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About You: List 9 important Doom WADs.

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Posted (edited)

Favourite soundtrack: Si666il.


Favourite of all time: Si666il.


Favourite ending: Kama Sutra.


Haven't played but want to: Vile Flesh and other Gwyn Williams' stuff, but i'm sort of apprehensive about starting it, still remember wandering around Eternal Doom confused AF (love that WAD to bits regardless) when i started dooming and had not enough experience to figure stuff out.


You love, everyone hates: Strippers.wad, Genocide.wad - stuff like that in general, fun to play through.


You hate, everyone loves: Valiant - i don't hate it, i enjoyed decino's playthrough, but the gameplay style isn't for me, also am not fan of all the design.


Fondest memory: (private, has to do with an ex)


Always come back to: Ozonia - at this moment, i use combat in this (remarkable WAD) for practice.


Guilty pleasure: (don't feel any guilt over anything i like)


(Sorry, it'd take me two hours to make an image for this.)

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I know Golden Souls 2 ain't a wad, but that ending is just adorable

And I can't stand Freedoom

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Posted (edited)

@Kinsie i want bastard kings of neo novia-scotia on my desk by next morning




fave soundtrack / of all time: ancient aliens is a pretty easy pick. it has a fantastic sense of whimsy and some amazingly inspiring architecture. the visual storytelling over the course of the adventure is a treat. the soundtrack is out of control kinds of good. BTSX E1 is a close second, primarily for the "get out of my stations" hub maps. i greatly appreciate downtime in doom, and the map/music combination those have going on is what finally pushed me to start making doom stuff. going down is also high on the "of all time" list.


fave ending: BTSX E1 for the same reasons it was a close second above.


haven't played but want to: powertrip. i admittedly have a hard time sitting down with new megawads since i prefer to do single sittings and also exhaust quickly. but it's high on the list.


you love, everyone hates: lilith. i'm not sure people actually hate this, i just know it's divisive. i appreciate abject art regardless of the intention, whether it to be taken seriously or it be taking the piss, and lilith hits all the marks for me. it's distinctly unpleasant but inspires a kind of morbid curiosity. big fan of experiences where you can't be sure of anything.


you hate, everyone loves: can't pick. i "hate" very few doom wads. i tend to get something out of even the trashiest wads. i just played "plutonia 3" last night and found it to be very funny and cute. i guess if i had to pick, i might say brutal doom? but it's less for what it is and more for the fact that it seemingly helped to canonize doom as a vicious, angry game, which i don't think it is. doom is very silly and cute.


fondest memory: the sky may be. this was one of the first pieces of custom doom work i encountered and it almost certainly colored my entire perception of doom. while i don't necessarily like everything i play to be this silly, this had to have imprinted the idea of doom as a toybox on me. its blatant disregard for the player out of fun rather than spite is very inspiring. gothic99 was a close second. i don't even DM, i just liked to wander around the maps and gawk at the architecture.


always come back to: sunlust. i feel like sunlust's intensity is an extension of the aforementioned feeling - fun rather than spite. every encounter feels like a dance you're encouraged to learn the steps to, and any punishment feels swift and often comical. combined with the increasingly abstract architecture, sunlust has a feverish quality about it - one that thankfully carried through to the stardate series and swim with the whales. i almost picked sunder for this, but i unfortunately cannot play sunder. it's far beyond my skill level, but i have to appreciate that. it's a work of ecstatic beauty and gazebo is just a swell person. sorry i can't play your maps <3


guilty pleasure (i don't necessarily agree with the concept): the lost episodes of doom. ok, so, well. i'm going to try to do this one justice. it's "bad" but it's amazing. bob carter's maps are an absolute mess in the funniest of ways, but christen klie was seriously on to something with his contributions. while they absolutely evade being anything close to "good" by modern standards, there's a lot of amazingly funny set pieces. one of my favorites - which is one of my favorite doom map moments ever - is a malformed, triangular room you spend a good chunk of the level making your way to. you open the door and there's nothing in it but a tiny 16x16x16 UAC crate in the middle. you stand on this tiny, lonely crate and the wall in front of you lowers slowly to reveal another room. for some reason, things like this just do it for me. after playing, i bought a used copy of the book. if you're willing to laugh rather than scoff, i can't recommend lost episodes enough.

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Though these may change from time to time depending on how I feel

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WAD list, along with brackets containing some notes I had about them:


Favorite of all time: Vanguard [Excellently crafted, favorite WAD Skillsaw has done.]
Favorite series : Back to Saturn X [Gourmet series of WADs through and through]
Favorite soundtrack: Doom II [Ranges from spooky to catchy as hell. Love it.]
Favorite protagonist: Trailblazer [80s action hero, nuff said.]
Favorite villain: Eviternity [I mean come on, you fight GOD at the end.]
Best story: Going Down [I love how Doomguy sees it akin to another crappy day at the office lol.]
Haven't played but want to: Swim With the Whales [Have heard great things, also looks beautiful.]
Love but everyone hates: SIGIL [It's hard but manageable if you know where to look. Also loved the soundtrack(s) and atmosphere of it.]

Hate but everyone loves: Doomcore [Hate is a bit too harsh, just don't care for it. It's boring to me tbh.]
Favorite artstyle: Ancient Aliens [Love neon and psychedelic shit, and boy does this WAD deliver on both fronts.]
Favorite ending: CPD [The whole motif with the Half Life-esque agents was cool, glad it came to a head at the end.]
Best boss fight: Valiant [Ballcrushing, as any last boss should be. Also loved how there were monsters in little stasis tubes surrounding the arena.]
Fondest memory: Impossible - A New Reality [Early into my time playing custom mods, I stayed up late at night playing this and was in a trance. It was awesome.]
Relaxing: Temple of the Lizard Men [Don't know how to justify this, I just found it to be a chill experience.]
Stressful: Ghoul's Forest III [Scared me as a kid, still makes me tense as hell now.]
Always come back to: Scythe II [A classic WAD, never gets old.]
Guilty pleasure: 1994 Tune Up Project [It can be a mixed bag but I like what it manages to do by revamping 1994 maps to be better.]
Lots of hours in: Reelism [So damn addictive. Honestly should be its own game lol.]


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Posted (edited)

So I decided to make an extended and updated version of my listed wads


Favourite of all Time: Valiant = I really love this wad, the new designs of the demons look badass, the maps look realistic (to me) and the new sound for the chaingun/pistol is satisfying


Favourite Series: Scythe Series = Erik's series of Scythe looks great, has a great story and the maps are enjoyable, I especially love the Hellish ones


Favourite OST: Plutonia 2 = Plutonia's 2 OST gives me chills, it's relaxing and it fits the game, my favourite track is "Nobody told me about Plutonia" used at Map 32


Favourite Protagonist: Doomguy = What did you expected :P

Favourite Villain: N/A = I dunno, I haven't seen any villain I would like from Classic Doom or wads


Best Story: Banana Factory Accident = It's very funny, you go to rescue a factory that is being taken over by demons only just for money xD


Haven't played but I want to: Memento Mori (both) = I have never played Memento Mori but it looks interesting


You love, everyone hates: TNT Evilution = I don't care what people say about TNT, I love it, even if it has long boring maps I still love it


You hate, everyone loves: FreeDoom (both phases) = I have seen many people enjoying that wad but I don't, it looks ugly, the new monsters look awful and that ugly face in the HUD, I just can't stand this wad


Best Art Style: Japanese Community Project = I love both Doom and Japanese culture, mixing them into one looks so awesome for me


Favourite Ending: Golden Souls 2 = It's just adorable, Doomguy having a picnic with his lil Daisy, so cute


Best Boss Fights: After Doom = Every map from this map has an amazing boss battle, they're intensive, combatic and creative


Fondest Memory: Lunatic = It was the very first non-megawad I've ever played, so many good memories from it


Relaxing: Doom = Episodes 1 and 2 on Hurt me Plenty were very relaxing for me, not too many monsters, they don't go so hard, it's just an experience which relaxes me. Ep 3 and 4 don't count as relaxing btw


Stressful: Doom 64 = Every map is dark, it has scarier music than PSX, it's harder than any other Doom game and the Pain Elemants are more dangerous than before. Also Hell Knights everywhere


Always come back to: Plutonia Experiment = I always liked to revisit Plutonia, I kept missing the times where the heavy gun dudes, the boners and flame bois kept kicking my ass


Guilty Pleasure: Going Down = I was grateful to play this wad, the first maps felt like raiding a company. The Hellish maps tho, some good shit


Tons of hours playing: Doom 2 - Hell on Earth = I just have a very fun time with Doom 2, I like running around into cities and blasting demons with a double-barrel


(Sorry for the bad quality in the boxes, I'm not that good with pictures lol)

Edited by Teo Slayer

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-Favorite soundtrack: Doom: Damnation is a hell of mapset, and sorry to all midi composers, but no one made music for Doom like @Ofisil


-All time Favourite: No clue for some, but Vile Flesh is the best for me, Gwynn Williams was a perfect mapper and a great composer, too.


-Best Ending: @Cheesewheel made CPD alone, and is one of the best recent hidden gems, and its ending is just pure glory.

-Tons of hours played: can't help myself, but 2048 Units of /vr/ is a masterpiece. Excellent dehacked, awesome music choice, great mapping on limited space. Soo much fun on this.

-Love but everyone Hates: now i doubt about this one, because a lot of people put the same one here. Anyway, TNT: Evilution is the shit.

-Hate: self explained.

-Fondes memories: Three's a Crowd is a masterpiece of storytelling, atmosphere, creativity, and passion. Not only i remember it with soo much love becauce its art, but also because its the first project i was able to work on, and i really appreciate that @Scypek2 let me made the status bar for this amazing mapset.


-Always come back to: Yes, my favourite mapsets that i replay and replay over and over. Hell2Pay, Demonfear, TNT: Revilution, Mars War, Fragport, The Journey and Doom 2: Reloaded


-Guilty pleasure: what can i say of how good is 25 Years on Earth and it nostalgic soundtrack, quircky and challenging maps, and self referencing joke and serious nature? @Phobus is an outstanding mapper, and i'm really gratefull that he liked my ''out of nowhere just for release'' status bar.


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favorite soundtrack: i tend to enjoy a lot of midis scattered through wads but aaliens/strg are cases in which i can listen to the entire ost and bop my head consistently throughout.

all time favorite: strg my beloved. wheres my one way ticket to the blue dimension

favorite ending: i think those speak for themselves :^)

havent played but want to: help

you love, everyone hates: not everyone can get behind the extensive gameplay changes in hdest, and i dont hang around the general userbase enough to really know the consensus on it, but i find it extremely comfy. hoarding robots and having my soul consumed is my favorite pastime.

you hate, everyone loves: [leans in real close to whisper] MY OWN MAPS no but i dont really hate things in general, people worked on that yknow

fondest memory: honestly couldnt decide between my fond memories of Invasion UAC on ZDaemon servers and those compilations of 1994 wads that I played a lot as a kid. but i went with Invasion UAC because the latter is barely playable all those years later lol

always come back to: when im bored and confined to my laptop, i just load up doom and go through it keyboard-only. the ol' reliable.

guilty pleasure: jokewads.......13 yr old me's favorite, you bet you can find me laughing at lost soulsphere's "shitgun" to this day. and yes uacmn2 is still tasteless as fuck but in a satire kind of way

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Posted (edited)



-favorite soundtrack: not much to say here that hasn't been said already. absolutely fantastic soundtracks, not a single song in either of those that i dislike or feel is "alright".

-favorite of all time: the map11-map15 run in particular is probably my favorite set of doom levels of all time. just a great marriage of visuals, gameplay and music overall, even if the first few maps turned me off when i was less experienced.

-favorite ending: i'll probably never forget sunlust's final stretch just due to its stunning design and the way it consistently found ways to beat the shit out of me, even without any sort of plot to speak of. plus the ending text is hilarious.

-haven't played yet but want to: pretty self-explanatory. there's a huge backlog of releases i want to play, but i really, really should get to these 2 in particular someday...

-you love, everyone hates: i guess i'm too basic and boring. can't really think of a wad i particularly like that isn't at least kinda well received.

-you hate, everyone loves: noticing a trend here of people saying "hate" is a strong word to use for any wad, and i guess you can count me in. as much as i admire the architecture and sheer scale of sunder, i just can't bring myself to actually play it without getting tired or frustrated. it's raw excess, both for good and for bad, and i guess i'll have to revisit it later to see if my opinion on it has changed.

-fondest memory: googling "wads similar to doom 2" after finishing the iwads brought me to memento mori, and i guess that's how my journey began. hasn't aged super well, but still fun to boot up every once in a while, and mark klem's soundtrack is a classic. (why didn't they make a proper titlepic though!?)

-always come back to: the way valiant mixes in its custom weapons and monsters is pretty much perfection, and the fast-paced action and music make it my go-to whenever i want a short burst of doom. the moon episode in particular is what i tend to clev to the most, to the point where gundam music automatically makes me think of moonbases instead of giant anime combat robots.

-guilty pleasure: :p

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14 hours ago, P41R47 said:


-Favorite soundtrack: Doom: Damnation is a hell of mapset, and sorry to all midi composers, but no one made music for Doom like @Ofisil



Thanx a million! Wait to see my next OST ;)


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Favourite soundtrack - Name me a bad song in Valiant


Fav of all time - I don't care what anyone thinks, maybe I haven't played enough wads, but I adore Plutonia 2


Favourite ending - Nothing will beat that dark, slow, descent, then you hear the scream and it's all over


Haven't played but want to - I hear horror stories about Dark Tartarus sometimes 


You hate, everyone loves - Maybe if I played Hell Revealed II before the MtPain27 video I'd have a better time but I played the first 12 maps today and it was just :skull:


Fondest memory - Cliche I know


Always come back to - Scythe II is just such a nice megawad, I'd recommend it alongside Vanguard for if you're getting into custom wads


Guilty pleasure - I don't ENJOY Hell Revealed but COME ON MAN there's a map that's a giant spider filled with spiders, I can't not smile at most of Hell Revealed, I miss Donner and Niv man


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Favourite soundtrack: not actually a WAD, but PLAYSTATION DOOM has my favourite DOOM music.


Favourite of all time: EVITERNITY


Favourite ending: HELL GROUND, Mystery of Hell is a masterpiece, although the final battle is negligible.


Haven't played but want to: RESURGENCE


You love, everyone hates: TNT: EVILUTION


You hate, everyone loves: HELL REVEALED


Fondest memory: TNT: EVILUTION


Always come back to: ALIEN VENDETTA, SUNLUST and TNT: REVILUTION. I can't actually choose one, I regularly play these three between other/new WADs


Guilty Pleasure: MASTER LEVELS. Well, most of them.

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On 6/1/2021 at 8:46 AM, A.H. Sankhatayan said:


>three Icarus spots


Is this Jeremy Doyle's secret account?


Jokes aside it's a great wad. Crazy to think that the guy that made Map22 Habitat also made the excellent opener for this wad.

Edited by Dusty_Rhodes : I am blind ig

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On 6/1/2021 at 11:42 AM, Endless said:

Love this ! Did my best to not repeat WADs, and I would love an even bigger version, but here it is:


Love that I've found someone that also enjoys Gothic99 and finds CC1 stressful. I don't know why but that wad gives me anxiety lmao

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Hope you don't mind I did the big one where applicable.


Favorite of all time:


Tied between Scythe for it's classic progression, great looks, and brevity and Ancient Aliens for just being so consistently good.

Also Demonfear and Rowdy Rudy are really close to this standing. It changes depending on what day it is.


Favorite series:


Memento Mori or the Gothic DM series, both look and play great. Really nostalgic as they aged pretty well, but still hold on to classic 90's mapping conventions I enjoy so much.


Favorite soundtrack:


That is incredibly hard, but for handpicked tunes, it's a tie between Scythe, Scythe 2, Hell Revealed, and Alien Vendetta. For original tracks, Ancient Aliens and Memento Mori II are tied. Shoutout to GothicDM and ExecDM. Great stuff.


Favorite protagonist:


Doom404, poor guy is just an IT soldier, not cut out for combat. He goes through a lot lol. Oh and Doomguy in Going Down.


Best story:


TNT: Evilution, Eternal Doom, The Memento Mori series, and Demonfear are tied for this. They're all so classic and cheesy, but still have a sense of urgency to them. If we're doing unspoken / unwritten story, Equinox and Grove are the best of them all.


Haven't played but want to:


Plutonia 2, Urania, CChest 3 and 4, Hell Ground, Epic 1 and 2


You love, everyone hates:


Gothic99 or maybe Hell2Pay Eternal Doom is not one I love, but I enjoy it. I find it receives a lot of hate, some fair, some not.


You hate, but everyone loves:


Hell Revealed 1 and 2, don't care if the music is great, I think they are, by in large, poorly made. I don't think people love them though, maybe respect them? idk

(you will later see I am a hypocrite though)


Also Hexen


Best art style:


Judging visuals and textures, it's somewhere between Equinox, Grove, Gothic DM, Gothic99, ExecutionDM, Sunlust, Ancient Aliens, Alien Vendetta, Perdition's Gate, Doom404, Demonfear, Memento Mori, and Memento Mori II. I know that's a lot, but there's so many great looking wads out there. I didn't even scratch the surface. The new Micro Slaughter CP looks great too.


Favorite Ending:


Ancient Aliens is perfect. No beating it, but BTSX: Get Out of My Stations gets close. Most memorable might be Eternal Doom or CC1. Magikal (rip) and Bob Evans are some sadistic designers.


Fondest Memory:


Beating Scythe and Demonfear in the same weekend. They were the first wads I downloaded that I took seriously and wanted to beat. Finished them on UV. Other than those two, beating Plutonia on UV the first time I played it has a special place in my heart. As does beating Doom 64 for the first time. But Scythe and Demonfear are the winners.




The Ultimate Doom, more so Knee Deep in the Dead and Shores of Hell. Also walking around Gothic99 and ExecutionDM in singleplayer. Very relaxing and makes me strangely happy / nostalgic.




Community Chest 1 and Scythe 2 take the cake. Scythe 2 is a masterwork of an excellent designer, but it's insane. CC1 is just a mess, lots of fights that are just throwing 30 cacos at the player when all they have is an SSG and an RL with 6 rockets. The puzzles are weird and bother me too. Oh and Ejipt from Mock 2: The Speed of Stupid (best wad name of all time, imo) bothers me on a subatomic level. It's funny and disturbing.


Always Come Back To:


Plutonia, Memento Mori II, The Ultimate Doom, Ancient Aliens, Demonfear, Scythe, Alien Vendetta, Scythe 2, Doom404, Hexen, TNT Revilution

No explanation, just love these wads.


Guilty Pleasure:


Hell Revealed (lol), CChest1, Perdition's Gate and Hell2Pay (aka Final Doom II), TNT Evilution, Master Levels (lol)


Tons of Hours Played:


The Ultimate Doom, Doom 2, Final Doom, Demonfear


That's all, happy to talk about any of these.



Edited by Dusty_Rhodes

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1 hour ago, Dusty_Rhodes said:

>three Icarus spots


Is this Jeremy Doyle's secret account?


Jokes aside it's a great wad. Crazy to think that the guy that made Map22 Habitat also made the excellent opener for this wad.

Icarus is the best wad ;)

Haha. If only I could write midis like JDoyle.

After revisiting Eternal Doom, I'd say it ties with Icarus for best soundtrack. 

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21 minutes ago, A.H. Sankhatayan said:

Icarus is the best wad ;)

Haha. If only I could write midis like JDoyle.

After revisiting Eternal Doom, I'd say it ties with Icarus for best soundtrack. 

Honestly Mr. Doyle is incredible. He wrote my all time favorite midi, Map02 of TNTR, Neato. The Icarus soundtrack rocks as well. Great wad.

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Favorite Soundtrack: I'm absolutely stumped so I just put 2. One the first hand, Time Tripper absolutely shatters my expectations of what midis could pull off. And on the other hand ROTWB is just plain fun to listen to. If you want a definitive answer I'd put rise of the woolball a little in the lead. Since those tracks inspired me to start composing myself. 


Favorite of all time: Rise of the wool ball is my favorite Doom mod of all time and I really wanna make mods for it. Altera is a close second because it's so much of a unique oddball. Time Tripper's third because it's so damn friken cool. I love how "spectral" and "intergalactic" everything feels. That's honestly my best way of putting it.

Favorite Ending: ROTWB because cute.


You Love but everyone hates : I love the music but hate the maps.


You hate but everyone loves : eh. something about golden souls rubs me the wrong way. I don't get it. Maybe it's the size.


Fondest memory : I remember playing Chex quest at the library in school. Nothing tops this.


I've bet none of you never even heard of these last two


Always come back to : This is such a short simple and clean wad. I love it


Guilty Pleasure : Honestly this doom wad inspired me to mod in the first place. I don't even care how flawed it is.



Edited by Matacrat : Questioning why Golden souls rubs me the wrong way

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2 hours ago, Captain Ventris said:


I like to think this is a fairly varied list. Grew up on Chex Quest, always preferred 2 the most.

Another Hexen fan!


Are the CQ 2 and 3 wads really good? Never seen anyone talk about them.

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I've been following the 'always come back to' selections with interest as I think that can be considered as a proxy way of voting for the best wads.


For example, I might say 'X' film is my favourite but I know if certain films come on I always watch them (e.g. Casino, Groundhog Day, etc) and arguably that shows they are my favourite films.


Anyway, saddo that I am, I added up all the picks, and the top rated WADs so far for 'always come back to' are:


1 Plutonia Experiment (10)

2 Alien Vendetta (6.33333)

3 Sunlust (5.08)

4 Scythe 2 (5)

5/6/7 Ancient Aliens / No Rest for the Living / Icarus (4)

8 Sunder (3.25)


Many others on 3 or below.


Please note:

When someone had selected more than 4 wads or selected some as a joke, I didn't count them. Some WADs also had a few votes for different editions of a series but not enough when combined to challenge that top ones. I also may have made errors, of course!

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10 hours ago, Dusty_Rhodes said:

Another Hexen fan!


Are the CQ 2 and 3 wads really good? Never seen anyone talk about them.

Chex Quest 3 features improved remakes of the first two, so stick with that. But yes, they're good! Easy, obviously, but well made and fun.

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