put in charge of the counter attack termed ‘Operation: Counter Strike’, a role he certainly wasn’t used to, but one that he would make sure not to disappoint in.

Unfortunately, Quake’s previous attacks had had the effect of hampering transport and administration of supplies, so the task force was temporarily put on hold until they could be geared up for the job. Meanwhile, Quake had already learned about Operation: Counter Strike by looking into the Earth realm. He assembled his armies of terrifying nightmare creatures and unleashed them on the idle task force on Earth. But they missed the one man, who was the most important member of the human strike force.

Ranger, as the leader of the assault force had gone out scouting the area around the base, partially to check for any hostile activity around the base and partially to see if the equipment from Command H.Q. would arrive anytime soon. Hearing the sounds of gunfire, he rushed back only to see that the situation was already a hopeless disaster.

The camp that the task force had set up was under attack by savage alien creatures. Ranger could see with one glance that it was hopeless. The enemy force was far superior in numbers and the individual alien warriors were extremely dangerous. Several humans already lay dead and Ranger knew that it would be certain death if he just rushed to the aid of his comrades.

So torn between his commitment to his men and the commitment to the mission, Ranger chose to carry on with his original mission: To find the cause for all this mess and destroy whatever being it might be. And as such, this was the first time Ranger abandoned his men, and with a heavy heart he headed for the nearby slipgate complex from were he knew the monsters had come and infiltrated the base, while his men struggled in vain to fend off the invaders.
Ranger had a feeling that Quake had thrown his main forces at the counter strike force. Apparently he feared the humans so much as to throw a force ten times bigger than necessary at the humans, but it left Ranger with one advantage: There would be less creatures guarding the realm of Quake.

Ranger thus began his lone battle against the minions of Quake. Blasting through the Slipgate Complex, killing everything Quake had left to guard it, he located the slipgate that was still set to the dimension from where these creatures came from and without much hesitation, Ranger entered the gate arriving in a hostile world that looked like something out of medieval times, only with otherworldly beings and with even more hostile environments.
Luckily for Ranger, Quake’s forces had stolen everything from basic machinery to human weapons and ammunition, looking for ways to exploit the human technology and the weapons. In his greed for power, Quake had made his minions steal lots of ammunition, and Ranger found that his odds were drastically improved as he could just equip himself with the ammo and weapons he found on his way. For Quake had not expected that any human would make it into his own dimension and this lone human who fought with a ferocity never witnessed before in his realms certainly caught him by surprise.

Ranger fought his way through the four different dimensions under Quake’s control. These four dimensions were the four most powerful dimensions under Quake’s control and as such, four ancient runes were necessary to keep them under his control. These were also the runes that had allowed Quake to create the rift into the Earth Realm in the first place and they contained ancient wisdom about these realms and about the creatures in them. When Ranger encountered the first rune, he was surprised to hear a voice tell him tales and floating images swim before his eyes. The voice and the images told him about the other runes and about their combined ability to open doors to other worlds. Ranger realized that his enemies were not just from one dimension, but also from several dimensions. Entering a portal leading to a second dimension under Quake’s rule and taking the rune with him, he thus tore the “Dimension of the Doomed” out of Quake’s iron grip. But it didn’t end there.
As Ranger blasted his way through Quake’s otherworldly beings, traveling from dimension to dimension and gradually collecting each of the four runes, Quake’s supremacy over the four worlds crumbled and Ranger ultimately delivered a devastating blow to Quake’s plans. As Ranger claimed rune after rune, he learned about Shub-Niggurath, a seemingly immortal being that had given birth to all of Quake’s minions. The terrors that Ranger had fought were all her offspring. Shub-Niggurath had made a pact with Quake ages ago: She would create the warriors for Quake to command and he would not only let her live, but have her oversee and rule the dimensions. She too desired to have control over the Earth.

The Runes told Ranger that all four runes would create a rift to Shub-Niggurath’s pit, yet that destroying her would be a next to impossible task as Earthly weapons could not harm her. Yet Ranger managed to destroy her through other, devious means and thus wiped out the Mother of all of Quake’s minions.

Quake himself, however was far from beaten and although his army could no longer be reinforced, it was still vast. So Ranger’s gruelling job would turn out to be far from complete.


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The First Quake Incident – Time Chaos

Ranger managed to find a slipgate that led back to Earth. Too weary to care how this might be, Ranger arrived home on Earth at the military’s HQ and collapsed from weariness.
The runes however, had somehow enhanced Ranger and he only needed a few hours of rest before he felt energetic and strong again. After a few hours, he woke up again and clearly refreshed, he now noticed that things were not at all normal at the headquarters; there was no sign of life anywhere. A base like this one ought to be bustling with military activity, but there was not a single human there. Only the humming and buzzing computer terminals.
Ranger, sensing something really amiss, readied those of his weapons that he had brought back with him and began a stealthy surveillance. After walking though most of the abandoned military base, he came across a computer terminal with a message on it. The message shredded what hope Ranger had left, for it stated that Quake’s minions had overrun the research facility, home of the Slipgate experiments, and that the base had been evacuated. Ranger realized that the base itself had been sealed off in hopes of containing the invasion and prevent Quake from taking over more hardware and advance further into the Earth Realm.
But Ranger wasn’t the covering type who gave up easily. He decided to initiate a campaign of his own. His original orders were still crystal clear to him: Find the source of the invasion and destroy it!

With a growl of anticipation of combat, Ranger entered a slipgate and leapt headfirst into the fray, fighting his way through a number of facilities, encountering new abominable cyborg creations - proof that Quake was beginning to use human technology to create enhanced monstrosities - before he found a warped slipgate deep in the bowels of the research facility. The slipgate had somehow been overpowered and augmented with a magical teleportal, to form a single gateway to one of Quake’s many realms. Still augmented by the four runes, Ranger realized that destroying this abomination of a slipgate could start a devastating chain reaction that could prove disastrous. Therefore he had to return to one of Quake’s worlds and do battle with the minions of Quake on their own turf.

After a series of battles, Ranger found the very generator that powered the slipgate and destroyed it, thus barring Quake’s minions and Ranger himself from entering Earth. Yet in the chaos that ensued from destroying the generator, Ranger was caught in an interdimensional flux and cast into a world outside the laws of time and space; The world that Quake had given to his highest-ranking General, Armagon.
As such, Ranger woke up in a world that most of all looked like a strange mixture of Earth and a Quake realm. Ranger continued the battle in this odd world until he confronted and defeated Armagon. Armagon turned out to be a cyborg himself. Maybe it had even been his idea to utilize human technology to augment some of Quake’s minions in the first place.

After destroying Armagon, Ranger found and sealed the rift that the overpowered slipgate had left in its wake even after being shut down. The result proved chaotic, opening a temporary rift to Earth through which Ranger quickly leapt.

But the Quake incident was still not over, for Ranger awoke back on Earth after having lost consciousness. And to his surprise, he found that things were still not right. He noticed how the base looked like it had been abandoned for ages and felt a start of panic. Wasn’t Quake defeated yet? No he wasn’t! Ranger found the mangled remnants of a Grunt lying on the mud-covered floor. In his backpack, Ranger found a parchment revealing to Ranger that the year was 1215 A.Q. – “After Quake”. Apparently, Quake had gained supremacy over the Earth while Ranger was gone. Somehow, Quake had managed to steal hundreds of years from Ranger and he had not been wasting his time.
Enraged, Ranger went out in pursuit of Quake’s minions once more, slaying them wherever he found them. On his journeys through the warped lands of an Earth that Ranger could barely recognize it became clear to him that Quake had fouled up time somehow. He had to find out how Quake had done this and ensure everything would once again be like it was meant to be again. Ranger was quite sure that this was not how it was meant to be; that he was not supposed to be the only surviving human being and that Earth was not meant to be fouled up by Quake. After hours of hard battles, Ranger finally destroyed the ancient dragon that guarded an advanced machine constructed by Quake from human technology. This machine was the very device that had warped time and with a series of well-placed rockets, Ranger sent the device down in flames. Yet the machine was still operational for a brief time after the time-warping device sank into the lava and Ranger used it to return to his own time. He made it, but only just. He had foiled Quake’s plans and had finally returned to Earth to the time after his defeat of Armagon. He was relieved to see that everything was as it should be and using the communication system in HQ, he contacted the outside world.

Ranger was lauded as the hero he was and greatly rewarded. Yet after his otherworldly experiences he never became fully human again, but he lived many years onward before dying of old age.


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Guest á-Ù

It's ment to be the symbols for "Alpha" and "Omega" but it came out wrong.
Ah, screw it I'll just re-register with a proper username.

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The Reverend Julian said:

wtf a username is that?

Wtf kind of a question is that to ask in a fan fics/pics forum? ;-)

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á-Ù said:

It's ment to be the symbols for "Alpha" and "Omega" but it came out wrong.

Whoa, God's posting on the forum.

See Julian, I told you my return would bring about good things =)

I figured He'd know better than to place flamebait in His sig though.

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The Second Quake Incident – The Strogg

Quake himself had escaped Ranger, but he would no longer pose a direct threat to Earth. His efforts to overthrow the planet had left him weakened and drained of his powers. After Ranger destroyed his time warping device and after several of the Quake worlds had fallen, Quake had been thrown into the Earth realm where he was trapped now. But he had ended up in a galaxy far away from the milky way and he had settled on a peaceful planet with a rich animal life.

The Vadrigar was characterized by the fact that their powers were their very own life force and although Quake had been expelled from the world of the other Vadrigar and therefore mutated as he was no longer in touch with his own world, he was still a Vadrigar in that respect. Weakened, but obsessed with his hatred to humanity, he devised one final plan to take revenge on humanity. Unknown to even the Vadrigar, Quake had become so evil and corrupted because of his naïve fascination with evil. As a Vadrigar among his kinsmen and before he got the horrid name “Quake”, he intently studied one dimension where all evil of the Universe was gathered: Hell.

He had seen how Hell had been left devastated and wrecked after the human hero of the DOOM catastrophe had killed the Icon of Sin, and assumed that Hell was no longer dangerous to study. He was wrong and Hell did not like to be studied. A sudden force corrupted the young Vadrigar and turned him into the Evil that he ended his days as, obsessed with his plans to bring humanity to its knees.

Armagon had been the one under Quake’s command who had come up with the idea to make use of human technology to augment Quake’s minions cybernetically. Armagon had only been able to make one type of minion into such a cyborg apart from himself. Quake still had a few remaining minions under his control, both the cybernetic type and a few other regular monsters. Using his extensive knowledge on human technology and of other technologies, Quake sacrificed his minions and used their body parts together with mechanical devices, fashioning a race as the world had never seen before in such a form: The Strogg.

Basically, the Strogg was a race born as cyborgs. An artificial race, unable to reproduce normally, knowing only war and combat.

In his eagerness to spell doom for the humans, Quake forgot that his efforts would drain him dry, leaving him as a dead, empty shell. Therefore Quake died suddenly and horribly, but before he died, he managed to give the Strogg a leader. Using the brain of Armagon, which was all that remained of that mighty warlord, Quake created an intelligent cybernetic super computer with its own consciousness. He also left behind a special type of crystal, which was the last remnant of the magical sphere that had allowed Quake to regain most of his powers the first time he had been left drained, then by his own kin.
The sphere piece could no longer be used to give Quake his powers again, but it had other capabilities. For this crystal could be used in connection with advanced machinery to open rifts in space, generating a sort of black holes through which the Strogg could travel from one solar system to another regardless of which galaxy the destination was.

Having been given a sort of consciousness on their own, but still at the mercy of the super computer which they called the “Makron”, the Strogg were able to develop their technology on their own. Basically, the Strogg technology was incredibly similar to basic human technology, differing only in some slight areas. The first Strogg were not particularly advanced or robust compared to later versions, but the Strogg had the advantage of an intelligent super computer as a leader, which helped them develop their technology at a mad pace and as the Makron learned more about the technology given to him, he would order his minions to expand his databanks, making him even more advanced.

The Makron was soon tired of his role as a passive super computer and ordered his minions to give him an actual body. They created the finest battle droid to house the core of the super computer and thus, the Makron was restructured and became probably the single most robotic of all the Strogg, but also the deadliest and the technically most advanced as the Strogg developed their computer technology making it possible to fit all of the Makron’s databanks within the battle droid body. Commanding the most powerful weapons in the Strogg arsenal, he was the undisputed Warlord to which all the other Warlords in the Strogg society were comparable.

The collective mind of the Strogg was occupied with only few things: Expand, develop, capture and food.
Being basically a race composed of captured races fused with metal and biomechanical technology, the Strogg was as “racial diverse” a race as it was single-minded.

Having quickly developed a massive war machine and means of traveling in space, the Strogg not only captured or mutated most of the life on the planet that was later named “Stroggos” by the humans after the dominant race there, but the fierce race traveled to other planets, capturing and killing inhabitants on those planets and adding them to the rapidly growing ranks of the Strogg war machine.

Meanwhile on the Earth, technology had made a similar large leap. After the Quake Incident, humanity had realized the necessity of developing technologies as to better be able to counter alien invasions in the future. The Quake Incident had made people realize that perhaps the myth of the DOOM catastrophe was true, especially as it became known that the Quake Incident was caused by using a technology developed from data about another, older technology said to have caused “DOOM”. As such, research on any form of gateway technology even slightly related to Slipgates or Translocators was strictly prohibited.
Instead there was a massive boost on other technological areas. Space Exploration was not only revived but also made new leaps at a rapid pace. Many older weapons technologies were rediscovered and taken a couple of steps further. However, the society on Earth had also become a very militaristic society where the military strictly controlled everything and spread out lots of propaganda in general.

Despite the fact that the entire Earth society was mentally prepared for alien invasions, the Strogg invasion struck suddenly and unexpected. There has since been given many theories as to why humanity was caught by surprise. The most accepted one said that humanity expected Aliens to arrive from other dimensions through portals within their own society, because that was what had happened twice before, but the Strogg invasion came from the sky. Suddenly they just appeared on the radar screens just within orbit of the Earth and by then it was too late to mobilize any defense against them. The first Strogg incursions happened nearly a century after the Quake incident in the year 2521.

The first assault wave had been devastating and before humanity could mount an effective counter attack, the Strogg had already captured thousands of humans, lots of human military hardware and left lots of destruction behind them. The Strogg retreated, satisfied with their “spoils”. And now they began to modify their own technology so that it was compatible with human technology. Strogg weapons were designed so that the Strogg could use human ammunition in their weapons, thus permitting them to use human ammunition against the humans when the Strogg charged human installations, they learned the human tongue so that they could decipher messages between humans and they became more then normally familiar with the workings of human technology.

However, humanity soon recovered from the first assault wave and in the subsequent attacks, they were far better prepared, inflicting crushing defeats on the Strogg. In the end however, their efforts seemed in vain, for these cybernetic aliens had the major advantage over humans that they could be repaired and that they could use human body parts to augment their ranks with new Strogg warriors. So no matter how valiantly the humans fought, wave after wave of attackers rained down on the Earth. Whether the Strogg lost or won the battles, there would always be new resources for the Strogg to salvage for their army. The humans were fighting a losing battle unless something drastic was done and the generals in the human armies were determined to do something drastic about these “barbaric creatures”.

The Strogg war was about to reach its climax.


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you're one of the greatest writers i ever read. this shit is awesome. great work. you have any original work? i'd like to see that. you could be the next great master of literature.

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monochrome said:
you have any original work?[/B]

If by "original" you mean something not based off of game stories, then the answer is no. But I might release something in the future.

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Last part. Enjoy.


The Second Quake Incident – Stroggos

Realizing that the only way to stop the relentless attacks of the Strogg, the military prepared a massive operation to put an end to the Strogg threat once and for all. The operation was termed ‘Operation: Alien Overlord’.

By then the humans had learned that the Strogg traveled through some sort of black hole gateways to arrive at the Earth so quickly and now they intended to launch a massive attack on the Strogg by using the Strogg gateways against them. This was possible because the black hole gates were constantly active, making it impossible to predict when the Strogg would come through.

The humans hastily made their preparations and were ultimately ready for the assault. 200.000 marines and several fighter pilots were ready to embark on the most dangerous mission of their lives. They were going to land on an alien planet and fight the Strogg on their own turf.

Weeks before the departure, all the marines and pilots had undergone intensive training and military intelligence had been occupied with sending spy satellites through the black hole gateway, getting as much information on Stroggos, the home world of the Strogg.

In the year 2523, five massive Troop carriers were launched into space and traveled through the wormhole gateway. The full journey to Stroggos took only a few hours and would have taken less if it was not because the humans had to send out scout spacecraft to scour the space around the hostile alien planet before sending in the carriers.

Soon the massive troop carriers moved into position and launched 200.000 one-man drop pods at the planet. Each pod was designed to be virtually invisible on enemy radars so the Strogg should be taken by surprise. But things did not go the way the humans had calculated with.
The Strogg knew that the humans were coming as their advanced systems had long detected the human spy sats that came through the black hole gate. The Strogg had activated their defenses, which proved quite effective.

A sort of advanced EMP defense system crippled the pods’ systems, making them fall like rocks. Nearly fifty per cent of the marines in the assault force died from the crash itself, 25 per cent were separated from their squad and landed in heavily populated areas to be instantly blasted by patrolling Strogg warriors. 10% were wounded in the crash and were sitting ducks for the Strogg who would catch them alive.

Only 15% made it to the ground safe enough to effectively fight back. Most of those marines, separated from their comrades, were gradually hunted down and killed by the Strogg.

Only a handful of heroes were tough enough to deal the Strogg a crippling blow. The greatest hero of the Strogg war was nicknamed ‘Bitterman’. His drop pod had been clipped by another pod, seriously slowing his pod down. When he got the pod back up to full speed again, he was far behind the other pods. He proved to be the exact opposite of what he initially had thought he was. Lucky.

For he was not hit by the bulk of the EMP defensive waves, only the aftereffects. His pod went wild, but didn’t fall like an expensive meteor, as was the case with the other drop pods, therefore he survived. Crashing far away from his original target, his field computer downloaded new orders for him.

Bitterman was the soldier who managed to upload the crucial communications uplink to his command ship, that would allow command to properly analyze the combat situation and general layout of the Strogg cities and bases, thus making them better suited to make decisions in regards to what orders to send to the ground marines. Bitterman further carried out sabotage missions on his way and he was the one to shut down the deadly laser grid system within the Strogg bases, drastically improving the chances of survival for the other remaining human marines and he shut down the gut churning processing plant, putting an end to one of Stroggos’ largest Strogg warrior production plants.

Bitterman witnessed how terribly cruel the Strogg were as he found survivors that had been injected with some sort of pain inflicting drug that would keep them in constant pain. Most of those poor souls were already insane when Bitterman found them; others were simply in so deep pain, that they were useless as soldiers. With these horrible sights, Bitterman’s hatred towards the Strogg grew as did his determination to destroy these foul aliens.

Bitterman delivered a truly severe blow to the Strogg by facilitating the destruction of the “Big Gun” – not really a large gun, but the advanced air defense system which could detect and activate air-to-air cannons to destroy any air- or spacecraft longer than a few meters looked like an enormous cannon and was thus termed “The Big Gun”. With the destruction of “The Big Gun”, the humans could finally launch a devastating air strike, which resulted in several destroyed Strogg cities, production plants and mining facilities.
In the meantime, Bitterman was far from idle. He continued to carry out some of the most crucial missions of the Strogg war. First he located and destroyed the black hole generator, finally putting an end to the relentless Strogg attacks on Earth. Then he pursued and ultimately killed the Makron itself. The Makron, having fled to his personal asteroid space station orbiting Stroggos, had been equipped with the latest Strogg conversions of human weapons and was a deadly foe, but the heavily armed and enraged Bitterman was unstoppable and put an end to the twisted Strogg leader’s artificial life. As the Strogg leader fell to the ground, it activated a powerful anti-matter self-destruct sequence and Bitterman barely escaped from the Makron’s asteroid space station by fleeing in an escape pod.
Unfortunately, the escape pod landed on Stroggos and with all his weapons left behind on the Makron’s asteroid station, which was now nothing more than dust spinning in space, Bitterman was soon captured alive by the Strogg. The Strogg conducted horrific experiments on the human soldier, mutating his flesh into something which was both far more and far less human at the same time. However, in this state, Bitterman’s strength was augmented and he managed to escape, acquire human weapons that were still scattered around within the Strogg bases where killed marines had dropped them and inflicted a lot more damage. He was ultimately doomed to stay on the hostile world. What further happened to him never became known.

While Bitterman still battled the Strogg as a human marine, a handful other heroes caused great destruction on the wretched planet. A marine with the unlikely nickname “Joker” managed to destroy the Strogg moon base before the Strogg could launch a counter fleet against the human assault fleet. Before that, Joker had carried out a number of sabotage missions on Stroggos. An Earth spacecraft picked up joker just in time for him to leave the base before it blew up. A third marine nicknamed “Stepchild” not only took out “The Gravity Well” – the newest weapon in the Strogg arsenal, which could trap the human space fleet in a gravitational field, leaving them unable to further continue the assault on Stroggos – but by destroying it with one of the Strogg’s own anti-matter bombs, he also caused major chain reactions of devastating explosions, taking out a whole continent on Stroggos. In addition to all that, Stepchild captured a Strogg experimental fighter, with which he escaped when the Gravity well and one eighth of the surface of Stroggos went down in flames.
And a tough female marine called Major Wayland raided and laid waste to a number of crucial munitions plants and supply lines, before she stole a Strogg supply craft to escape the planet.

The Strogg war was ultimately won, but the price was high. Only about 1% of the 200.000 marines originally sent to Stroggos survived and only few of those were even extracted. Those that weren’t brought back to Earth were lost on Stroggos, their fate unknown. A few of the survivors had found a strange symbol, which upon examination of old records proved to be the very same symbol as the one symbolizing the evil being known only as Quake. Only this symbol had two nails instead of one.
This discovery led scientists and other historians to believe that the Strogg war somehow had a connection to the Quake Incident, but nobody ever found out what the connection really was, though scientists had also long suspected that something was strange about the Strogg. Their technology just seemed far too similar to human technology to be the technology of a real alien race.
At any rate, the discovery of the “Bi-Quake” symbol led scholars to occasionally refer to the Strogg war as “The Second Quake Incident”.

Humanity could only wonder what would occur in the future. Were the Strogg ultimately defeated? Or would they somehow rise again? Would other evil alien races appear to try and overthrow humanity? Or would humanity at last be left to mind its own business by outside beings?

Only time would tell...

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