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Wadazine Survival Sessions #17: Whispers of Satan

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Wadazine Survival Sessions #17: Whispers of Satan


Woah, almost forgot about posting this! Welcome, today we're going to play a modern classic that hit the shelves back in 2009. Whispers of Satan is a fantastic 32 map megawad (with 4 ZDoom secret maps) that, as you might have guessed, has quite the satanic influence here and there. Gore, red bricks, lava, demons and decay, the aesthethic of hell has never looked so good! But does it play good? Come and find out!


American Session:


Server Info:


► ► Scoreboard ◄ ◄


Join the Wadazine community for more events! » https://discord.gg/Q2RKn4J


Previous sessions:

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