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textures are not displayed in the .pk3 file



I decided to make a mod on a .pk3 file. After dragging in all the textures, I open Ultimate Doom Builder. And textures are not displayed, how can I fix this?



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I have been figuring this out for the last few months too.


This might be useful as a starter. It has a texture (no flats though, not figured that out yet...) extracted from OTEX and a custom sprite from R667 and the appropriate namespaces are used. I also separated the custom monster lump types into their own sub-namespaces - this helps if multiple custom things are used.


It should give you a starting point on which to build.




You will also find the original cyberimp.wad in the /resources directory. Compare how the lumps in this are separated into the various namespaces in the PK3 hierarchy. Lastly, notice that the compiled PK3 is just a ZIP file (change the extension and see...).


Note that to test you DO NOT need to zip/change extension name every time as you can simply drag and drop the uncompressed root folder (pk3test/root/) onto a zdoom desktop shortcut (Windows) or .desktop launcher (linux/Ubuntu)

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