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unknown number of secrets is shown on the map... why?

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ok, so, i was creating my Doom II Map (UDMF), at a certain point, when i was testing my map, the secret count displayed 11 secrets, but i added only 3 secrets...

why is this happening? can i fix this? can i remove these secrets or "cheating" and modify the secret count in order to display only 3 secrets?


help a noob, please.


(i'm using Ultimate Doom Builder).

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If you add a new sector adjacent to a secret sector or divide a secret sector into parts, the secret property is copied to the newly created sectors. So my suggestion is to go to where your secrets are and make sure sectors surrounding the actual secret sector don't have also have that property.

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Well, first, a secret is not necessarily a sector. It can be other things, including, well, things, actually. Secondly, if you take a secret sector and the split it, the result is two secret sectors, usually. This can result in "one" secret that actually counts for several. There's a comical example of that in E4M3: Sever the Wicked where one secret area counts for a whole 18 secrets.

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