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STORE.wad (single map)

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Doomguy has just gotten done slaying hordes of demons, and he wants to go home. But on the way there he stops at a department store and decides he needs to take a look at some furnishings for his house. He decides to take a short stop to look around, and will be done in about 5 minutes. 


There are no monsters, there are no demons, there is maybe one or two guns lying around. This is not a demon-slaying WAD. You are here to go shopping. Walk around and enjoy the sector furniture in all it's polygonal glory. 


I thought it would be a funny idea to make an entire map filled with sector furniture, so... here it is! This is the first chance I've had in the past year to actually commit some time to mapping, so I decided to make a speedmap and I wanted to try something different. I'm hoping that the people of doomworld will appreciate my sense of humor. Enjoy. 




NOTE: Map slot is MAP02, tested in GZDoom g4.4.2 and PRboom+ 

here are some screenshots:







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44 minutes ago, Biodegradable said:

Some lovely DoomCute stuff going on here, dude. :^)


Glad you enjoyed it, hehe. I always feel joy whenever I see cool stuff made out of sectors in doom wads. 

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