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All my contributions to Doom people know of are coding and testing related, but I actually tinkered with Doom editing before I got on the net, around about 1995/96. Like just about everyone else the results were pretty tragic. Lots of incoherent layouts, bizarre structures and zero detail. I remember one piece of shit had this big part which was like a maze but on a really thin sector above nukage, like those parts in Doom II MAP24.

I've got a lot of good ideas and could probably make a decent level now, but I just don't have the patience to make it happen :(

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Phil1984 said:

Here is my first ever level. It looks like total ass, but I still have fun blasting through it to this very day. Infact my current project is too completley re-make my first level which will hopefully look 1000x better.

Heh, I played it last night. Definetely needs some work, but I liked the way it starts out. Very action packed intro.
I also see that you love Barons and traps that open after the player has passed by them.

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