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I just want to wish all the writers here Happy New Year; keep up the work, good and bad. :) Write a least a paragraph every day.

A special thanks do DSM and the Doomworld crew for doing a great job this (last) year.

Looking forward to the new fanfic year!

As a minor contribution to the cause I offer this short-story checklist. I have this taped to my monitor when I write.

1) Is the material appropriate to a short story in its intensity and scope?
2) Does it begin and end where it should?
3) Does the writing appeal to the five senses?
4) Is the focus on particulars?
5) Is the point of view clear and consistent?
6) Is the tension established in the first paragraph?
7) Is there a point of crisis, revelation or recognition?
8) Is the story resolved?
9) Is the character's speech consistent and revelatory?
10) Is the language of the story appropriate? Abstract or vague? Verbs passive? Modifiers excessive?

From The Writer's Digest.

I thought I would add the projects I am going to finish this new year:

1) Rewrite of Tomorrow's Yesterday.
2) Incident on Tei Tenga (rewrite from scratch).
3) Sequel to Outpost 512 (to round out the series).
4) And, I might even do a Doom 3 fic.

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Cool, thanks a lot Rick. I think I'll stick this thread for now.
Oh and btw, happy new year to you too.

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