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multible custom enemies using slade


So ive been experimenting with custom enemies but i can only get one working how do i make multible?

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Most of the actors from Realm667 do not have a DoomED number. You have to supply a unique number, right on top in the actor definition. The range from 15000 to 30000 is usually safe, but doublecheck.


If using a few actors, just append the DECORATE lumps to the bottom of your map with Slade3.

If using a lot of actors, rename the DECORATE lumps to the actor name and #include <filename> them in a new DECORATE lump. For example:



#include "actors/enemies/GT01.txt"
#include "actors/enemies/Worker.txt"

from the below pwad, where actors are further split up into folders.


Or, use a pk3 file structure with the various namespaces and split up the Realm667 actors. For something like this, check out Enjay's Gene-TECH.

Edited by Kappes Buur : added a few links

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format:gzdoom UMDF

Kind of custom monsters: Mostly from realm 667

The single one that is working is the kamikaze guy and the ones that im trying to get working is ArachnorbQueen,zombiemissiletank,timeimp and blot


Hope this helps

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