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The Strife Commando

Your Thoughts On Resident Evil 8?

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Hey look, a new game I can comment on because I played it.


It was an interesting experience because it felt like a really mixed bag of ideas and approaches. On one level it is Resident Evil 4 if it wasn't terrible. Which, well, I hate RE4 but I do mean that in a different sense than just gameplay experience. RE8 borrows a lot of ideas from RE4 in terms of the scenario and structure, it's just it feels like they spent more than 5 minutes on the content and the fluff. RE8 has characters, some of them even threaten to be kind of interesting, and they frankly spent a lot of time on details, I mean the entire Dimitrescu section was very brilliantly planned out and the house is just full of great little details. It also feels like it's getting the most out of a Metroidvania-lite approach early on and the village hub map is great with lots of stuff to find. 


I also liked the inclusion of werewolves because werewolves are great. I'd say I had no complaints until well, the fourth ah, thingy you have to collect is just guarded by a small army of werewolves. That segment was bland and I was like "oh no is the rest of this going to be like that?" And unfortunately that was kinda true.


Heisinger's segment was okay, but too long, it kind of dragged out, the boss fight was just ridiculous. Then Chris' segment is fucking fighting more hordes than the average Doom Eternal level and the game is not survival horror in the slightest.


It makes a minor comeback with the very last section because the twist was neat enough and Miranda was pretty creepy and we got a little bit more connecting tissue to the original story that they dropped like 5 games back.


Not half bad, the series has kinda made a comeback for me with 7 and 8. 

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Go tell Aunt Rhody... Go tell Aunt Rhooo... *falls asleep*


I couldn't get past the first section in RE7 but I ended up liking Village way more to the point of finishing it, shooting is better, not as many tedious fetch quests and way more memorable characters.

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Honestly, Village might be in my top 3 favorite entries of the Resident Evil series standing next to 1 and 2. Shooting felt great and satisfying, a lot more interesting environments to explore compared to the last entry (except for the factory part, that got old pretty fast), and the characters were memorable including Ethan himself thanks to him actually saying more than just, "Fuck! Shit!" in RE 7.

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1 hour ago, Labryx said:

and the characters were memorable including Ethan himself thanks to him actually saying more than just, "Fuck! Shit!" in RE 7.

tbf his reactions were honestly pretty realistic considering the situation

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Remember in the original Resident Evil 2 when Leon encounters the first Licker. "Oh boy!"

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