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Teo Slayer

Is good playing Classic Doom with mouselock

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I think one of the more serious exploits you can do with mouselook is rocket jumping when looking down - then you can jump very high and far and get to unreachable areas of the map which can break progression. I think this can be considered "cheating" in vanilla maps but not sure how it should be treated in GZDoom. I think map authors sometimes overlook this possibility when they are designing a GZDoom map that allows freelook. Still even IWAD authors overlooked straferunning :) I tend to play vanilla/Boom maps without freelook but (G)ZDoom maps with freelook enabled but sometimes if there is a vanilla/Boom map with a lot of verticality and I play it in GZDoom I turn freelook on for convenience. All in all, play the game the way it is fun for you :)

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I think it's really easy to just say "Play the game however you want," but I think it's more complicated than that. I agree that mouselook is okay in all circumstances and I even believe that it's okay to use it to sequence break maps, if you're just playing singleplayer.


However, I think there's a problem when a player uses an unintended feature to break a map/fight, and THEN uses it to criticize the design of a WAD. So instead of saying "Play however you want," I would say "Play however you want, but keep in mind that using an unintended feature is altering the designer's intended experience," which is a mouthful, granted.

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