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Recommendations for UDMF WADs with emphasis on verticality

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Hi fellow Doomers,


Could you recommend any UDMF wads that are very "vertical"?

What I mean are maps that use features such as 3D floors (or portals) extensively for layout/gameplay purposes, not just for detailing.

Multi-storey buildings and things like that.

I would like to see what's possible and get some inspiration :)





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There's Ar Luminae, which does use 3D floors *quite* a lot. It's really good and it even recieved an (entirely deserved) cacoward last year. Beware though, as it can take easily 2 and a half hour to complete, even if you don't forget where the blue switch is like I did.

 Here's a link to its thread :



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Talking of my own work as per the above post (thanks Jerry!) I'd point towards Order of the Odonata, which uses a huge map-wide vertical portal.


I've not played it yet but Skillsaw's latest set, Heartland, looks to be very vertical.

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