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Piter's RanDOOMizer: Full Release

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"Who randomized my Classic DOOM games!?"


"I did, sir!" 


DOWNLOAD: https://doomshack.org/uploads/RanDOOMizer_NovemberUpdate.pk3

...Alternatively, you can download older builds on this project's ZDoom Forums page!: https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=71690


Hi all, Piter here and introducing: RanDOOMizer! What is RanDOOMizer you may ask? Well, simply put: It's a mod for ZDoom and it's forks (GZDoom, Zandronum, Skulltag, Bleh bleh bleh, all that stuff.) that randomizes a LOT of the game, including enemies, weapons, armor, health and ammo! However it's not only that, but there is a LOT more than just vanilla stuff in here! Feast your eyes on this one, because it's long.



This is a gameplay mod for ZDoom and it's forked sourceports that randomizes the game, while adding new content and keeping the vanilla aspect intact.


WEAPONS: (Excluding starter weapons.)




UAC-Branded Fire Axe (Neoworm)
Despite what Fire Axes are typically used for under normal emergency situations, you can definitely cause some serious injuries with this! Swing this with all your might and cut 'em up! (Goes in Slot 1.)


Double-Bladed Chainsaw (Xim)
The same thing as the DOOM 64 Chainsaw, Simple. Goes in Slot 1.


Sub-Machine Gun (Cover art, Uses Brutal Doom sprites.)

A little handy boy you never really got much opportunity to use other than the cover art, now you finally get to use it! (Goes in Slot 2, uses Bullets as ammo.)


UAC Assault Rifle (Doom 0.4 Alpha)

A casual Assault Rifle. Also another weapon once avaiable for so long, just for it to get replaced with a Pistol. (Goes in Slot 2, uses Rifle Bullets as ammo.)


Heavy Rifle (Zrrion)

A powerful Rifle that is capable of competing against those powerful machineguns everything seems to use. Be wary that it uses 2 bits of ammo per shot! So you better have enough ammo to feed this thing. (Goes in Slot 4, uses Rifle Bullets as ammo.)


Storm Shotgun / Beta SSG (DOOM 2 Beta.)

UAC's attempt at a Double-Barreled Pump Shotgun, it works decently enough for a hardy brother-in-law of the SSG, a minor downside of only firing 16 bullets and also a smaller spread makes this useful for taking down stronger foes fast, not recommended for arenas with a lot of enemies, however. (Goes in Slot 3, uses Shells as ammo.)



An auto-shotgun developed by 3 weapon researches in the UAC Labs, does it's job pretty decently by firing 9 bullets in a small spread. (Goes in Slot 3, uses Shells as ammo.)


Minigun (Skulltag, SuperDave998)

Just your average minigun, nothing to say here. (Goes in Slot 4, uses bullets as ammo.)


Machine Gun (Doom 0.2 Alpha)

A light Machine Gun made by the UAC team, made specially for tearing things apart from a long distance. (Goes in Slot 4, uses Rifle Bullets as ammo.)



Wait what the... The data for this has corrupted?! How the hell?? All it says is just "TELEPORT TO MAP31" again and again... Alright, let's move on, i guess.


Grenade Launcher (ROTT, JoeyTD)

A very basic Grenade Launcher that fires grenades that will bounce, and explode after a certain period of time and when it collides with an enemy. (Goes in Slot 5, uses Rockets as ammo.)


Railgun (Skulltag, TSF)

A earlier version of UAC's Railgun, however it's much easier to look at then that weird Hi-Tech thing. Fires a penetrating rail that deals a lot of damage. (Goes in Slot 6, uses Cells as ammo.)


Flamethrower (Rav, XLightningStormL)

UAC has been testing around with Flamethrowers and came up with this... Hey uh, quick off-topic question, but do you guys like cooked Imp Steak? (Goes in Slot 6, uses Gasoline Cans for ammo.)


BFG10K (Skulltag)

A marvelous evolution in the BFG weapon family. Will destroy anything that is close to it's ball when it explodes, including YOU! Be careful, sport! (Goes in Slot 7, uses Cells as ammo.)


BFG2704 (Doom Alphas(?), Doom Delta)

A earlier member in the BFG family, shoots 40 projectiles that do very massive damage! Said projectiles also bounce on floors and ceilings. (Goes in Slot 7, uses Cells as ammo.)


U.H.B.O 7500 (TSF, Me.)

The U.H.B.O, or Useful Hell Breach Obliterator, was developed for that exact reason: To obliterate any breaches of hellish presence. It's a fork of the BFG2704 to include the BFG9000's big ball that explodes into smaller projectiles that will spread in a flat pattern, and deal damage to anything that bumps into them. (You are not included, however!) (Goes in Slot 7, uses Cells as Ammo.)


Unmaker (Zzrion)

What the...? (Goes in Slot 8, uses Cells as ammo)







Rapidfire Zombie (KDIZD)

A much faster version of the Zombieman, as they know how a damn rifle works. They drop a Rifle Mag.


Super Shotgunner / Former Soldier (David G.)

They wield (and drop) a SSG. However they will take a bit more time to take aim and blast the SSG. If you needed something to infight, use this, however make them get directly hit from someone else, not the other way around! Don't stand in front of them at a range that can destroy you. However they will fire 13 bullets instead of 20, so the damage is a lot less catastrophic then what it could be.


Dark Imp (Skulltag)

Look who it is! The tougher brother that helps their younger brothers to settle down a bully! Have almost twice the health as their brown counterparts.


SMG Zombie / Former Marine

They are probably the most underwhelming possesed, since they drop the SMG very easily.


Minigunner (Skulltag)

You probably already know who this guy is, he just melts ANYTHING, and by anything it's ANYTHING down in a matter of seconds.


Machinegunner / Former Lieutenant (Skelegant, Doom Delta)

These dudes have machineguns with them as a way of combat and self-defense. It's easy to snatch the weapon from their hands... If they are dead.


Heavy Rifle Guy / Former Veteran (David G.)

They carry the Heavy Rifle with them. They don't push that much damage, but they are the strongest possesed, rocking a whopping 100 HP.


Melee Revenant (00_Zombie_00)

They might have half the health of a revenant, but they might as well punch your face, since they will advance towards you.



Hmm, Looks like the barons got some cyber advancements, didn't they? Now they either shoot a rocket, use their magic or just slash your face if you get too close.


Superdemon (Xim)

These are the only Superdemons who didn't get any cybernetic advancements. They can drop Runes if a certain weapon is acquired.


Cybergunner (00_Zombie_00)

Uh oh... Some Cyberdemons decided against using a Rocket Launcher, and instead went for the ol' Hitscanning arm INSTEAD. All i can say is... RUN. They also drop Runes if a certain weapon is acquired.







Golden Armor (Me, BloodyAcid)

Oooh, shiny! 150% Armor, 65.5% Protection.


Heavy Armor (Captain Toenail)

The red armor that's given to Chaingunners. 250% Armor, 75% Protection.


Big Health Bonus (OSJC)

A big health bonus, gives 5% health, max 215. Tastes like a 5-Star Hotel smoothie!


Surplus Ammo Box (Me!)

Gives a bit of ammo. 85 Bullets, 24 Shells, 3 Rockets, 120 Cells and 40 Rifle Bullets.


Hellsphere (Forgot who did the sprites...)

Will speed up the player by 50%, and make a small trail behind them. The screen will be tainted red while the powerup is active.


Health Bottle (Forgot these too.)

A small and portable bottle that restores 35 health points, will conveniently stay in your inventory when you need it the most.



Chaos multiplied by Four.


Aaaand that's all that was added to RanDOOMizer! Now for some techno-shitte.

Screenshots: (They are BIG! So beware of that!) [OUTDATED SCREENSHOTS]













[November 12th 2021 Update]

- Added Heavy Rifle Guy

- Added a new Secret related to Deltarune on the Barrels.


...This mod will include a lot more Secrets like this in the future.

- Changed the name of the Combat Shotgun to Storm Shotgun.

- Changed the Revolver sprites.

- Changed the SMG sprites.

- And a lot more.


[September 10th, 2021: FULL RELEASE]

- Changed the SMG Zombie sprites to those of the zombified Marine.

- Changed the Railgun's firing frames.

- Changed the Grenade Launcher Sprites and Sounds.

- Revamped the MP40 sprites.

- Changed the Alpha 0.2 Rifle into the Revolver.

- Changed the animation of the SSG.

- Added the Superdemon.

- Added the Cybergunner.

- Probably a bit more that i forgot to document.


[June 19th, 2021 Update]

- Changed SMG Zombie's sprites.

- Changed the SMG's sprites into remade versions of the Brutal DOOM SMG sprites.

- Fixed the Baron Spawners not working properly, as they weren't given the correct ID.

- Added Health Bottle [NOT PUBLIC]

- Added Heavy Rifle [NOT PUBLIC]

- Changed Unmaker graphics into Zrrion's newer ones. [NOT PUBLIC, still.]


[June 3th, 2021 Update]

- Added Unmaker

- Heavy tweaks to the Randomspawners that were done by GamingMarine were added.

- Changed the SMG's graphics.


[May 30th, 2021 Patch]

- Fixed potential issues with maps that use barons as bosses to give the Cyberbaron and the hellknight the "A_BossDeath" action in their death code.



Edited by SuperPIter_DoomWorldthe2nd : A new update.

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Oh hey I've been testing this mod

It's lots of fun! Thanks for making this!

Can't wait for the final release

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I see the pre-release Super Shotgun, i get excited. More games need double barreled pump-action shotguns!

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why only GZDoom? the thing seems to work in k8vavoom too (except the skybox definition, because it's not a skybox, but just a simple skies; and the skies are in "patches" wad section, so they cannot be animated).

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On 6/19/2021 at 8:17 PM, ketmar said:

why only GZDoom? the thing seems to work in k8vavoom too (except the skybox definition, because it's not a skybox, but just a simple skies; and the skies are in "patches" wad section, so they cannot be animated).

Oh, i forgot that Vavoom actually supported Decorate. Thing is, Randoomizer isn't actually made with Vavoom in mind, so i mean... you were SUPPOSED to play the mod on sourceports that were forked from ZDoom (GZDoom, Zandronum, QZandronum, whatever as long as it supports all of ZDoom's features.)

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4 hours ago, SuperPIter_DoomWorldthe2nd said:

Thing is, Randoomizer isn't actually made with Vavoom in mind

…and it shouldn't have to. the main idea of DECORATE is that it can be supported in different sourceports. so if you'll stick to documented DECORATE behavior (and avoid some very-very fresh GZDoom DECORATE additions), your code should work in each port that claims to support DECORATE (ok, ok, not that there are alot of them out there, but… ;-).


sorry for derailing your thread, but i really wish people to start using "DECORATE-supporting source ports" instead of "[G]ZDoom and family". this may help to promote DECORATE as cross-port standard, and not something ZDoom-specific. maybe then other sourceports will join the crowd, and start implementing real support for DECORATE.

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4 hours ago, ketmar said:


No. People should state what their mod/wad/whatever has been tested in, not some all encompassing list of ports that it might work for.

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