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New map for Sleeping Hell - Blood Churner

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Hello everyone,


I have a new map to show off - the start of the Purgatory episode, Blood Churner. Even though there's over 170 enemies, it's deliberately meant to be an easy map, meant to ease you into the abstract setpieces of the episode. I think this is one of my better-looking maps. I tried to pay attention to lighting variation a lot. The combat has a much bigger focus on fodder enemies. Download's below the play information, and I hope you have fun.


Play information:

  • IWAD: Doom II
  • Difficulty compatibility: Enabled for all difficulties
  • Music: "Death Mask", Lippeth, Plutonia MIDI Pack
  • Source ports tested with: GZDoom, but primarily using GLBoom+ and PRBoom+.



Link to The Prideful Mausoleum, the other Purgatory map I've made:






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