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Doom: Hell on Earth 3.2

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Sin – Part 2

I ran though the doorway, stumbled and fell where I had expected floor to be. I managed to land on my feet, going into a crouch. The demons apparently wasn’t aware that I was down here, because judging from their various growling sounds, they went right past this place. It had been a pure coincidence that I had seen that doorway. I let out a heavy sigh and raised my face to look down the barrels of two large pistols pointed directly at me.

An odd, deep, and slightly distorted voice reached my ears. It briefly thought out loud. “You’re a funny-looking zombie”

Looking over the barrels, I saw a bearded guy wearing an old trench coat. He had dark, almost black, hair and beard, his face was wrinkled and he seemed like he was at least fifty years old except for his hair color. His one good eye had the look of someone insane, which I wasn’t really surprised about, and the other was replaced with a cybronic robot eye, with a glowing red light in it.

The man let out a mirthful sound. “A marine, a HUMAN marine! Welcome to my palace” And then he giggled like crazy. I raised an eyebrow under my helmet.
“Of course, I can’t really know IF you’re really human, ‘cause I can’t see yer face, now can I?” He still kept the two pistols pointed at me. I could see that they were some state-of-the-art weapons, they appeared to have an advanced recoil adapter system implemented into them allowing a skilled wielder to effectively use them dual.
“Oh I’m human all right” I grunted, not taking my eyes off of the crazy guy. “Oh yeah, that’s what they all say” the man giggled.
“Idiot! Since when did those freaks talk!?” I snarled, narrowing my eyes.
“Who knows?” the man replied with a sneaky expression. “Why would they leave a single human marine behind? They were all evacuated. Oh no, I think you’re a zombie!”

Before the man realized that he was under siege, my hand shot out, hitting him hard on one wrist, knocking the first pistol out of his hand and sweeping both his arms to the side and suddenly he found himself looking down the barrel of my sidearm.

His eye stared at the barrel with a completely stupefied look on his ragged face. I flipped up my visor, revealing my face to him. “As you can see, I’m quite human and I’ve got a job to do here” I growled in a low, hoarse voice. “You better not get in my way, but what you can do is that you can tell me who the Devil YOU are and why you’re not in space right now”

“All right” he mused and swallowed hard “But put that gun away will you?”
I scowled, then holstered the pistol with a swirling movement.

He greedily looked at my weapons. “Wow, a chain gun – I could just use one of those. Lost my own two days ago and haven’t been able to get a new one” Before I could open my mouth, he was admiring the BFG 9000.
“Holy crap! Now THIS is a beaut! I’d like to try that one, yes sireee!”
“I’m still waitin’ for that story of yours” I grunted impatiently.
“What? Oh, oh yeah of course, sorry buddy” he stuttered slightly confused before he began.

“My buddies called me “The Hunter” and that’s probably the closest to a name I have now” He grinned before continuing. “They’re all dead now of course, not a single one left – all became dinner for our guests here” He laughed insanely again. I kept scowling at him.

“I didn’t want no friggin’ evacuation of mah sorry ass, so ah says to myself: You’re good at killin’ them damn aliens, why don’t you just keep it up? And so I’ve stayed here buddy, and I intend it that way!”

Man, that nutcase is even more insane than I! I thought but kept listening to him.
He looked at me with a sneaky look in his face before he continued. “Ah used to do some good bounty huntin’ before them creatures show’d up, now I just kill shit like there’s no tomorrow, but you see bud, these thingies keep comin’ – the damn flood of ‘em is endless so ah’ve got plenty o’ stuff to do!”
I nodded. “So do I” I grunted.
“So dude, where ya goin’?” He asked and rolled his human eye.
“I’m going to that building that these freaks have built” I replied dryly.
“Holy shyit dude, you’re serious?”
“As serious as this whole mess”
“But that’s truly suicidal duder, you’re gonna need some help!”
I eyed him suspiciously. “Are you proposing to do the suicide run with me?” I asked him hoarsely.
“Sure thing, I’ve got nuthin’ ta loose”
I looked him over and thought out loud.
“Ok, you’ve got any weapons better than those?” I nodded in the direction of his two pistols on the floor.
“HAVE I got better weapons? Lemme show you some beauties!” He replied with a broad grin on his face and his cyborg eye started to briefly glow brighter.


“The Hunter” pulled a gray-greenish cover aside, revealing several weapons hanging from hooks on the wall.
I admired the collection without a word.

Apart from a standard rocket launcher and a typical military assault rifle, he had a powerful 7.9 mm MX339 LMG, renowned for it’s precise, hard punching shots, but with cons in the area of a slow firing rate. Then I saw a highly advanced railgun model 5B as well as a more conventional sniper rifle. I was also delighted to see that he had a plasma rifle. And those were only some of the more noticeable.

“Do you have ammo for these babies?” I asked him casually.
“DO I have ammo? I’ve got a shitload of ammo duder!” he laughed and pulled aside other covers revealing crates filled to the brim with all kinds of ammunition.
“So boss, what’s the deal? How do we do it?” he asked.

I thought out loud for a moment. “We need to go our separate ways” I told him. “That’ll confuse the bastards and make it more likely that at least one of us, if not both, get inside their citadel”
He nodded. “Good, I like that, I really like that plan dudey, ‘cause the Hunter prefers to do his work alone, what’s the idea behind entering that place anyway?”
“To try and clear the place” I replied dryly.
He shrugged as if it was a minor task we were going to undertake. Then I asked him about what he knew about the place and he started telling me a load about what he had seen. “The Hunter” proved to possess some quite useful information but I soon realized that the best course of action would certainly be to split up, but also to give this freak my precious BFG as the way he was going was more open and heavily populated than the more devious route that I intended to take. I mentioned that I wasn’t too happy about leaving the BFG with him, but he reassured me that he knew how older BFGs worked and that if I could learn how to use it, he certainly could too. “Plus, we might even meet up again inside that place and we can trade weapons again!”

I gave him a long look. Giving a way the most valuable weapon I had was a most dangerous gamble, but I had reached the point where I really didn’t care about my odds and if things went well, it could turn out good in the end. I nodded quietly.

In the end, we decided to divide the weapons evenly, so that “The Hunter” got the chain gun and the BFG together with his own rail gun and a single-barreled pump-action shotgun, keeping his two pistols with him. I took over his plasma rifle, kept my double-barreled combat shotgun and my own rocket launcher together with my own sidearm.

“The Hunter” and I went through his “back door” and out on the streets. We had barely walked a few feet from the secret doorway before demons saw us and charged us. I saw how my unlikely companion raised his dual pistols and started systematically picking off imps and former humans with surprisingly accurate shots that were only possible due to the fact that the pistols were highly advanced and the fact that “The Hunter” himself had a cybernetic eye, which enhanced his aiming capabilities. I saw him move with incredible swiftness, while his trench coat wavered around him. Not bad for a non-genetically modified human I thought to myself and returned my attention to the demons. While he took care of the weaker enemies at first, I took care of the bothersome bull demons and ghostly specters with my combat shotgun.

“Let’s go!” I yelled and we went our separate ways. I could still hear the carnage caused by “The Hunter” some time after our separation, while I made my way down the narrow alleyways and streets, killing the occasional demon that showed up in my sights.


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That guy sounds a lot like Caleb from Blood, or at least what he would be like if he was alone and surrounded by tons of demons.

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Excellent job dsm! Only one little missing word:

I could see that they were some state-of-the-art weapons, ([b]as[/b) they appeared to have an advanced recoil adapter system implemented into them allowing a skilled wielder to effectively use them dual.

Apart from that, it's perfect! (Maybe because i'm lazy :-)

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Yeah, but I'm afraid that I'll have to kill him off sometime - I wish I had got the idea of including him earlier, that could've saved a couple of mediocre parts. Oh well.

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