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Anh Thiếu Fame

You Make Kamen Rider For Doom 2!!??

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9 hours ago, Hitboi said:

Yeah, also, his username sounds like a foreign name, Hindi name? I guess?



9 hours ago, Redneckerz said:

And i think OP isn't using his native language here.


@Anh Thiếu Fame What is your native language?

Apparently Vietnam, same as mine. Might explain his confusion.

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11 hours ago, roadworx said:

that's a vietnamese name, hindi names are very different


ANYWAYS, @Anh Thiếu Fame, bạn có thể cho chúng tôi biết bạn đang nói gì bằng ngôn ngữ mẹ đẻ của bạn không?

and before anyone asks, no i can't speak vietnamese, that's from google translate xd

Ngu Dốt

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23 minutes ago, Anh Thiếu Fame said:

Ngu Dốt

Oh gee wonder that says.




:( that's mean


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51 minutes ago, Anh Thiếu Fame said:

Ngu Dốt


Yes, I'm using my mother tongue to converse.

For anyone looking for a translation:


You drop by a gaming forum, then proceed to ask a confusing question and told someone trying to be nice to you that he is an idiot?


Ông vào trong 1 diễn đàn chơi game, hỏi 1 câu khó hiểu, không rõ đầu đuôi, người khác nói chuyện đàng hoàng thì lại đi nói họ ngu?

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