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How many wads have you made?

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Still learning mapping and got nothing, that I would release to public. Just a handful of practice maps. I have goal to release something actually playable next year.

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i tried yesterday hell a like wad but failed. I have Bricks.wad but its almost 100 MB.

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I made one years ago with some friends, but me and one other did most of the work while one just posed for pics for the status bar. It was mostly an inside joke that would make little sense to people outside my close friend group. Replaced Doomguy’s face with a face of my friend and made the sound effects sound like a whiney brat (think they were from the QTest beta where quake guy sounds really dumb). Made the pain elemental into a blob of chocolate pudding. Replaced the rockets with penises so it looked like the cyberdemon was shooting dicks into your face (and yes, the explosion was white). Replaced the Lost Souls with Bill Cosby’s head, and added in a bunch of sounds from The Cosby Show so he’d roam around saying random things. Hey, this was pre controversy. Like 7-8 years before that stuff he did hit the news. 

Not sure whatever happened to it, but it’s probably best it’s a thing of the past lol. 

These are the only clips I have left:


For the record, I was a teenager at the time. 

Since then, I’ve been wanting to make serious WADs, at least just new levels, but have to take the time to do it and right now I only have so much free time that I’d rather use to play. 

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i think i have already answered a thread that says the same, so im copypasting the post


uhhh i have:

Nukemap (1 map)

UAC Arena (1 map)

ANCenter (1 map)

FURDEMON.wad (5 maps)

DIMWERID.pk3 (3 maps)

Rising Base (1 map)

VOBM Labs (1 map)

and 3 more for a collab.

also 3 finished IMPSCAPE maps.

those all (except the collab and impscape maps) are listed on my webpage: https://urrova.github.io/mods.html


so i think i finished 19 maps (some are really large and took me like 2 months xD).

plus edits on negativeone maps.

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