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Doom: Hell on Earth 3.1

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Sin – part 1


The square was flooded with cannibal mutations, carnivorous demons and possessed troopers. I opened up with the chain gun, cutting down several monsters were they stood before I retreated into the darkened alley and ran through a door. Holding the chain gun with one hand, I quickly closed the door behind me with my free hand and rushed up the stairs that were inside. Roars, growls, howls and other inhuman screams echoed throughout the ruins as I kicked down a door to an apartment. A former human commando spun around inside the ruined apartment, but a burst from my chain gun sawed it in half. The soldier fell to the ground in a pile of blood, still staring after its right arm that flew off the rest of its body.

I swiftly pulled out the ammo belt from the fallen commando’s chaingun, attaching it to my own belt, before I leapt over to the large hole in the wall and started spraying the square beneath me with a deadly hail of bullets.

I could see the confused monsters charge in multiple directions and I laughed evilly as I cut demon after demon down, watching as the ground became red with demon blood. I saw pinkies toppling over as their massive jaws were torn apart by the bullets and crumble to the ground, imps hobbling around with missing limbs before getting torn apart by another burst and former humans charging ahead only to be cut down. This all reminded me of the storm on the star port, only with the roles switched this time, as the demons were the ones that tried to storm me, a human marine, who picked them off in huge numbers from my relatively safe spot.

The hordes of demons below me were getting thinned out. I looked around and occasionally fired a burst at a small group of demons, sadistically watching as their corpses splattered into the growing flood of blood. I saw a single former human, storm past the ruined fountain in the middle of the square with the attitude of some would-be hero. Seconds later, a burst of bullets from my chain gun sent it splashing into the water of the fountain, coloring the pretty blue water red with its blood.

A loud crash turned my attention to the staircase outside the apartment. I could hear a deep growling sound from beneath. Something big was heading upstairs. I rushed out to the staircase and looked down to see a burly Hell Knight moving upstairs towards me. It roared as it saw me and picked up the pace. The staircase shook with each step it took and I could clearly hear its hooves slam against the steps. It was moving clumsily but steadily towards me from below. I snarled at it and started firing at it with the chain gun. The bullets tore into its body, but it didn’t stop and the bullets did only little damage to it, but I continued firing and I saw that small wounds started to appear on its torso.

I suddenly noticed that my ammo counter was nearing zero fast and just as I watched it, it went straight down to zero. The gun stopped firing and the barrels spun around a short while longer before coming to a halt.

Damn, not now! I hurled the weapon aside with a grimace. And reached for the combat shotgun on my back. The Hell Knight roared triumphantly. It was getting close to me. It raised its large hand. I looked around for a place to get into cover, but the place was too narrow. I backed back into the ruined apartment.

Just then, the staircase collapsed under the demon and it fell down with a surprised roar. I whipped out the combat shotgun and stepped over to the place where the staircase had been, looking down. Below me lay the Hell Knight in a pile of rubble. It grunted sourly. I saw tiny streams of green blood flow from its wounds where my chain gun had done the most damage.

I gritted my teeth, grabbed the shotgun firmly between my hands and leapt down with a loud battle cry. I landed on top of the wounded demon and it roared defiantly and tried to lash me off, but I nimbly evaded its swipe, pointed the twin barrels of my weapon at its bloody face and fired. The demon’s face disappeared in a green cloud of stinking demon blood and the monster died.

I quickly leapt off it in time to see a pinky rush through the place where the entrance door had been. The remnants of the metal door now lay bent and twisted on the floor. I snapped the barrels of the shotgun open and shut in rapid succession and blew the pink monster away as it lunged at me.


The battle was over, but I could hear echoes of nonhuman screams in the distance. I let my eyes run over my handiwork. Wherever I looked, I saw nothing but ruined demon corpses. I went over the corpses, pillaging the dead former humans for ammo. Luckily, there were a few dead commandos among the countless corpses and I not only managed to restock my supply of those bullets compatible to chain guns, but I also found a new chain gun instead of the one that lay in the now inaccessible apartment from where I had conducted this slaughter of demons. I looked over the monster corpses again.

“Yeah, I’m a demon slaughter!” I grunted in a hoarse voice, chuckling to myself before I turned my back on the square and walked away.


I was pleased to see that my BFG and the rocket launcher lay the places I had left them. I had feared that they had been discovered and either removed by possessed humans or trashed by the mindless demons. I transferred the cells from the plasma rifle to the empty BFG before shoving the BFG into my backpack.

I quickly gathered my equipment, leaving the plasma rifle behind and continued down the streets of the ruined city. I hadn’t made it far away, before a sizzling noise next to me made me turn to my right. I saw a warp field open up.

I didn’t think about it, but just rushed straight towards the imp that suddenly materialized itself, blew it away with my double-barreled shotgun, and leapt into the warp field where the demon had arrived from just before it closed.

I felt a strong pain in every part of my body and I gasped. Everything went dark.


I awoke, feeling strangely well.
I leapt up suddenly realizing that I had slept. I was inside a ruined house. Strange. I remember that I had tried to leap through the teleportation warp field that an imp had arrived through, hoping that it would take me to Hell, so that I could shut down the source, but apparently the field was a one-way journey, for looking around, I realized that the explosive effect that occurred when I hit the warp field had thrown me through a hole in a building near the wormhole. I realized that I had been lucky not only to have survived my crazy attempt but also that I hadn’t been discovered by demons. Then I wondered whether I had been unconscious for as long as it had felt like.

I remembered the odd dream I had had.

I had woken up inside a prison cell in something that looked like an old castle. The cell door had been unlocked and I had made my way out of it. I had encountered humans, but these humans where strangely enough on the demons’ side for they had opened fire at me with their primitive machine guns. I had killed them and only then realizing that I had been fighting German Nazi soldiers from the World War 2 era in the twentieth century.

The dream had been a strange one indeed, for the Castle had had storage rooms with modern weapons and ammunition in them and when I looked out of a window I had realized that this Nazi castle was situated in Hell itself. I also encountered demons within this castle. To why the Nazis where fighting alongside the demons I had only found one answer: They had been corrupted, yet not possessed.

I had ultimately blasted my way to an exit of a sort and then I awoke back on Earth.

Was it a dream? It could be nothing else, for after checking my ammo gauges, I realized that I have the same amount of ammo as I had before my accident.

This dream had left a lasting impression on me. Nazis and demons... I thought. Sure, if one group of people deserved to go to Hell and serve Hell, then it sure would be the Nazis

I had always found World War 2 interesting. How one man could trick an entire nation and conduct such terrifying atrocities, keeping the German people in an iron grip, so that they dared not oppose him. That man had been responsible for the torture and death of millions of innocent people.

I frowned angrily inside my helmet. I wish I had met that asshole in my dream. I would have made him really sorry that he had ever been born. On the other hand that dream had boosted my morale, as I felt like I had actually punished evil men, that weren’t punished enough for their crimes in their time.

With these thoughts I continued my journey through the ruined city.


I had walked two miles, killing a few demons on my way when all Hell erupted around me without warning. Bull demons burst out of the rubble, Hell Knights led by Barons of Hell tore down walls and stomped out of the ruined buildings towards me with frightening roars, Cacodemons and Pain elementals appeared out of nowhere, and mancubus demons clumsily waded through the rubble, spraying their fire projectiles like crazy.

I decided that this time I had to play the role of the coward, because otherwise I might risk running out of ammo and it was important that I kept a certain amount of ammunition. So I rushed down a narrow strait, stopped and spun around to take down some demons with a well-aimed shot from my mighty BFG 9000, before I turned around again to run.

Rounding a corner, my eye swiftly caught an open doorway. I could hear more demons coming towards me from the direction I was heading, so this doorway could end up being my only way around the demons.

They were coming and I didn’t have time to stand there and consider my possibilities for long.



Just a minor side comment: The dream will be explained in every possible detail in a separate story for those of you who are disappointed that I didn't describe this dream carefully enough :-)

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Your worst nightmare is back dsm :D

“Yeah, I’m a demon slaughter!”

"Demon slayer" or something like that would look better (NOT "Demon killer"!)

Just a minor side comment: The dream will be explained in every possible detail in a separate story for those of you who are disappointed that I didn't describe this dream carefully enough :-)

[Reminder] Dont forget to finish your Wolf fanfic :-) [/Reminder]

Nice one anyway. Happy new year!

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Mr. NobodX said:

[Reminder] Dont forget to finish your Wolf fanfic :-) [/Reminder]

Nice one anyway. Happy new year!

I won't forget the Wolfie fanfic, but I have to wait until ideas turn up again - I ran short of ideas sooner than I expected, hence the reason for temporarily abandoning it. But I'm reminded of it whenever I play RtCW which I do quite often.

Happy new year mate, keep up the good work of finding errors, just try not to point out negative things exclusively (you didn't this time, so it was good) - I'm surprised you didn't find anything else.

Why "warp field" and not "dimensional breach?" I think that would have been way, way more... uh... something.

Dimensional breach is a good suggestion, but then again, a dimensional breach would be the entire ...uhhhh...wormhole effect and anything around it both in Hell and on Earth, this is just the Earth side of the wormhole and the field where the demons are warped to.

If it was a complete dimensional breach, it would be like the translocator gateways on Phobos and Deimos which humans can pass through on both sides (although I did describe them as destination and source gates - probably shouldn't have done that), but here you cannot pass through the warp field for then a thing like what happened to our friend here would happen.

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Only difference is that it would be a resealable dimsensional breach. Or, heh... *beep* "cross dimensional power-field detected"

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