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Doom 2016 USB download question

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I have been playing Doom 2016 off a disc on a PS4.  At present I am playing at the third level of difficulty and am at the final exercise in Mission 7.  I have had a recurring problem over a couple of years in playing through the last half of this mission.  Repeatedly I have reached a point as I progressed where I get an error message: CE-34878-0 and the screen freezes.  Playstation suggested that I  contact Bethesda about why this was happening.  Bethesda in response told me told I should contact Playstation,
Only once did I get a message of disc corruption.  I have tried various remedies when this screen freeze happens.  I have replaced the disc with a new disc a number of times, replaying the game from the start each time because I did not think to try to save my game progress.  Each time the Mission 7 problem recurred, at a further point in the mission.  I sent the console once to Playstation to be repaired.  After that I replayed the game from the beginning.  I got even closer this time to the end of Mission 7 before the problem recurred.  With the assistance of  a Playstation tech I did the Option 7 diagnostic step of a system reinstallation, which eliminates game progress.  I was so excited about getting through to the technician that I forgot to save my game progress on a USB stick before going through Option 7.
I started the game all over at the higher Level 3 of difficulty.  This time I got all the way through Mission 7 to the last exercise before the screen froze again.  I have resolved to try Option 7 again, but this time I want to save my game progress on a USB stick first.  I downloaded my data on to a USB stick with 16 GB storage capacity.  The two items in my saved data storage downloaded  to the stick were a file labeled "profile" with 10.49 MB and a file with my saved game progress, also 10.49. MB.  I selected both files to be downloaded.   When I put the USB stick in my computer to show the amount of saved data on it, the information I got showed 8402 KB on the USB stick.  I was concerned that I did not have all my saved data from the download on the stick.  I asked a PlayStation tech about this.  She said she could not say anything about the discrepancy between the amount of data showing on my console and the amount on the USB stick because the stick was not PlayStation equipment.  She did say that if I had selected both files for download and followed the system instruction for downloading on to the stick I should be okay and have all my saved data.
Before trying Option 7, I am thinking about getting a new USB stick and repeating the download process to see how much data shows up this time.  What is your suggestion about what I should do?

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- Does the Playstation freeze with other demanding Games?


- Does your Playstation have enough Room for Ventilation?


Edit: Really, try placing the Playstation on a "airy" Spot :)

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