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PULTONIA map02 "well of souls" (bite-sized review)

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As of recent, I have decided to take on the challenge that is PLUTONIA, The second half of final doom. Presenting now is a bite-sized review of its first map.


Gameplay - I'd personally describe the gameplay as tough, but fair. I have a way to see most encounters coming, be it an intrusion in a wall, or an out-of-place pit. This honestly one of the first wads I'd describe as meaningfully hard on UV. I found it particularly engaging to find new ways to better overcome certain obstacles, better conservation of ammo, that sort of thing. Rating: A- (92/100) or (92%)


Graphics - Ok-ish, About what I'd expect from the mid-90s. I can tell what everything is supposed to be, nothing is particularly abstract.

It's all just standard doom, with an emphasis on a green and brown aesthetic. It's very indicative of the mid-90s as this is very similar to the quake palette, with very little meaningful variation in colour. Rating: B (69/80) or (86%)


Overall - Very compelling start. I'm definitely starting to get attuned to the pain which is likely ahead. I imagine I'll enjoy this wad.

Overall rating: B+ (161/180) or (89%)

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Congo is my favorite opening map (so far) and it's very representative of what's to come.  The revenant trap is great fun.


Hope you enjoy Plutonia, I particularly loved the first 7 maps.  Currently on map 18 in my run.  Make sure you hit the secret levels, both are very good :)

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I've recently decided to go in and complete plutonia, as It serves as the baseline for the difficulty of many wads out there. This is my review of "well of souls" right after playing it.


Gameplay - Surprisingly easy. Far fewer archviles than expected. Fun either way. I'm probably already numb to its tricks. Glad to see it still had more to go. (82/100) or 82%.

Graphics - weaker than congo. Some sections looked very unfinished. Some sections, by contrast, are very well constructed. Very mixed. (58/80) or 72%.

Total score: (140/180) or 78%.

Final notes- Lackluster when compared to congo. I hope the levels pick it up from here.

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I suggest you editing your top post for your new reviews, and have a better way for the title.

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